SU FF(ACHPM):Ek Mohalle Ki 34(30/3/09)

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hi friends,

This is my first FF abt my Aek Chabhi Hai Padoss Mein which used to air on Star Plus and my most loved couple in tellywood...Sandeep-Urmi of this show.......since the show is no longer on air i requested one of my friends to transfer this thread to the FF forum.......and she did u Fazi for this........Hug.........this FF is dedicated to all the achpmians and our precious moments in CG!!!

Chapter 1A:

The sight of Colonel Gunj is shown.Nice cool breeze is blowing through the beautiful trees and flowers,and with this breeze we have the fragrance of roses mixed in the air.And there we see the heroine of this fanfic and show Our Dear Sweet Urmi,sitting on the jhula in her balcony enjoying the beautiful weather and singing "jaise radha ne mala japi shyam ki"EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.She is wearing a beautiful red salwaar kameez and lost in her thoughtsEmbarrassed.The scented breeze is making her dupatta to dance(symbolically) as peacocks do in rains.Tongue

The beautiful climate and her feelings for her true love makes her to dance on the song she is singing.She is dancing on her balcony totally unaware of anyone.She was unware of the fact that sandeep was staring at her beauty for the past 5 mins.WinkSuddenly,she stops and notices someone is looking at her with a cute smile.She realises that its Sandeepji(her own sandeep babu)whom she loves most dearly than anyone on this planetEmbarrassed.

He is looking at her in a very lovingly manner,which makes urmi blush and lower her eyesEmbarrassed.Urmi looks up at him and sandeep asks her by his hands and his eyes saying "kya hua urmi,bahut khush lag rahi ho".Urmi seems not to answer as she is so embarrased,that she just nodes, again lowers her eyes and runs into her house.Sandeep smiles.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Chapter 1B:

She ran into her house closing the door and into her bedroom.Urmi thought of what just happened and was really embarrased at what stupidity she was doing,she told herself(looking in the mirror),"urmi tu pagal ho gayi hain,kya.kya kar rahi thi to waha pe,aur uspar sandeepji ne sab kuch dekh liya...pata nahin woh mere bare mein kya sochte hoge"Tongue.

There we see sandeep in his house as usual on the computer but not working,thinking about urmi.EmbarrassedHe was just thinking how urmi was dancing and looking extremely wonderful with her eyes lowered and her cute smile.He thought about the cute moments he spent with urmi...the jhagda,the manana and allEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.Suddenly,he remembered that he had an article to complete and had to publish it within 2 days.Sandeep got really tensed as he hasnt finished one page of it.Without wasting any further time he started writing,but he couldnt think anything.Urmi's thoughts were the only thing what he thought and he asked himself,"mujhe ho kya gaya hain,kyun main urmi ke baare mein itna soch raha hoon,kyun??"Embarrassed.He was feeling very tired as he was trying to concentrate on the article for the past 6-7 hrs,and in the duration of it he went to sleep on the table itself.Tongue

It was 6:OO pm in the evening and sandeep woke up by the noise of vessels in the kitchen.He got up and noticed urmi making tea.Urmi didnt notice sandeep had got up,she was busy going her work.Sandeep went into the washroom and washed his face.Meanwhile urmi went to sandeep's table and didnt find him,she called out,"sandeep babu".He didnt reply to it.Urmi got worried,she said,"kaha hain aap".

Sandeep replied from the back,'yahan ho main'.She turned and noticed sandeep standing there.Smile

She said,"kya baat hain,aap to kabhi dopahar ko soote nahin hain,aaj kya hua?apki tabiyat to theek hain?"

He replied,"ha theek hain,bas thodi si thakhaan hain,bas!!

(U is for urmi and S for sandeep)

U-kyun,kya hua??

S-nahin woh actually mujhe 2 din mein ek article submit karna hain aur maine ek page bhi nahi likha hain abhi tak,islite thodi si tension hain.

U-article kis cheez par likhna hain?

S-pyaar par!!!Embarrassed


S-ha woh aaj kal ki jo generation hain woh pyaar pe vishwaas nahin karti na,to sir ne kaha hain uspar likho ek article taki aaj ki generation ko ek motivation mile.

U-acha agar aap bura na mane to main apki madad kar sakti hoonEmbarrassed.

Sandeep starts laughing(just to irritate her)-tum meri kya madad karogi urmi?tumhe kya pata pyaar kya hota hain?

Urmi gets angry and tells him-theek hain tu aap khud hi likh lijiye ga,main jaa rahi ho,bye!!

Urmi is leaving and sandeep calls her,"urmi ruko,meri baat to suno..are ruko,na"she doesnt listen.As soon as she is about to leave the house,sandeep catches her hands.Urmi is speechless wat to say.She is scared to even turn around,but she does.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Sandeep is smiling and urmi is embarrased again.They look into their eyes again,and the urmi-sandeep romantic music was playing in the background.After two mins,they came back to their senses and sandeep said that "mujhe maaf kardo urmi,main to sirf mazak kar raha tha,tumse behtar pyaar ko kaun samjh sakta hain."EmbarrassedEmbarrassedUrmi was shocked to hear this from sandeep.Sandeep looked at her in a very flirtous way which made urmi blush.The clock struck 8:30pm and sandeep said,"urmi bahut dair ho gayi hain,tum ab ghar jao..uncle aur aunty tumhari raah dekh rahe hoge.Big smile

U-par sandeep babu article..

S-uski chinta mat karo,kal kar lenge.

U-par apko to parso use dena hain,na..

S-ha,to ek kaam karte hain,tum kal mere ghar aa jao,phir hum likh lenge.

U-lekin phir music classes ka kya hoga

S-oo,ha to kya kare?

U-ek kaam karte hain aap kal mere ghar jaldi aa jaye,phir hum article bhi likh sakte hain aur music classes bhi ho jaayegi.

S-par urmi uncle-auny ke saamne article.......he felt really uncomfortable by the thought of this.Wink

Urmi understood,even she was feeling uncomfortableWink.Then she remembered that:

U-kal mummy aur papa kahin shopping karne jaa rahe hain,tabt to theek hain na.

S-ha phir theek hain.

U-acha to main chalti hoon.kal milte hain sandeep babu

S-theek hain urmi.umm.....urmi tumse ek baat kehni thi?

U-ji kahiye?

S-umm..wo..wo..actually....tum bahut acha nachti hoon!!Embarrassed

Urmi coulnt believe her ears,first time sandeep had complemented her.She felt shy and said thank u(in a very low tone)and ran away from there.Sandeep just swept his fingers through his hair smiling.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Chapter 2A:
Next day,as usual sandeep came to urmi's house to teach music.But,this time with all the materials for the article.Sandeep already at got late,so he was rushing towards urmi's house.Here,urmi was pacing up and down as to why did sandeep babu didnt come till now.She was thinking,"ye sandeep babu ko kya hogaya hain.phir se bhool to nahin gaye"(she was telling this with each and every second her eyes were towards the door).Then without waiting further she said,"main dekh ke aati hoon,kahin ab tak soo to nahin rahe hain".She went out of the door and didnt notice sandeep coming the same way.Sandeep also didnt notice her as he was busy with his papers............aur hogyi takkar.And urmi was about to fall but sandeep caught her by her waistEmbarrassed.Wind blowed and was coming on urmi's eyes.They had a 30 sec eye-locking scene.Then urmi got out of the dream and sandeep made her stand again.Both were embarrased especially urmi.EmbarrassedShe had a blush on her face.Sandeep was just admiring her beautyEmbarrassed.He then said:

S-i am sorry,woh maine tumhe dekha nahin.Tongue

U-i am sorry too ,main to aapko hi dekhne aa rahi thi.wo...apne kaha tha na ki aaj article likhna hain,isliye(hesistantly)Embarrassed

S-haa,woh meri neend kuch zyaada hi hogyi aaj.umm...ab chale.

