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the two persons , the two faces, the two names which were unknown to people seven yrs back but when these two faces came in front of this world they became d most beautiful and romantic couple  "on screen" as well "off screen",………………yes they always remained in news when they were working together not just coz of their on screen rocking chemistry but also coz of their off screen rocking chemistry………………………………today when they are not working together people want them together not only on screen but off screen also……………………………………..but the name which is given to their off screen chemistry by these two people is not luv but friendship , friendship wid "inverted commas"…………………………………….. but yes guys fact is this  luv starts wid friendship……………………………………………….yes guys I m talking abt  non other than  the couple which shares a magical and romantic  chemistry , a couple made for each other , a couple made in heaven. …………………….hey guys  here the two of them are ………………………………………………………………………
















two perfect people which accomplished each other




Both had started their journey on telly buzz with





              Thoda sa pyar hua hai

        Thoda hai baki

                Hum to changaye tumhe

                       Jab talk jaan hai baki


A story abt love and differences, a passionate lover sujal garewal played by Rajeev khandelwal  and a sweet innocent girl kashish sinha played by aamna shriff . Kahin to hoga was a huge hit and sujal and kashish became the most romantic jodi of on screen and they both shared a rocking chemistry on screen and frm here started a new off screen chemistry of Rajeev and aamna which is more rocking than their on screen chemistry. After this sujal and kashish became a household name……………



hulchul hui zara shor hua
dil chor hua teri orh hua
asi chale jab hawa..
ishq hua hi hua..

Ishq hua...
haye... Ishq Hua hai...

palkon se honton tak jo raah nikalti hia
ghuzre na wahan se yeh teri ghalati hai..

palkon se honton tak jo raah nikalti hia
OooOo rehte hain ab hum wahan.. ishq hua hi hua..
asi chale jab hawa... ishq hua hi hua..

hulchul hui.. zara shor hua..
dil chor hua.. teri orh hua..

qadmoon ko sanbhalien nazroon ka kya karein
nazroon ko sanbhalien to dil ka kya karien

qadmoon ko sanbhalien nazroon ka kya karein
OoOao dil ko sanbhalay zubaan... ishq hua hi hua...
asi chale jab hawa........ Ishq hua hi hua...

hulchul hui zara shor hua
dil chor hua teri orh hua
asi chale jab hawa..
ishq hua hi hua..



Sujal Kashish created such magic on tellywood that people just couldn't get over them.

They have won zillions of hearts with their outstanding performances and brilliant Chemistry.

Such is their impact till today that people actually want this on-screen couple to be one off-screen too.







every night in my dreams

I see u I feel u

That is how love u, I knowv you go on

Far across the distance

And spaces between us

You have come

To show you go on, near far

Wherever you are

I believe that, the heart will go on

Once more you open the door

And you are here in my heart

And my heart will go on & on

Love can touch us one time

And last far a life time

And never let go till we are gone

Love was when I love you

One true time I hold you

In my life we always go on

Near far wherever you are

I believe that my heart does go on

Once more you open the door

And u are here in my heart  and

My heart will go on & on      




'bt that was not all, after playing sujal and kashish , we saw them again as sharim and wisaal of sun leyna , an another  short pakistani romantic flick…………..


again this jodi hits the telly  world and show was   again a huge hit but this time the difference was  this that  jodi rocked outside the boundaries of India and people got spell  bound by their rocking chemistry outside india also……………..and magic of their  magical chemistry again worked………………..


use dard kahe jahan dil ho

dil ho wahan jahan pyar

is pyar me mushkil hai,

muhkil to hai

meri jaan

phir bhi karengaye,

karte rahengaye , pyar tujhe meri jaan

sun leyna dil janiya, ral mil ral mil gala hun pyar diyan…….

Jo mila nahi wo mera nahi

Koi gila nahi

Koi chor de dil tor use kho diya nahi

Rehne do chorp kuch bhi na socho

Pyar to hai imtihan, sunleyna dil janiya

Ral mil gala hun pyar diyan



Thoda thoda kaha  man lo sach kya hai sach man lo

Aao kar len dosti  sach ab peh chan lo,












in between this both came in nescaffe add as real  Rajeev and aamna





besides the two of them  are the brand ambassador of a Clothing Line called 'Sweet Dreams'


 again they came together on screen  in a  game show hosted by Rajeev khandelwal  and aamna was the special guest . the episode was delight to watch coz after watching it once they forced people to think that they are made for each other, a different kind of chemistry v came across in this show , a flirtish Rajeev  and  a bubbly aamna……………. A special treat for d lovers of  jodi







the  magic continued in many  award functions also both performed together and burnt the stages by their rocking performances



recently Rajeev has held a special screening of his film aamir  only for his special friend wid inverted commas aamna shriff  and aamna also  will be held a special screening of her film aloo chat for her friend rajeev















                BEST JODI (ITA 2004)     




















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heena yaar awesome work front page is too gud Clap Clap Clap

congratz to all for the new fc Party
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Congratz for the new fc RAianz!!
grt front pg heena.. Loved the name of the fc.. LOL So apt for RA Wink LOL
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congo on the new FC.... DancingParty.Dancing Party. DancingParty. DancingParty

 omg heenu...........the front page  is awesome............
it's jus fantabulous....mindblowing.....esp LUVED the line u used for the name... Clap it's sooooooooooooooo apt for ra...special huggie 4 using my siggiesWinkLOLEmbarrassed
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heena dear good work..nice front page...and the name you have given is just too sweett... Clap and guys congo...yaayyy.. DancingEdited by sun_423 - 2008-06-25T04:00:01Z
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