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 Love Always

All Our Love

nagmei hai.....shikwe hai.....
kisse hai..... baatein hai........
Baatei bhool jaati hai....... Yaadein yaad aati hai..........
Ye yaadein kisi dil-o-janaam ke chale jaane ke baad aati hai...............
Yaadein...... Yaadein....ye Yaadein.....

Duniya mei hum saare....
Yaado ke hai maare....
Kuch khushiya...... thode gham...
Ye humse....... inse hum....
Yaadein.....meethi meethi yaadein.....
Khatti meethi yaadein........

All Our Love

This journey was started long ago
Before this time and place
The journey of completeness
As two hearts and souls embrace

Forever is what I want with you
For the search is at an end
Our hearts have found each other
As lovers, as soul-mates, as friends

Come and step with me into the world of love & cherish those golden moments once again!
Moments full of love...
Moments full of pain...
Moments full of joy...
Moments of lifetime.....


wo pal hume yaad aayenge.....
hume yaad aayenge....

 Sujal aur Kashish ke kuch haseen palo ki yaado mei aap ko bhi le chalte hai...

Unke pyar ki ek haseen dastaan..jo bhale hi lafzo mie aaj khatm ho chuki hai,per hamari yaado mei aaj bhi tazaa hai....

To aaj unhe yaado ko ek baar phir jeete hai.....

So I welcome U all To

RajeevAamna's Fanclub

'Haseen Yaadein'



So lets start the journey of our  legendary jodi & re-live those wonderful moments once again!


take ur sit n be ready for ride of .....

Iss haseen kahani ki shuruwaat kuch takraar se shuru hui

Phir hui dosti


Phir dil dhadke aur nazrei mili....

Aur phir....

hulchul hui...zara shor huaa
dil chor hua...teri aor huaa.....
aisa chale jab hawaaa...
ishq hua hi huaa....



  Hum to bas yehi keh sakte hai ki

aisa chale jab hawaaa...
ishq hua hi huaa....


Ye to hui iss pyaari si jodi ki pyaari si kahani... Per yei nahi iss jodi ne apna jadoo is kadar chala ki har koi inka deewana hua...

'Kahi to hoga' the debut show of this couple will always remain memorable one! Produced by Balaji Telefilms this show not only won the hearts of all but also topped the soaps list within a short period of time!
'Sujal & Kashish' till today are among the most memorable characters on tv. Such is their impact that even after almost 2 years the show ended, Rajeev & Aamna are still known as Sujal and Kashish. From strangers to professionals to friends to lovers to a married couple. Sujal & Kashish's releationship saw everything

 After winning our hearts as Sujal and Kashish we saw them as Sharim and Wisaal in 'Sun Leyna' a Pakistani Show. Produced by Humayun Saeed this show was a short love story


That was not all!!! The couple was also seen in commercial advertisement of nescafe

Rajeev Aamna are also the brand ambassadors of a Clothing Line called 'Sweet Dreams

Later was the most talked show Dil...oppss 'Deal Ya No Deal'



 Herez the list of awards:

1} favourate Jodi at Star Pariwar Awards – 2004 


 2} Best Jodi at Indian Telly Awards – 2004


Besides these awards, Rajeev And Aamna have also won many awards individually as the best actor, actress & TV Personality. So besides winning our hearts they are also known as the Style Icons of Tellywood.


   Forth coming projects:


Rajeev's debut film 'Aamir' is about to release while Aamna's debut film 'Aloo Chat' is on its way!


Herez wishing our Jodi All the very best for their new Ventures! Thumbs Up


This fanclub is solely dedicated to the wonderful couple Rajeev & Aamna...

A place where the jodi fans can go on & on & on discussing about the Jodi only 24/7 Embarrassed Tongue


So if you you're a crazy RA Jodi fan than u've landed at the right place!