U-haan aayei

Urmi took him to her room and sandeep sat on her computer.(just imagine she has one)

S-to shuru kare

U-haan kareyi

S-maine ek page to likha hain,ab tum aage batao

U-hmm...theek hain,pyaar.........ek ehsaas hain,khushboo hain,jazbaat hain,himmat hain,kurbani hain,ibaadat hain,khushi hain,zindagi hain,sahara hai,umeed hain aur..She didnt realise while she was telling this,sandeep was noticing her expressions.She saw him looking at her,and asked,"kya hua,sandeep babu"Embarrassed

Sandeep came out of his thoughts and said,"ha,nahin..kuch bhi nahin,tum bolo"

Urmi smiled.Urmi went on telling all abt love what she feels.And she and sandeep had some eye-locking scenes in between on differnt situations.EmbarrassedAfter 3 hours of writing,sandeep got tired,Urmi asked him,"sandeepji aapke liye main chai laati hoon"

S-nahin urmi,main theek ho

U-main kuch nahin sunogi,main jaa rahi ho..and without listening to sandeep she goes to the kitchen to prepare tea.

There sandeep is going something on her computer,someone's mail comes.He calls her,

S-urmi,kisika mail aaya hain

U-acha,aati hoon sandeep babu

She came running as she was waiting for her sister(sharmila's)mailSmile.

Urmi sat and then something happened to the computer.She called sandeep and sandeep came and placed his hands on the mouse(jispe pehle se hi urmi ka haath tha).EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Urmi and sandeep got so tensed that they didnt notice that.When everything was normal again,Sandeep said:

S- ha,ab theek hain

U-thank God..agar kuch ho jaata to main...she noticed sandeep's hands was on hersEmbarrassed

Sandeep noticed urmi looking at his hands and he noticed that too.They again had a 30 sec eye-locking scene.Urmi wanted to take her hands out but sandeep didnt allow her to do so.Urmi got really surprised at sandeep's behaviour(as he was smiling),which made urmi blushEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.

U-sandeepji,mera haath chodengeEmbarrassed

Sandeep came out of his dreams and said,

S-oh sorry,i didnt notice it.He was really embarrsed as to what he was doing.Wink

There was a 5 min silence then sandeep spoke:

S- acha main chalta hoon,mujhe bahut kaam hain


S-thanks urmi

U-isme thanks ki kya baat hain,sandeep babu

S-to main jao?

U-ha(still blushing)Embarrassed

Sandeep left and urmi smiled and kept both her hands on her face.Embarrassed........

Sandeep entered his house and sat on the bed to do the final touches of the article.He went through the page where urmi had dictated the lines and read them,"pyaar....ek ehsaas hain,zindagi hain,umeed hain,jazbat hain.....".He smiled.EmbarrassedAfterwards,he went to the kitchen to prepare coffee for himself(as he had tea in the morning and it was dinner time now).While preparing it,he remembered the incident that took place with urmi.He thought about the way urmi blushed and smiled.A small smile played on his lips after thinking about this.Meanwhile,urmi couldnt sleep the whole night because of sandeep's thoughts playing in her mind.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

The next day,sandeep and urmi woke up by a dreadful noise in the mohalla.They ran outside to their balcony,and saw Rose aunty crying like anything.Urmi got really worried.Sandeep saw her from the balcony and asked her:

S-urmi!!!ye Rose aunty ro kyun rahi hain?

U-pata nahin sandeep babu!!main pata karke aati hoon.Ouch


Urmi runs to change and then down and saw full mohalla was gathered around Rose aunty.She asked zoya:

U-zoya,Rose aunty ro kyun rahi hain?kya hua??

Z-are urmi,unki sabse pyaari dress gum gayi hain,jise woh kal apne date par pehnne wali thi.

U-got surprised and both zoya and urmi had a small laugh.LOLLOL

U-are uske liye woh ro kyun rahi hain.ruko,main unse baat karti hoon.Big smile

Urmi to aunty rose:

U-aunty kya hua?

R-are urmi,mera dress kho gaya hain,pata hain woh meri bahut pasandeta dress thi.(she was crying and saying this).ab main kal kya pehnugi!!!

U- (smiling)aunty isme rone ki kya baat hain.mere paas ek solution hain apki problem ka.Tongue

R-kya??jaldi batao?(she got excited)Tongue

U-aap for a change saree kyun nahin pehan leti

R-(surprised)saree??maine kabhi saree pehni nahin hain,nahin nahin....bilkul nahin.

U-aunty meri baat maan ke dekhiye,aap saree mein bahut khoobsurat lagegi,sachi!!!Smile

everyone told Rose aunty to agree with urmi.

so finally she agreed.

R-theek hain.

U-(happy)to main aapko khud tayaar karogi.Tongue

R-(happy and smiling)thanks urmi,so sweet of u.

U-isme thanks kehne ki kya baat hain,aunty.acha,main chalti hoon.Tongue

everyone left and Rose aunty left happily.

Urmi went to her house to take her things for college(smiling).Sandeep was waiting for her at her house.

U-are sandeepji aap yahan?Wink

S-ha,woh Rose aunty ko kya hua?

Urmi told him everything and he laughed.LOL

U-isme hasne waali kya baat hain?

S-are tum aurate bhi na,apne pyaar ke saamne acha lagne ke liye kya kya nahin karti!!

U-( angry)aap kya samjhenge,kisi pyaar karne waale se poochiye,tab pata chalega!!waise agar aapko kabhi kisi se pyaar hua na,to khud hi ehsaas ho jaayega!!!!ClapClap

S-stared at her.They had a 15 second eye-lock scene.Embarrassed

Urmi felt embarassed.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

S-main to kisi bhi situation mein apne aap ko nahin badlunga.

U-jab pyaar ho jaayega,tab zaroor badlege

S-(little irritated)to tumhara kehne ka matlab hain ki main is waqt acha bane ki koshish kar raha hoon!!!!!!!!Angry

Sandeep realised what he just said.Wink

U-maine kaha jab aapko pyaar ho jaayega,tab........urmi stopped and looked at him.She was shocked.Embarrassed

She said,kya kaha aapne?Wink

They had a 30 second eye-lock scene once again.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

S-kuch nahin.main chalta hoon,mujhe bahut kaam hain.tumse baad mein baat karta hoon.and he left hurriedly.Wink

Urmi was surprised and happy too.And said to herself:

U-aaj to keh hi diya tha sandeepji,phir kyun ruk gaye!!chalye aapka jab dil kahe ki theek waqt hain,tab keh dena.main us waqt ka besabri se intezaar karogi.She smiled and left for college..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Suddenly the weather seemed to change.Next day,it was very windy and the sky was full of clouds.It was a sunday and sandeep and urmi had a holiday.Urmi's parents had gone to meet some friends.Sandeep and urmi got up,changed and went to their balconies but with different reasons.Urmi went to enjoy the climate and sandeep to read the newspaper.Urmi felt shivers down her spine when the wind touched her body,her heart beat ran fast as the wind blewEmbarrassed.Whenever this kind of climate use to come,she use to love it as it use to bring all the sweet sapne,khwaishein,armaan of her being with sandeepEmbarrassed.Urmi felt that it was not only the climate which made her heart beat fast,it was the song which she was hearing on the radio.She bought the radio out of the house ,closed her eyes and felt that song.........mera dil bhi kitna pagal hain,ye pyaar to tumse karta hain,par samne jab tum aate ho,kuch bhi kehne se darta hain...o mere saajan,o mere saajan,saajan saajan...mere saajan......EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

On the other hand,sandeep had finished reading the newspaper and suddenly it starts to rain heavily.He gets up and goes out of the shade to enjoy the rain.He says:''kya baarish hain,maza aa gaya"Tongue.He turns and sees urmi on her balcony,with her eyes closed,smiling and sitting on the swing enjoying the song and weather.Sandeep couldnt keep his eyes of her.He thought that she was looking like an angel who had come from the heavens to lighten his life.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

After a few mins,sandeep came out of his dream and noticed urmi was getting wet in the rain.He called her,"Urmi!!!!!!!!Urmi".Urmi didnt listen.Sandeep was screaming"Urmi tum bheeg rahi ho,andar jaao.ufff.....kya ladki hainLOL"She was so deep into the song,that she didnt even listen to sandeep's screams.Sandeep said,"mujhe kuch karna hoga,warna ye bimaar ho jayegiWink"He ran to urmi's house,climbed the steps and heard the song.Sandeep couldnt say anything.He was completely spellbounded by the way urmi was enjoying the songWink.After the song finished,urmi opened her eyes and was surprised to see sandeep standing beside her.She said:

U-sandeep babu!!!!aap yaha,iss waqt??sab kuch theek to hain??LOLHe didnt say anything.

