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"Love, an emotion so strong that you would give up everything. To just feel it once, to know that you are part of something special. To know that you can feel what love really is to know, to feel, to love."

They Came, they conquered!

A couple who left us mesmerised with their sparkling Chemistry........ who still continue to rule our Heartz!!!

Rajeev Khandelwal & Aamna Shariff  are definitely a couple to watch out for!

Chemistry is a word that is bound to come to ur mind with their names...  

Their reel and real romance is always the talk of the town. From attending parties to performing at shows together this couple is always in the limelight. Nevertheless they are definitely worth the spotlight!

 'Thodasa Pyar hua hai thoda hai baaki.........'

As our couple needs no introduction so does this song..... Rajeev Aamna gave a different meaning to this song with their excellent performances as Sujal & Kashish.

'Sujal & Kashish' till today are among the most memorable characters on tv. Such is their impact that even after almost 2 years the show ended, Rajeev & Aamna are still known as Sujal and Kashish. From strangers to professionals to friends to lovers to a married couple. Sujal & Kashish's releationship saw everything.

 'Kahi to hoga' the debut show of this couple will always remain memorable one! Produced by Balaji Telefilms this show not only won the hearts of all but also topped the soaps list within a short period of time! 

 A passionate love story~ is what can be described the show the most! 

That was just the beginning for this couple!

 After winning our hearts as Sujal and Kashish we saw them as Sharim and Wisaal in 'Sun Leyna' a Pakistani Show. Produced by Humayun Saeed this show was a short love story. 



 That was not all!!! The couple was also seen in commercial advertisement of nescafe 

jagao jagao nescafe pilao Wink Tongue LOL

 Rajeev Aamna are also the brand ambassadors of a Clothing Line called 'Sweet Dreams' 


Later was the most talked show Dil...oppss 'Deal Ya No Deal' Tongue 

Where the host (rajeev) & dost (aamna) were seen together on-screen after almost 2 years.

Dil to pehle hi jeeta hai per hai awards ki baari...Tongue

Rajeev and Aamna have won several awards too!

 Herez the list of awards:

1} favourate Jodi at Star Pariwar Awards – 2004 




 2} Best Jodi at Indian Telly Awards – 2004




Besides these awards, Rajeev And Aamna have also won many awards individually as the best actor, actress & TV Personality. So besides winning our hearts they are also known as the Style Icons of Tellywood.



   Forth coming projects:


Rajeev's debut film 'Aamir' is about to release while Aamna's debut film 'Aloo Chat' is on its way!


Herez wishing our Jodi All the very best for their new Ventures! Thumbs Up


This fanclub is solely dedicated to the wonderful couple Rajeev & Aamna...

A place where the jodi fans can go on & on & on discussing about the Jodi only 24/7 Embarrassed Tongue


So if you you're a crazy RA Jodi fan than u've landed at the right place!


Join in here & have fun!!! Wink

 p.s:i would like to thank faru,preetu,nidhi and summi diTongue di for helping me......thanx sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much di....i love u allHug

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1.Summi (kashishdabest)
2.Zee (farislove)
3.Farheen (starbellz_21)
4.Ruksaar (ruksaar_khan)
5.Ramsha ([email protected][email protected])
7.Preeti (Cindrella)
8.Saraa (~Saraa~)
9.kiran dii (kiran_sherry)
10.nidhi (nidhi2013)
11.Saba (aishwariya)
12.Saheli (SAHELIGSWM)
14.Ana (cool_SK)
16.Sadaf (143786)
17.Anam (anam_mehrun)
18.KMP14 (kumuda)
21.SAMIKSA (priyanka)



24.snow.white (Simran)


 26.jina sirf (aarthi)

27.RA_thebestjodi (lubna)












39.binidoshi(Bini di)


41.Nadia_mt(nadia di)

42.moreremix(sam di)


RAianz Zone!!!

(Links / Updates of the fc / Creations on Jodi)

Links for previous fanclubs:

by Saara Donny aka Saara COMB
by Zee aka farislove

by Summi aka kashishdabest
by Ruksaar aka ruksaar_khan PN=1

by Farheen aka starbellz_21
CINDRELLA aka preeti.. 