Join in here & have fun!!! Wink



Love Always

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1.Summi (
2.Zee (farislove)
3.Farheen (starbellz_21)
4.Ruksaar (ruksaar_khan)
5.Ramsha ([email protected][email protected])
7.Preeti (Cindrella)
8.Saraa (~Saraa~)
9.kiran dii (kiran_sherry)
10.nidhi (nidhi2013)
11.Saba (aishwariya)
12.Saheli (SAHELIGSWM)
14.Ana (cool_SK)
16.Sadaf (143786)
17.Anam (anam_mehrun)
18.KMP14 (kumuda)
21.SAMIKSA (priyanka)


24.snow.white (Simran)


 26.jina sirf (aarthi)

27.RA_thebestjodi (lubna)












39.binidoshi(Bini di)


41.Nadia_mt(nadia di)

42.moreremix(sam di)

44. rv_annie
45. lrl_rocks

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Links for previous fanclubs:





by Saara Donny aka Saara COMB

by Zee aka farislove

by Summi aka kashishdabest


by Ruksaar aka ruksaar_khan

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=784297&T PN=1

by Farheen aka starbellz_21

CINDRELLA aka preeti..



Sun_423 aka Surya





kiran_sherry aka kiran di


http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=862229&T PN=1

by Summi aka kashishdabest

by fatima aka crazyfanar
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Updates Of Fanclub

Discussion time
Discussion of the day: RA link up
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RAianz Creative Zone!!!

Some beautiful creations on this beautiful couple by RAianz

Siggies for this fanclub! Embarrassed









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Quiz 1-16/04/08-22/04/08

Hey guys how are you all doing, Today as u knw is the 16th of april one special date 4 us so what better date to start the quiz that i mentioned on pg 3 of this FC!! Let me remind you again, this is a weekly quiz to test your knowledge on the lovebirds rajeev and aamna and at the end of the month, the member with most points will be able to hold the quiz next month and also will be honoured os RAian of the Week!!!Embarrassedso lets test your knowledge guys and see how much you know rajeev aamna!!

Ok so 4 this week's quiz i have picked a therem which is "DATES" lets see how good you all are at remmbering dates!!!Embarrassedso here's the 5 questions, i will add this post also in the first page so its easier 4 u 2 access it if you loose the questions!!!EmbarrassedDo pm me your answer by the 22nd of april which is next tuesday so next wednesday i can begin the next quiz!!Embarrassedok so without further delay here are the questions!!

1. On which date did Rajeev Aamna...oops i mean Sujal Kashish consummate there marriage in kahin to hoga when the serial was first telecasted?

2. On which date did Rajeev Aamna host Saas Bahu aur Saazish's 2nd anniversarry in which they cut a cake together 2?

3.In which year did Aamna host her birthday party in which the theme was bollywood?

4. On what date did Rajeev Aamna get married in Kahin to Hoga

5.On what date did we see Rajeev Aamna perform in Sansui?(mention the year also)

Ok ppl so these are the 5 questions, will be waiting for your entries and do participate!!! the marks will be added up each week and announced after a month, the person with most marks will be RAOTW and can hold the quiz next month!!!Embarrassed


Quiz 2-23/04/08-29/04/08

First of all a big no thanku 2 all that participated in the quiz in the first week!!I hope you all enjoyed it, i already posted the scores so far...Now without futher delay, im posing the next quiz!!

Ok so this week's theme is 'PERFORMANCES'...Lets ee how well you knw about Rajeev Aamna's performances!!WinkOk so now i will write the 5 questions and you need to pm me ure entries by Tuesday 29th April!!! The scores will then be added to your previous ones!!

1.Which song did Rajeev Aamna perform to, for the first time ever in an award function?

2.What were the three songs Rajeev Aamna performed to in ITA 2005?

3.What colour were Rajeev Aamna wearing in there performance in Sansui awards?

4.In which  function did Rajeev Aamna perform to the song 'Do Ajnabee'?(from the film khushi)

5.In which award function did we see Rajeev and Aamna wearing black?

Ok guys here is the next set, will be waiting 4 ure answers!!!!Embarrassed

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AMAZING going guys!! Clap Clap Clap

I am back in action!! Hi everyone Hug...This is Saraa Big smile Mujhse Dosti Karogey? Big smile
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Originally posted by ~Saraa~

AMAZING going guys!! Clap Clap Clap

I am back in action!! Hi everyone Hug...This is Saraa Big smile Mujhse Dosti Karogey? Big smile

hey saraa welcome dear, filhaal the other FC is still running so wahan entry maaro!! yeh abhi under construction hai!!!LOLaur humne tho kabse aapse dosti karli hai dear!!!!Embarrassed

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