U-sandeepji!!kya hua?aap mujhe aise kyun dekh rahe hain??Embarrassed

S-tumhara dimaag kharab ho gaya hain,kya!!!kabse tumhe apne balcony se awaaz de raha ho,ki tum bheeg rahi ho aur tum ho ki sunti hi nahin ho.Big smile

U-ohh!!!mujhe maaf kar dijiye sandeep babu,woh main...actually...mausam kitna acha hain,na.usko enjoy kar rahi thi.(she looked other way and said this)Smile

S-urmi,maine tumse kaha hain na,tum mujhse jhooth nahin bol sakti.mujhe pata hain ki tum is gaane mein leen thi.aisa lag raha tha ki tumhe is gane ka ehsaas hain.(said with a smile on his face)EmbarrassedClap

Urmi looked into his eyes and then after a few mins felt shy and lowered her eyes.Blushing

U-aisi koi baat nahin hain,sandeepji.She wanted a excuse to go from there as sandeep was looking at her so lovingly that made her very embarrassed. She said,"mere...wo...kapde geele ho gaye hain,main change karke aati hoon"Wink

As soon as she was about to leave,her dupatta got stuck in sandeep's watch.EmbarrassedShe didnt look back as she was very scared to face him.With great strength she turned back and saw her dupatta stuck in his watch.They both looked at each other.Again a eye-lock scene and in the background U-S romantic music was played.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedUrmi said:

U-(looking down)sandeepji,mera dupatta!!!He didnt move,but kept on looking at urmi which made her blush.Embarrassed

She asked him again and sandeep said:

S-ha???ohh...sorry,main..ek min....urmi smiled while he was taking her dupatta from his watchBig smile.

U-thank u.

S-main chalta hoon.umm...tum theek ho na.

Urmi was surprised at the question,but understood that sandeep was embarrased so he was asking such wierd questions.LOLLOL

U-ji!!ha,main theek hoon.

S-acha,bye...and take care


While going down the stairs,he looked back at her 2 times,smiled and wentWink.Urmi said to herself,"mane,ya na mane,sandeepji...apko pyaar to ho hi raha hain,ab ye dekhna hain ki aap kab mujh se kehte hain.TongueShe smiled and went in to change her clothes which were wet...

Sandeep was going towards his house when suddenly someone called him from back...Sandeepji

He turned and saw urmi in a pink dress as usual looking pretty.Sandeep just stood there looking at her.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Urmi smiled and came towards him.She said,"sandeepji,woh aapka....

Sandeep didnt react.Urmi said,"sandeepji??sandeepji??"snapped her fingers in front of his faceLOL.He came out of his dream world and said:


U-kya hua?

S-kuch nahin(looking down)kisi ke baare mein sooch raha tha.Wink

Urmi slightly curious.

U-kiske khayalon mein khoye the??Angry



S-ummm...mera...matlab hain ki tumhe mujhse koi kaam tha.abhi to tumse mila tha.Big smile

U-ha,woh aapki ghadi gir gayi thi meri balcony mein.

S-acha,ye giri kaise......ohh,ha...tumhara dupatta nikalte nikalte.....he stopped and looked at urmi.Tongue

Urmi was a bit shy remembering what happened just few minutes beforeEmbarrassed.

U-sandeepji,aapse ek favour chahiye tha.aap kahiye ja rahe the?

S-ha,woh office ja raha tha,kyun?

U-(hopefully)woh actually mere college mein aaj bahut important lecture hain,aur koi rickshaw bhi nahin mil raha.agar aap bura nahin mane to kya aap mujhe college chod sakte hain??

S-ha chalo baithoClap

Urmi was very happy.Smile

She sat on sandeep's bike,and felt a bit shy sitting back of him.EmbarrassedWink



Sandeep drove towards urmi's college.There urmi saw a blind woman selling bangles.She felt bad for her and told sandeep:

U-sandeep babu rokiye!!

S-(irritated)kya hua urmi??Confused

U-plzz rokiye na

He stopped the bike,she went to the woman and asked:

U-maaji,ye laal choodiyan kitne ki di?Smile

The woman-beta 10,aur poora dabba 150Rs ki.

S-urmi chale,dair ho rahi hain.

U-sandeep babu,ek minute.maaji aapke paas kitne dabbe hain laal choodiyon ki?

The woman-3 beta.

U-theek hain mujhe saari de dijiye.Big smile

S-urmi,tumhara dimaag to theek hain na.Angry

U-sandeep babu,ek minute maaji.

She took him to a corner and told him:

U-aap bhi na,unki haalat dekh rahe hain aap,agar mere thode se paise se unka thoda sa gham kam hota hain to isme koi haraz to nahin hain na.Smile

Sandeep was shocked.He never expected urmi to be soo mature.He use to everytime treat her as a kid.He really got very impressed by urmi's thoughts.Big smile

U-kya hua sandeep babu?

S-kuch nahin.tum theek keh rahi hoon.uske gham ke samne humhare paise koi ahemiyat nahin rakhte.

Urmi smiles.She went to the woman and asks her:

U-maaji mujhe saare dabbe laal choodiyon ke de dijiye.

The woman is happy and sandeep is seeing all this and smiling(background music on 25th nov which was played in the first scene where sandeep is thinking abt urmi)EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

The woman-beta,jeeti raho.bhagwan tumhari jodi salamat rakhe.Embarrassed

Urmi and sandeep were shocked and looked at each other.They had a eye-lock scene again.WinkThey came back to their senses when the woman said:

The woman-bhagwan kare tumhare bache humesha salamat rahe.Big smileEmbarrassed

This made urmi blush like anything and sandeep was embarassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.He said...chale

Urmi nodded,she wasnt in her senses.

They sat back and he drove.There was a speed breaker in the road and sandeep didnt notice it,he went over it which made urmi jump up and she caught sandeep's waist.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Sandeep was shocked at the same time smiled.He turned back and urmi realised that she had caught sandeep.She removed her hand and looked down.He turned in front and smiled.TongueTongue

They reached the college and urmi got down.She said "thanks".Sandeep said..."koi baat nahin,urmi,all the best for the lecture."Smile

U-thank u sandeep babu.She didnt want to leave but had to.Wink

She went towards her college and turned and saw sandeep looking at her smiling....

Later that day,we see urmi returning to her house and climbing the steps of her house.As she climbs someone calls her from behind,Urmi...She turned and saw zoya very happy and running towards her.Tongue

Z-Urmi,aaj main bahut bahut bahut khush hoon(she made urmi move round and round)Tongue

U-are are,zoya!!!!!kya kar rahi hain,mujhe chakkar aa rahe hain,kya hua???(smiling)tu itni khush kyun hain?Smile

Zoya was breathing very heavily.Big smile

U-ruk,pehle saans to le le.LOLLOL

Z-main itni khush ho aaj ki ye khushkhabri sunate sunate meri jaan chali jaaye to koi gham nahin hain.Smile

U-kya bakwaas kar rahi hain,aisa koi kehta hain.ek thapad marogi keech ke.She was very angry at zoyaAngry.

Z-ok sorry baba,aage se aisa nahin kahogi.acha sun to kya hua.

U-tu batayegi to sunogi naLOL!!!!!!!kya baat hain??

Z-are main abhi college se aayi ho aur mujhe ye khabar mili hain ki tujhe Best Student of the Year ka award mil raha hain.ClapClap

Urmi was shocked and she thought she had heard something which was impossible to occur.She was abt to faint.LOLLOL

U-kya keh rahi hain,zoya.tu mazak to nahin kar rahi,na!!!!!!Confused

Z-nahin yaar.main sach keh rahi ho.mujhe principal ne bataya aur tab tak to college se nikal chuki thi warna woh tujhe hi batate.Smile

U-mujhe to yakeen nahin ho raha,zoya.i am so happy.mummy aur papa kitne khush honge sunkar.She hugged zoya.TongueTongue

Z-ha,aur koi bhi hoga jo is khabar ko sunkar khush honge!!!!!!!(she mad a very cute face to tease urmi)Wink

Urmi knew whom did she refer to,but acted as if she didnt.

U(innocently)-acha kaun hain woh zoya??main unhe jaante hoon??Embarrassed

Zoya looked at her as if she was going to kill her,which made urmi smile.