Sun_423 aka Surya 


kiran_sherry aka kiran di PN=1
by Summi aka kashishdabest
Updates Of Fanclub
An interesting Disscussion Topic by Preeti dii



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Colorful Spring with RajeevAamna

Hey frnds a warm welcome to u all!!! Hug

Its time now to let u know about the theme we have for this month's fanclub..

As the name suggests its spring time and the festival of colors is about to come and so this whole month we'll be having a Colorful Spring..

Lets make this fanclub a bit more colorful and splash the colors of love all over!!!

Members who have choosen their favorite colors are now requested to make their post in their choosen colors. Members can also add glitters, smileys to their posts.

But make sure u dont go off topic. Raango ke beech Jodi ko bhula naa dena...

Some colorful games will soon be up for u all, till than have fun with the colors!!!


here's the list of the colors choosen by members

Preeti - Red
Fatima - Black
Farheen - Purple
Summi - Pink
Nidhi - Green
Ruksaar - Blue
ana - lime green
sania - orange
tanisha - light blue
mahi - brown
kumuda - cream
mytri - sky blue
ums5 - magenta

Any members not included in the above list please pm me ur color with ur name & i'll include ur name here!!! Embarrassed

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we've seen many phases of Love
in the form of


Unbound Relationship

and thats what has made this jodi so spl
as they have gone through all this

So here we have gathered to salute a Jodi that has created history on Television

Rajeev Khandelwal ~~~ Aamna Shariff

The best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the Heart

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Posted: 2008-03-06T22:07:23Z
ohh hii
what happened to other fanclub
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Film Aloo Chaat starring Aftab and Aamna goes on the floors

Anuj Saxena's Maverick Productions joins hands with Michi Movies for their upcomming Venture - Aloo Chaat starting Aftab and Aamna Shariff. Read for an insight of the movie...
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Important Announcment

Vote for one of this people to judge (RajeevAamna's jodi) VMs which will be sent to SBS INSHALLAH Smile

1- Kiran dii.

2- Summi.

3- Suri.

4- Farheen

5- Ani.

6- Fatima.

7- Preeti.

8- Nidhi.

9- Saheli.

10- Palak.

11- Neha.

12- Aarti.

13- Tanisha.

The winner of this list, will INSHALLAH judge the VMs and sent me her judgment through PM Smile

The name who are mentioned for most active members in the FC, I am sorry if I missed any, if I did, so plz pm me Smile

When the vote is closed on 15th March then the one who won will only judge othersVMs, not her/his own VM  Smile Embarrassed, to make it fair for all I will judge the winner's of the judge's VM that is why my name is not amongst the judges Smile

It's not allowed to judge the VM u made....

U r not allowed to vote for ur self Embarrassed

Vote for only one plz Embarrassed


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Posted: 2008-03-07T03:44:08Z

Voting from last FC to the VMs' judge: PN=147

ums5 votes for (Summi) page 147 from last FC....

starbellz_21 votes for (Summi) page 147 from last FC....

crazyfanar votes for (Summi) page 148 from last FC....

CINDRELLA votes for (Kiran dii) page 148 from last FC....

anam_mehrun votes for (Summi) page 148 from last FC....

farislove votes for (Kiran dii) page 149 from last FC....

RAdabest votes for (Summi) page 149 from last FC....

SAHELIGSWM votes for (Kiran dii) page 150 from last FC....

rajeevthegr88 votes for (Kiran dii) page 150 from last FC....

Himanivineet votes for (Summi) page 150 from last FC....

Jina sirf votes for (Summi)....

tanisha.g votes for (Summi)....

snow.white votes for (Summi) page from this FC....

ruksaar_khan votes for (Summi) page 4 from this FC....

cool_SK votes for (Kiran dii) page 6 from this FC....

mytri votes for (Summi) page 8 from this FC....


Important note: (The people who choose two persons, plz pm me with one persons of them, it's not allowed to vote for two persons)!

Note: to be edited in a new post to add more INSHALLAH when any vote after this post....

The vote which written without page no, it's because I got them through pms Smile


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