Z-ha ha bikul tu unhe bahut ache tarah se jaanti hain.akhir tumhe college jo choda tha  subah.Wink

U(surprised)-tujhe kaise pata?Smile

Z-maine apne ghar se dekha tha ki kitne pyaar se sandeep bhaijaan ne ha kaha tha tujhe college chodne ke liye.Wink

Urmi smiledTongue.

Z-acha unhe bhi batana,i am sure unhe bahut khushi hogi.

U-theek hain.

Zoya's mother calls zoya from her house,Zoya.......

Z-ji ammi,aayi.main chalti hoon,congratz once again urmi.Smile

U-thanks zoya.Tongue

Zoya was abt to leave when she said:

Z-urmi,meri baat bulna nahin,sandeep bhaijaan ko ye batana zaroor.

U-theek hain,batadongi.They both smiled and left for their house.Embarrassed

Urmi went to her house and was thinking wat will sandeep react when he comes to know abt it.Wink

She entered the house and ran towards her mother and hugged her.


Sujata-are kya hua??itni khush kyun hain aaj?

Urmi told her everything and her father was also there.Hearing this he was very happy and hugged urmi.Smile

Raskilal-shabaash beta,bahut achaClap.kab hain award ceremony?

U-kal hain papa.aap sabko aana hoga.

Raskilal-are hum nahin aa sakte,humhe to kal sujata ki mummy se milne jaana hain.

U-kya papa,jaayie main aapse baat nahin karogi.Cry

Raskilal-are beta, sujata samjhao ise.

Sujata-ha,urmi tu zoya ko lekar jaana na.

U-mummy,koi ghar ka insaan to hona chahiye na waha parCry.

Sandeep entered urmi's house at that time.

R-are sandeep aaja beta.

Urmi turned and they looked at each otherEmbarrassed.

S-kya baat hain uncle?

Raskilal told him everything.

R-are ek idea hain,sandeep tu kyun nahin chala jaata urmi ke saath.

Urmi and sandeep both were shocked.Urmi liked the idea and smiled.Embarrassed

S-are nahin uncle main kaha jaonga.Wink

R-main kuch nahin sunoga,chale jaao na plzz.

Sandeep didnt know what to do.Urmi was looking at him hopefully.Embarrassed

S-acha theek hain uncle.

Urmi was delighted that he agreed.Tongue

R -acha hum sabko bata kar aate hain.Urmi sandeep ko chai-vai ke liye pochna,hum abhi aate hain.chalo sujata.

They left.Urmi and sandeep looked at each otherEmbarrassed.Sandeep went closer to herEmbarrassed and said:

S-umm...congratulations urmi.main bahut khush ho tumhare liyeEmbarrassed.

U-thank u,sandeep babu.mera lucky charm mere saath tha na to ye to hona hi tha.Embarrassed

S-lucky charm??Confused


S-kya?Big smile

U-ha,woh aap jab bhi mere saath hote hain sab kuch acha hota hain.He looked at her in a very fliratous way.She lowered her eyes.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

S-acha main chalta hoon,kal ceremony kitne baje hain?

U-9:00 baje subah.

S-theek hain to main tumhe lene 8:30 baje aa jaonga!!!Tongue

U-theek hain.sandeep babu....aapse ek baat kehni thi.



S-kya baat hain urmi??Smile


S-bolo urmi,kya hua??

U-mujhe aapko kuch dena tha.Wink


U-pehle waada kijiye aap bura nahin manege.

S-ha,theek hain.par kis liye?Confused

U-wo..aap ne meri madad ki na isliye!!!!Big smile

S-kaisi madad??Confused

U-mujhe college chodne ki.Smile

S-urmi tum bhi na!!!!!Big smile

U(with a innocent face)-plzzz sandeep babu,aap inkaar nahin karege.Smile

S-acha theek hain,kya dena hain tumhe?

U-wo...pehle aankhein band kijiye.Embarrassed

Sandeep was surprised but still he agreed.Tongue

Urmi went close to him and kissed him on his cheeks(for thanking him) and ran out from the house.Embarrassed

Sandeep opened his eyes and was shocked what just happened.He touched the spot where she had kissed him.He smiled and blushed and got a shock of his lifeEmbarrassed.Urmi ran to a rose garden out of colonel gunj(where she use to go regularly).As soon as she reached there she stopped and her breath was very heavy and she opened her arms to let the wind go into her breathEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.She just realised what had she done and was really shocked at her act.She just put her hands in front of her face and blushed like anything.....Embarrassed

Next day,in CG the normal routine started of everyone.As usual jugle,hari and mushtaq were playing pittoo.Tongue

J-yaar hari suna hain ki urmi ko koi prize hrize mila hain.Big smile

H-ha,wo mummy bata rahi thi ki use woh kya kehte hain kuch best student of the month,aisa hi kuch mila tha.LOL

M-abbe best student of the month nahin best student of the year.

H-tujhe kaise pata?

M-wo,ummm...zoya bata rahi thi.Embarrassed


J-yaar tum logo ko nahin lagta ki humhe use woh kya kehte hain angrezi main congrpulations kehna chahiyeLOLLOL

H-abbe jugle jab angrezi nahin aati to bolta kyun hain,congrpulations nahin congratulations!!Big smile
J-ha ek hi baat hain.LOLLOL

H-waise mushtaq baat to jugle theek keh raha hain chale

J-abhi jaayege?LOL

H-nahi agle saal jaayege!!!!WinkLOLLOL

M-chalo yaar,kahin urmi college ke liye nikal na jaaye.

Here in urmi's house,sujata was giving urmi aarti and she said:

Su-meri beti ko kisi ki nazar na lage,bahut achi lag rahi hainSmile

U-thank u mummy.Urmi touched her parents feetEmbarrassed and was abt to leave when sujata said:

Su-are to kaha ja rahi hain,pehle sandeep ko to aane de.

Hearing sandeep's name urmi got very scared.After what happened yesterday,she was not ready to even face him.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

U-theek hain mummy,main yaha intezaar karti hoon.

Su-to hum chale tumhari nani ke ghar.

U-ha,umm...theek hain.She was shivering while saying this.Wink

Su-kya baat hain urmi,teri tabiyat to theek hain

U-ha,ha mummy.main theek ho.aap jao.

They left,leaving urmi tensed.She was thinking...sandeep babu ko bura to nahin laga hoga,main unse nazare kaise milaongi.She was pacing up and down looking constantly at the doorWinkWinkTongue.Just when she was abt to go inside to get some water for herself,the doorbell rang.

She was shivering,she slowly moved forward and opened the door.Sandeep was standing and they looked each other remembering the moment what happened last night.Urmi could no longer bear the silence.Embarrassed

U-are sa...nnndeeep babu aap aa gaye.....main abhi aati hoon,phir chalte hain.

She turned and went inside to take her books.She said to herself.......bhagwaan ab aap hi mujhe bacha sakte hain.

U-chaliye sandeep babu.

Sandeep just looked at her smiling and was enjoying the fact that urmi was trying to get things to normal.Tongue

She saw sandeep was smiling at her,and she asked:

U(innocently)-kya hua sandeep babu,aap muskura kyun rahe hain?Wink

Sandeep came closer to urmi which made urmi get more and more tensed,he came very close to her so that they could hear each other's breathEmbarrassed.Sandeep again smiling and asked urmi:

S-urmi,tumhari saansein itni taiiz kyun hain.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Urmi looked up and got lost in his eyes.She didnt have any answer so lowered her eyes again.Tongue

S-tumne jawaab nahin diya(coming more closer to her)Embarrassed

Urmi was melting,but gather to change the topic:

U-sa...aa...ndeepji mujhe hoo rahi hain.chale.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Sandeep didnt move and went closer...closer,urmi closed her eyes.He went near her ears,and told her very softly,which made urmi shiver:Embarrassed

S-thank u for the gift.Saying this sandeep left to start his bike,leaving urmi astonished with closed eyes.Wink

When she opened her eyes,sandeep was not there.Urmi couldnt believe what just happenedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.With a lot of courage she just left to join sandeep...

Urmi went down her house steps constantly looking at sandeep. She was going very slow as she couldnt understand how would she go with him.Sandeep was checking his bike and saw urmi coming down.Urmi couldnt look into eyes and looked the other way.Sandeep smiled and he was enjoying every moment of urmi being tensedBig smile.Urmi came slowly towards him and sandeep said,acting as if nothing happenedWinkWink

S-ha urmi tum aa gayi,chale.He smiled.
U-ha,wo....ha chaliye.
Urmi with great difficulty sat behind his bike, and sandeep started the bike,when someone called him...sandeep bhaijaan...
Zoya was running towards them and urmi and sandeep both looked at her.
S-kya hua zoya?tum bhaag kyun rahi ho?Smile
Z-bhaijaan main aapko hi dhoond rahi thi
Sandeep-urmi looked at each other.
S-mujhe dhoond rahi thi,kyun??
Urmi got off the bike and asked her:
U-zoya kya baat hain??tum theek to ho na??Confused
Z-ha,urmi mujhe kya hua hain.main to sandeep bhaijaan ko kuch kehne aayi thi
S-ha,to kaho na zoya.
Z-bhaijaan wo....urmi ka khayal rakhiye ga.
Urmi and sandeep both looked at her with a confused look.Confused
U-zoya,tu ye kya keh rahi hain??tabiyat to theek hain na teri!!!!
Z-are urmi...tu meri dost hain,mujhe pata hain ki tu jab award lene jaayegi to rone lagegi...isliye main bhaijaan se keh rahi ho ki tera khayal rakhe.Zoya had a small giggle.LOLLOL
Z-ab waha urmi ke mummy-papa to nahin honge use sambhalne ke liye,to bhaijaan aapko hi urmi ko sambhalna hogaWink
Urmi had a look as if she is going to kill her.Sandeep saw the look on urmi's face and started laughing.LOL
U(angry)-isme hasne waali kya baat hain sandeep babu.Angry
S-kuch nahi,kuch bhi to nahi
U-thank u soo much zoya...tujhe meri kitni fikr hain.....ab main jao.waise bhi sandeep babu ki wajah se pehle se hi late ho gaye hoonOuch
Z-kyun,bhaijaan ne kya kiya??
U-wo....She stopped and looked at sandeep.She remebered what happened in the morning.Embarrassed
S-ha,urmi maine kya kiya??He looked at her in a very flirtous way which made urmi smile.Embarrassed
Z-ha urmi,kya hua??
U-umm....kuch nahi,kuch khaas nahi.sandeepji chale.
Sandeep smiled....ha chalo.Wink
U-bye zoya....aakar milti ho.
Z-ok,bye urmi...all the best.They smiled and urmi-sandeep left.

Durning the journey,urmi asked sandeep;
U-aap hase kyun the?
S-main ....kab?
U-jab zoya ne wo baat kahi?
S-acha tab!!!!!!!!wo to aise hi
U-aise hi??kya matlab?
S-are urmi,tumhare bachpane par has raha tha.Big smile
U(angry)-bachpane??kya matlab??Angry
S-kuch nahi.waise ek baat batao tumne zoya ko bataya kyun nahi??
S-ki tumhe meri wajah se late kyun hua??Embarrassed
Urmi was shocked.She didnt reply.Sandeep looked back and smiled.Embarrassed aa gaya.
They got down and urmi said;
S-pehle mere sawal ka jawab do!!!!tumne zoya ko kyun nahin bataya.
Urmi couldnt understand why was sandeep making her feel so uncomfortable to answer any questions,or to even look at him.Embarrassed
She said looking down......kya batati.She smiled and sandeep smiled too.Embarrassed
S-yehi ki.........They looked at each other.Urmi was blushing.Embarrassed
S-yehi ki....main late aaya tha.Wink
S-ha,maine tumhe kal kaha tha ki main  8:30 baje aaonga,lekin main 8:40 ko aaya na.Wink
Urmi was relieved at the same time confused.Sandeep smiled and said,chale..He went inside the college and urmi smiled at sandeep's mischief.Embarrassed

They went inside and urmi got the award.The jury asked her,;
J-miss urmi mehta,ye aapke saath kaun hain??
Urmi looked at sandeep (who was standing beside her)and didnt know what answer to give.
U-ye mere.........mere dost hain.mere bachpan ke saathi hain.inhone mera har kadam pe saath diya hain.mera hi nahin,mere poore mohalle ek bade hi ache insaan hain.inka mann ganga nadi ki tarah pavitr hain.aaj maine agar is award ko paya hain to bhagwan,mere mummy-papa aur inke wajah se paya hain.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Then with a very low tone,so that no on except sandeep can listen she meri duniya haiEmbarrassed.Sandeep looked at her astonished and they stared at each other.Everyone clapped and urmi-sandeep came back to senses.Urmi looked at the audience and sandeep was looking at her.The jury asked urmi,

J-lagta hain ye aapke bahut hi karebi dost hain?
Urmi looked at sandeep and nodded in a yes.Tongue
J-well,aapse milke bahut khushi hui Mr..
S-sandeep shukla,sir!!!
They shook hands and smiled.
J-well,aap bahut lucky hain Mr.shukla ki aapko urmi mehta jaisi dost mili.
Sandeep looked at her,and said..ji.Embarrassed
They left the auditorium with the award and rode back to CG.During the whole journey,sandeep-urmi didnt speak a word to each other.
Sandeep thinking abt what urmi told in the college.....and he said to himself....urmi,tum mujhse itna pyaar karti ho....main kisike liye itni ahemiyat rakhta hoon...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Urmi thinking........aap ko apni ahemiyat hi nahin pata sandeep babu....kabhi mujhse pochiye to main aapko batao ki aapki meri zindagi mein kya ahemiyat hainTongue
They reached CG and urmi got off the bike and started to go towards her house when sandeep said;

She turned.
S-main tumse kuch kehna chahta tha!!!!!!Wink
Urmi was happy and she thought maybe today is the day when sandeep would tell her abt his feelings.Embarrassed
S-urmi...main...wo..Suddenly,someone screamed from behind......urmi.
Urmi turned and saw the whole of colonel gunj coming towards her.
Sandeep-urmi looked each other.
Everyone congratulated urmi and took her inside.Pammi said:
P-are isi khushi ke mauke par aaj raat kuch hungama-shangama ho jaaye.Tongue
Everyone agreed that tonight they r going to celebrate urmi's success in the mohalla.Sujata came and gave urmi a big hug.
Urmi smiled  and behind sujata was sandeep looking at her.Urmi looked at him happily.They had a eye-lock scene and urmi lowered her eyes.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
She looked up and saw sandeep still staring at her..
Sandeep eyes were speaking.........aaj ke is jashn mein,main tumhe apni dil ki baat kehke rahoga urmi.
Urmi responed back........main us izhaar ka intezaar karogi sandeepji............Embarrassed

Preparations were being made for a grand party to celebrate the success of the "shaan of CG",our dearest urmi.The whole of CG was decorated as though there was a festival coming up.All the people were very happy for urmi's success.The camera shifts to urmi's house.Here we see a drastic arguement cooking up....urmi's dress.Urmi tried over 10 sarees but couldnt find the suitable one.

Z-urmi,ye pink waali pehen le,tujhpe achi lagegi

U-maine keh diya na zoya mujhe ye pink waali bilkul pasand nahin hain.main to ye blue waali hio pehenogi

Z-tu ye blue waali nahin pehengi.





U-ha.....they continue their arguement.Just then sujata entered urmi's room.

Su-tum dono kar kya rahe ho!!!!!!!party shuro hone main kuch hi time bacha hain aur yahan tum dono lad rahe ho.

Z-aunty,urmi ko samjhayi na ki ye pink saree pehen le.

U-nahin mummy mujhe ye saree bilkul nahin achi lagti hain.main to ye blue waali hi pehenogi





Su-chup raho tum dono!!!!!!bahar sab log humhara wait kar rahe hain aur yahan ye sab ho raha hain.

Sandeep entered the site that time.

S-aunty wo...He looked at urmi and remebered all the incidents what happened in the morning.They looked at each other and went into their dreamland while sujata was trying to explain to zoya.They came back to earth when sujata said:

Su-ha,sandeep kya baat hain?

S-aunty wo bahar phool waale aaye hain.

Su-are ha.dekha urmi teri chinta mein,main apna kaam bhool hi gayi.

S-kya hua aunty??

Su-sandeep,party shuro hone main aadha ghanta hi hain aur urmi ko samjh nahin aa raha ki woh kya pehne.

Sandeep looked at her and smiled.

S-acha aunty,main chalta hoon

Su-are sandeep ek minute,tu urmi ki help kar dena

Sandeep,urmi and zoya were shocked.Zoya started to laugh

S-aunty main?

Su-ha waise bhi teri choice kafi achi hoti hain.

U-mummy main khud kar longi(though she wanted him to stay)Sandeep had a satisfied look that for one time urmi didnt say a "yes"

Su-sandeep plzz urmi ki help kar dena..mujhe bahut kaam hain

She left.

U-mummy ek min..

Z-urmi main bhi chalti hoon..ammi mujhe bula rahi thi...mujhe bhi to dair ho rahi hain..She also left

U-zoya sun to..

Sandeep came closer to her and said:

S(pointing towards the bed)-to ye sari sareeyan hain?


S-to problem kya hain?

U-wo zoya chahti thi ki main pink waali pehno lekin mujhe wo bilkul pasand nahin hain

S-to tumhe kaun si pasand hain?

U-ye pink waali

Sandeep felt really uncomfortable.Urmi saw the look on sandeeps face and understood everything

U-main ye pink waali pehen long..aap chinta mat kijiye..main change karke aati hoon

She was abt to leave the room when sandeep said:


She turned and was waiting for sandeep to say something.She went towards him

U-ji sandeep babu?

S-main ek baat kaho tum bura to nahin manogi?

U-main aapki koi bhi baat ka bura kabhi nahi maan sakti..kahiye

Sandeep smiled.

S-umm..tum ye orange saree kyun nahin pehen leti

Urmi was shocked that for once sandeep was telling his choice for her to wear.


S-ha,wo..tum isme achi lagti ho

Urmi smiled.

U-theek hain main ye hi pehenogi

She left happily when suddenly she went back to sandeep and said:

U-sandeep babu,ab main aap se ek baat kaho?

S-ha kaho

U-aap jab apni dil ki baat aise kehte hain na to acha lagta aadat ko chodiyega nahin.She left

Sandeep smiled and started thinking.....main use kaise kaho ki main use pyaar karte hoon..main abhi kaho ki baad main...mujhe lagta hain ki abhi batana theek hoga kyunki sab log bahar hain.....he was pacing up and down..and urmi was coming inside.Sandeep looked at her and couldnt take his eyes off her.Urmi didnt realise that sandeep was still in the room as she was adjusting her pallu.Sandeep was standing like a statue not even blinking.

Urmi also came in the room and dashed with him.Sandeep came back to earth.

U-are sandeep babu aap abhi tak yahi haoin

S-urmi tum...


S-tum bahut achi lag rahi ho.

Urmi blushed

U-thank u.

She went to the mirror and started wearing her earrings.Sandeep stood behind her and looked at her through thr mirror.Urmi felt a bit shy as sandeep was looking at her.

She thought....aaj sandeep babu ko kya ho gaya hain..bade ajeeb tarah se behave kar rahe hain

She took her necklace but it was not tieing properly. necklace ko kya ho gaya hain

Sandeep came to her and touched her hand and helped her out.The moment he touched her hand urmi closed her eyes.

S-ho gaya.urmi opened her eyes and turned.She coulndt face him and ran from their when:


She stopped.Her heartbeat racing very fast.She was scared to even turn back as she didnt know what would happen now.

Sandeep came to her and said:

S-urmi..main tumse kuch kehna chahta hoon

She looked up and into his eyes.

U-kahiye sandeepji.

S-urmi main tumse...

U-kahiye..main sun rahi ho.She was very excited as she knew what he was going to say

Sandeep took her hand which made her heartbeat even more fast

S-urmi main tumse ye kehna chahta tha ki main tumse..tumse

U-tumse kya?


"urmi".Zoya called her and came running to the room.Urmi felt like killing her that moment.

Z-urmi wo..She looked at urmi's expression and knew that she entered the wrong moment.

Z-wo sujata aunty tujhe.Sujata entered the room.

Su-are urmi tu..Sandeep let go her hand...kitni achi lag rahi hain.jaldi kar party shuro ho gayi hain..sandeep tu bhi chal na

Urmi and sandeep smiled and nodded

They left looking at each other...............

Sandeep and urmi joined the party and everyone applauded for urmi.Urmi smiled at them and was very happy that the whole of CG were celebrating her success in a grand way.Everyone were enjoying the party.Urmi was talking with zoya and sandeep was chatting with sukhaji.They were busy talking but in between use to steal glances at each other.Zoya saw that urmi was looking at sandeep and just to tease her said:

Z-are wah,urmi..tu to aaj bahut achi lag rahi hain.

Urmi smiled.

Z-waise kiski pasand hain ye?

U-sandeep babu ki

Z(innocently)-acha!!!!!!!bhai wah kya pasand hain sandeep bhaijaan ki..manna padega.She started laughing.

U-zoya!!!!They both smiled.

Z-acha waise urmi ek baat bata sandeep bhaijaan tujhse kya baate kar rahe the jab main tujhe bulane aayi?

U-are zoya wo mujhse kuch kehna chahte the aur tu beech mein aa gayi.

Z(angry at herself)-are yaar maine to saare kire karai pe paani pher diya...sorry urmi.

U(smiling)are zoya koi baat nahin..waise bhi mujhe lagta hain(looking at sandeep)aaj main sun hi longi wo baat jise sunne ke liye mere kaan taras gaye hain


Here sukhaji though sandeep was talking to him yet his eyes were on urmi.

Suk-waise aaj urmi bahut hi soni lag rahi hain...hain na sandeep!!!

S(looking at urmi and didnt know what he was saying)-ha..bahut achi lag rahi hain..Sukhaji smiled

S-ji...kya kaha apne??

Suk-kuch nahin

Zoya and sukhaji understood that urmi and sandeep wanted to talk to each other.So they made an excuse..

Suk-are urmi ,zoya..ek minute zara idhaar aana.

U and Z-ji

Suk-urmi tujhe party ka decoration kaisa laga??

U(smiled)-bahut acha hain uncle.......lekin iski kya zarorat thi...aap logon ne khamakha takleef uthayi..

Suk-lo ji..isme takleef ki kya baat thi..jisne decoration ki hain uska to ye farz banta hain..

U-jisne??matlab ye sab ek hi insaan ne kiya hain


Z-aur urmi to jaana nahin chahegi wo insaan kaun hain?

U-ha zaroor..main to use thanks kehna chahogi...kaun hain wo zoya..bata na??

Z-sandeep bhaijaan...

Urmi was shocked and looked at sandeep.They looked at each other.Just to leave them alone,sukhaji said:

Suk-umm..zoya puttar zara mere naal chal...dekhte hain pammi abhi tak taiyaar kyun nahin hui.They left

U-sandeepji aapne ye sab mere liye kiya??

S-urmi ye kaisa sawaal hua...aur kiske liye

Urmi smiled and said....thank u so much..bahut sundar hain...thank u

S-isme thanks kehne waali kya baat hain...tumne suna nahin sukha bhaisahab ne kya to mera farz tha

Urmi looked at him..

Sandeep thinking........are sandeep urmi se keh de.....phir mauka nahin milega...keh na

S-urmi main..


"urmi zara sun to"sujata called her

U(upset)-ji mummy..ayi...She left looking at sandeep.

Sukhaji and sujata were standing next to each other..

Su-urmi zoya tujhe bula rahi thi...


Su-apne ghar..

U-acha mummy..main jaati hoon..

Suk-sandeep zara mehmano ke liye kuch peene waaste le aa....urmi puttar ke ghar pe hoga

S-ji abhi laya..

After urmi and sandeep left..zoya came to sukhaji and they shook hands..It was their plan so that urmi and sandeep could meet each other in soliltude

Urmi went inside first and called zoya...zoya.That moment itself the lights went off.Sandeep entered the room and saw someone lighting the candle.

S-kaun hain?

Urmi looked up and with the candle went towards sandeep

U-are sandeep babu..aap yahan kya kar rahe hain?

S-wo sukha bhaisahab ne mujhe mehmano ke liye kuch drinks laane ko kaha tha.

U-drinks??yaha kaha hain wo to unhi ke ghar par hain

Sandeep was shocked and didnt understand then why did sukhaji send him here.

S-waise tum yaha kya kar rahi ho?

U-mummy ne kaha ki zoya ne mujhe yaha bulaya hain..lekin wo to yahan nahin hain

S-zoya to party enjoy kar rahi hain..maine abhi use waha dekha hain

After a few mins they understood that sukhaji and zoya had made up all this.They looked at each other and smiled.

Sandeep thought this is the rite opportunity to tell urmi abt his feelings..He went towards the door and closed it.Urmi got tensed as to why was he closing the door. band kyun...kiya

Sandeep went near her..With each step what sandeep took towards her she took a step back.Urmi was very very nervous and sandeep was smiling looking at her face.

U-sandeepji..aap.....he didnt say anything..

Urmi's back hit the wall and sandeep came close to her..

S-urmi main tumhe thanks kehna chahta tha..

Urmi was surprised..

U-thanks kis liye?

S-isliye kyunki tumne meri pasand ki saree pehni


Sandeep went closer to her. hain aap?

S-main tumhe waise hi thanks kehna chahta hoon jaise tumne kaha tha

Urmi remembered the moment when she had kissed him on his cheeks.

Urmi went red and her heartbeat was beating very fast.


Sandeep went close to her.Urmi closed her eyes.

He kissed her gently on her cheeks.The moment he kissed her the lights went on.

Urmi had her eyes closed.

She opened them slowly and saw sandeep staring at her.She blushed and wanted to go from there..but sandeep caught her hand.

S-meri baat abhi puri nahin hui hain,urmi

U-sandeepji...mujhe..plzz...jaane..dijiye...sab..log..humhe. .dhoond..rahe..honge.Urmi felt strange..all her life she wanted sandeep to tell her abt his feelings and now when he was she wanted to go away.

S-tumne to saari zindagi is pal ka intezaar kiya hain na urmi jab main tumhe apni dil ki baat aaj dur kyun bhaag rahi hoon? felt very shy and wanted to run from there.She tried to remove her wrist from sandeep's hand but sandeep didnt let go.......

Chapter-4F-The Confession:
Urmi tried very hard to free herself but our hero is strong...he didnt let her go.Finally,she turned and said:

U(nervous)-kahiye...kya kehna hai aapko?

Sandeep smiled.

S-abhi kaho ya baad mein...

U-sandeepji..aap...mujhe kyun itna sata rahe hain.

Sandeep left her hand and in a serious tone said:

S-aisa kyun hain urmi ki jab tum mujhe satati theek hain...Urmi didnt let him complete

U-maine aapko kab sataya...aap hi humesha mujhe satate rehte hain...

Now both urmi-sandeep were serious and sandeep went close to her:

S-tumne mujhe kab sataya nahin hain??

U-maine kya kiya?

S-tumne...meri zindagi badal di...mujhe ek aadmi se insaan bana diya...meri zindagi mein jo andhera tha..tumne usme roshni laa di....meri zindagi ke veeraan maidaan ko phoolon se bhar diya...meri zindagi mein pyaar ki fiza la di..

Urmi looked up in his eyes...first time his eyes were saying more than his words..

S-mere jaise insaan ko jise pyaar pe vishwaas nahin tha..use pyaar ke mayne sikha diye...use ye sikha diya ki pyaar is duniya ka sabse khoobsurat ehsaas hain

Urmi had tears in her eyes..

S-mujhse pyaar karke tumne is aanat par bahut bada ahesaan...Urmi put her hand on his lips.

They looked in each other eyes and urmi's eyes were having more and more tears..

U-khabar daar sandeepji..agar aapne apne aap ko aanat kaha...aur maine aape koi ahesaan nahin kiya hain...(looking down)pyaar mein ahesaan nahin hote..

Sandeep smiled and wiped her tears with his hands.

S-aur tum kehti ho tumne kya kiya..

Urmi smiled hearing this..

U-aapne bhi mujhe sataya hain?


U(shying)-bahut baar..aur itni dair se mujhse apni dil ki baat kahi wo kya kam sataya aapne..smiled

Sandeep smiled and came closer to her.Urmi was looking down and her heartbeat was again fast.He placed his hand on her chin and made her look up to him.Then came more closer to her...placed his hands on her cheeks.The moment he did so..urmi got shivers down her spine and she immediately closed her eyes and then opened them again..(i hope u understood the scene..just imagine varun and suhasi in looks beautiful)

S-urmi main tumse bahut pyaar karta hoon.

Urmi went red again and smiled.They had a eye-lock scene again for few minutes..with the background score of the u-s in the show.

Urmi came back to senses and blushed...she turned to go when sandeep said:

S-urmi..tumhe mujhse nahi kehna..


S-jo maine kaha..

Urmi smiled..

U-maine to aapse bahut baar kaha hain..Sandeep came to her...

S-lekin theek se to nahin kaha na

U-sandeepji plzz..main..

S(flirtaous way)-tum mere dil ka haal jaan logi..aur apne dil ki baatein bataongi bhi nahin, to galat hain na,urmi

Sandeep again made her look up and she said:

U-sandeepji..sab humhara intezaar kar rahe honge...

S-main tumhe jaane nahin tak to nahin jab tak tum mujhse kehti nahin...

U-main aapse...


U-main aapse...pyaar karti hoon

As soon as she said,,she ran away from there..She opened the door and turned back.Sandeep was standing their smiling which made urmi blush.She ran from there...........

Chapter-4G-Commencement Of a Love Story:
Next day,everything was new for sandeep and urmi.Sandeep came to his balcony and smiled.He remebered what happened last night and was feeling the breeze blowing into his soul.There urmi was sitting on the swing in her balcony and they didnt notice each other.She was in her dreams...and the wind sending shivers down her spine.Everything was perfect for both of them...they had got their love.The weather was very pleasant and the wind blew harder as if the nature was also happy for their love.The breeze blew so hard that urmi's duppatta flew away and landed on sandeep's baclony's railing.Both of them came back to senses and noticed each other's presence.They looked at each other for a long time remebering all that happened yesterday.Both of them were shy and smiled.Then urmi suddenly realised that her duppatta was on the railing....sandeep also noticed it.He looked at urmi...and urmi smiled.Sandeep also smiled looking at her.

U-sandeepji mera duppatta.

S-ha,wo...yaha kaise aa gaya.

U-pata nahin mujhe nahin pata chala

S(surprised)-urmi,tumhara duppatta hain aur tumhe nahin pata chala kab wo tumse alag hoke mere ghar mein aa gaya.

Urmi looked at him and was shy.Sandeep smiled.

U-main..wo...mera dhyaan kahi aur tha...(looking down)

S(he understood that she was thinking what he was thinking)- acha!!!aisi kaun si baat mein tum khoyi thi ki tumhe pata bhi nahin chala tumhare duppatta kab......He looked at her with a naughty expression!!!!!!

Urmi looked down and said:wo...main....kuch nahin...She smiled.

U-mera duppatta!!!!!!!

S-ohh main tumhare paas aao tumhe dene ke liye ya tum aaongi.....

Urmi didnt know what to reply.

U-main...baad...mein...aake le longi.She looked at him and smiled and went inside her house.Sandeep smiled.

Sujata and rasiklal noticed a change in urmi's behaviour these days.She use to be very happy.

Su-pata nahin aaj kal urmi ko kya ho gaya...bahut khush rehne lagi hain

R-tum bhi na sujata...ajeeb ho...beti khush hain aur tumhe chinta ho rahi hain.

Su-phir bhi.......koi to baat hain

R-chodo bhi...hogi koi baat...agar koi serious baat hogi to waqt rehte wo humhe bata deti

Su-ha,wo to hain...

Next scene,we see urmi turning zoya and jumping up and down.......

Z-are urmi hua kya..itni khush kyun hain tu....

U-soch !!!!mujhe meri zindagi ki sabse badi khushi mil gayi hain

Z-kya.........matlab sandeep bhaijaan ne.......sandeep bhaijaan ne...

Urmi nodded.

Zoya screamed........yipeeeeeeeeeeeee.

U-dheere zoya.......hum tere ghar mein hain...

Z-bol na kaise hua ye sab......jaldi bata....

Urmi told her everything......and zoya was very happy for her friend.

She hugged urmi and was thinking.......Allah....aapka laakh laakh shukar hain aapne meri dua ko khobol karke meri dost ko sabse badi khushi de di....

Z-waise sandeep bhaijaan ko maan gaye kya andaaz tha izhaar ka.....akele mein chori chori...wahh

Urmi smiled and was a bit shy.

U-are shukar hain zoya unhone kaha to..kabse ye pal ka intezaar kar rahi thi...

Sandeep was walking towards her motorcycle to go somewhere when bashir chacha tells him..

B-are sandeep...ek minute!!!!!

S-ji chacha....sandeep went to him.

B-mera ek kaam kar denga sandeep...

S-ji kahiye na...

B-zaara zoya ki ammi se pochna ki wo Mrs.kapoor ka suit kaha hain...

S-umm...ji chacha...main bas sukhaji se milke jaata ho unse pochne..He left.

Here,zoya and urmi were talking abt sandeep...

Z-mujhe to yakeen nahin ho raha ki sandeep bhaijaan itne romantic ho sakte hain.Urmi smiled and blushed.

U-mujhe bhi pata nahin tha.

Zoya looked at urmi...

U-hoye hoye...zaara apna chehra to dekh...laal hue jaa raha hain..

U-zoya...She smiled.

Z-aur ab kab khila rahi hain mujhe shaadi ki mithiyaan

U-abhi kaha...abhi to humhara pyaar shuro hua hain...shaadi to baad mein....

Z-hoye hoye...

Urmi smiled.....

Z-waise sandeep bhaijaan ko zyaada mat satana ab...

U-acha tu kab se unki side leni lagi....

Zoya smiled....

Z-main bahut khush ho tere liye,meri jaan....

U-fikar mat kar tere zindagi mein bhi koi aisa aayega.

Z-kya urmi.....main to...She looked at the door and was shocked.

U-zoya kya hua....She turned and saw sandeep standing there...She was shocked....Sandeep heard everything and was smiling at urmi.Urmi really wanted to run away from there.....Zoya looked at urmi's face...and smiled......

Chapter-5-Urmi's mausi
Urmi and sandeep kept looking at each other and sandeep smiling.

Urmi thinking......hey Ram!!!kahi sandeepji ne sab sun to nahin liya.....main kya karo....

Zoya saw urmi's face and just to start a conversation she said;

Z-are sandeep bhaijaan aap yahan?? andar aayi na. He entered the house.Urmi constantly looking at him.

Zoya's mom entered the scene.....

Zoya's mom-are sandeep tu yahan?kya baat hain?

S-ji..wo bashir chacha ne bheja tha!!

Zoya's mom-kyun?

S-wo pooch rahe the ki Mrs.Kapoor ka suit kaha par rakha tha!!!!!!

He looked at urmi....she smiled.

Zoya's mom-are ha....yahi par hain....sandeep ek minute ruk...main leke aati hoon

She left.Silence around the atmosphere.S-U looking at each other and sometimes here and there....and zoya looking at them and smiling.

S-to kaisa chal raha hain?

Z-theek hain bhaijaan

U-zoya main chalti hoon.....mujhe yaad aaya mummy ne kaha tha jaldi aa jaana....

Z-theek hain urmi....bye

U-bye...She looked at sandeep and left

Zoya's mom came and told sandeep:

Zoya's mom-ye le sandeep..

S-ji....main chalta hoon

Sandeep smiled at zoya and left.

Sandeep was going down the stairs of zoya's house when zoya said;

Z-sandeep bhaijaan!!!!He stopped and turned.

S-ha zoya.....

Z-thank u

S-kis baat ke liye?

Z-aapko pata hain!!!

Sandeep understood and blushed

Z-congratulations aur main aap dono ke liye bahut khush ho

Sandeep smiled and left.

Next scene,sujata is crying in the house.

Urmi comes home smiling and remebering what just happened and was shocked to see sujata crying

Urmi got worried and asked-mummy kya hua??aap ro kyun rahe ho?

Su-urmi wo...tumhare papa....

Urmi got tensed....papa....kya hua papa ko.......

Su-kuch nahin...

U-to phir aap ro kyun rahe ho?

Su-wo...tumhare papa ne mere saath ladaai ki

Urmi sighed.......mummy aap ne to meri jaan hi nikaal di thi

Su-are tere papa na....Urmi father entered and he and urmi's mom looked at each other angrily

Urmi sighed and went to her dad;

U-papa kya hua?

R-apni ma se pocho!!!

U-mummy kuch nahin bol rahi...aap to batao...

R-are beta....kal kanpur se tumhari mausi aa rahi hain

U(happy)-kya mausi aa rahi hain!!!!!!!

R-to maine sujata se kaha ki unhe station lene nahin jaaonga kyunki mujhe kal shehar jaana hain....kuch kaam uspar hi sujata shuro ho gayi..

Su(angry)-agar chale jaaonga to kaun sa pahaad toot padega.......They started their arguement......

U-mummy...papa.....meri baat suno.......suno to.......main chali jaaongi station....

R-lekin kiske saath jaaongi?

"oye rasik yaar".Sukhaji just entered...

Suk-oye rasik....main...wo.He saw sujata crying...and asked

Suk-are ye sujata bhabhi ro kyun rahi hain.....Rasiklal explained him everything.

Suk-to koi baat nahin...urmi ke saath main chala jaaonga....Everyone agreed and sujata also was happy now.

R-thanks sukha.

Suk-are koi baat nahin!!!!!!Acha jis baat ke liye main yaha aaya tha....rasik neeche chal....kuch kaam hain...

R-acha....He and rasik left leaving urmi happy.

Next scene,pammi is in the house cutting vegetables when sukhaji enters:

Suk-are pammi....kal ke liye mere kapde nikaal dena....

P-kyun tusi kahi jaa rahe ho kal?

Sukhaji tol her everything abt urmi's mausi.

P-acha theek hain

Suk-waise ye jugle kaha hain?

P-kahi bahar gaya hain aata hoga....

The doorbell rings.

P-lo aa gaya..

Sukhaji goes to open the door and sees the postman.He gives the letter to sukhaji

P-kis ka khat hai?


P-kya hua?

Suk-kal wo baoji ke koi dur ke rishtedaar aa rahe hain....chandigarh se.

P-kya? aap urmi ke saath kaise jaaonge?

Sukhaji gets worried........

Suk-main rasik ko batake aaya.

He left for urmi's house.He met sandeep on the way;

S-are sukha bhaisahab kya hua bahut pareshaan lag rahe hain.

Sukhaji told him everything.

S-are ye to problem ho gayi.....

Suk-ha wohi to meri samjh nahin aa raha ab main kya karo!!!!Both of them were thinking and suddenly:

Suk-oiee aa gaya idea!!!!!!


Suk-tu chala ja urmi ke saath!!!!!!!!!!

S-main???????nahin nahin sukha bhaisahab

Suk-kyun?oiee ab kaisi sharm...ab to...

Sandeep smiled......kya sukha bhaisahab....aap bhi na

Suk-acha main abhi rasik se kehke aata hoon.

S-sukha bhaisahab suniye to......Sukhaji left.

He knocked on the door...urmi opened:

Suk-urmi puttar....rasik hain?


Rasik came......

R-are sukha kya hua?

He told him everything.......and urmi got happy.Seeing urmi happiness,sukhaji smiled......

Suk-to kal kitne baje ki gaadi hain?

R-subah 10 baje ki...

Suk -theek hain main sandeep ko bata donga............

Urmi all happy and here we see sandeep also smiling at his house.............

hope u liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!plzz post ur comments and suggestions...........
    Chapter 1-5:pg 1
    Chapter 6:pg 3
    Chapter 7:pg 4
    Chapter 8:pg 7
    Chapter 9:pg 8
    Chapter 10:pg 10
    Chapter 11:pg 12
    Chapter 12:pg 20
    Chapter 13:pg 22
    Chapter 14:pg 24
    Chapter 15:pg 25...the must read part!!
    Chapter 16:pg 26
    Chapter 17:pg 30
    Chapter 18:pg 32
    Chapter 19:pg 32
  • Chapter 20:pg 34


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Originally posted by Nisha_07

I like! I like! Clap Clap Clap

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the scene was sweet and simple like chabi.
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yeah.. it is really sweet surbhii.. keep the good work going... looking forward to the next part..

and shreya, you are right... chabi guys should have shown something betewen zoya and sandeep right... after all it was zoya who came to the rescue/...
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thats what i keep saying...i dont mind stories of other characters...but they must show some important stuff like zoya and sandeep, urmi and babuji. zoya palyed an important role in urmi's love story by egging her on from the beginning while babuji played an important part in the confession. but instead of showing these things they show that stupid jugle gets hynotized episode. Angry
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