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Posted: 14 years ago

Hello all SRK'ians and welcome to part seventeen of:


The place to express your love, support and respect for King Khan! Embarrassed

All fans are welcome! Wink

TO JOIN:  Simply introduce yourself and tell us what you 'most' adore about Shahrukh!


srk_preity_kajo (Zaara)

doly_455 (Doly)

amna_malik (Amna)

lilyrose (Ambreen)

teen_indiausa (Pari)

sweet_kp (Khair)

Reema_J (Reema)


Mink's Pink




tangina r (Tang)

~rahul ki rani~ (Dayeeta)


ani11 (Anita)

blue rose (Ayesha)

indiandoll89 (Meera)


white rose (Uzi)

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Fashion_2005 (Sabeena)


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the_charm (Ghungroo)

I luv Shamit (Anna)

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I_luv_srk (Sia)

Cutiepie Rani










Please PM me and let me know to add you!


DOTW (Discussion of the Week) - We will have weekly discussions on different topics and/or issues regarding Shah Rukh Khan.  There will not be any prizes/awards based on this segment; it is now just a participation discussion! Smile  

This week's discussion question:  

As we all know, the music of Chak de India is set to release on the first of August... what are your expectations for the music of this extremely awaited SRK film?! Have you already heard some songs from the soundtrack?! If so, what are your opinions on it so far?! How would you rate the soundtrack on a scale of 10 (with 10 being the best, of course)?! If you haven't yet heard the music of Chak de India, how would you rate your anxiousness to hear it?! Wink

COTW (Contest of the Week) - Details will be posted in the next post! Wink

Games - Chak de OR Chak de Phatte?! Wink

In this game, members will post anything about SRK or anything remotely related to him... the next member will either say Chak de (as in get rid of it, it was okay, etc.) OR they'll say Chak de Phatte (as in fabulous, outstanding, etc.)! Get it?! Tongue

Here's an example:

Member 1: SRK in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai?!

Member 2: Chak de Phatte!! Dancing

Member 2: SRK's smoking habit?!

Member 3: Chak de!! Ouch

And then Member 3 will post the next and so on... Big smile

(Continue game from last part...)

MOM (Member of the Month) We have been selecting MOM's for our club based on participation and activeness in the club! 

Current MOM (August): Will update shortly!

PARTYStarts August 1st... to celebrate the release and hopefully success of Chak de India's music and for our newest MOM WinkEmbarrassed

*NOTE: If you are posting articles, photographs, etc., please make sure that another member has not already posted the same material! Sometimes there are repeats!  It's only natural to not realize or notice, but if and when you do... please kindly edit your post! Smile

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Posted: 14 years ago


I will be giving you verses of songs from SRK's movies (this means, the song was not necessarily picturized on SRK, but SRK was in some way a part of the movie... whether it be a special appearance or a full-on lead role)!

What you'll need to do:

*Guess which movie the clue is from AND exactly which song it is from that movie!

*You will PM me your answers (the movie title AND at least one to two lines from the beginning of the song) for all 10 clues!
-Please make sure you title the PM as SRK Contest or something along those lines so I know what it is for!

*BONUS: If the song listed is not picturized on SRK, provide me the name(s) of the actor/actress that the song was pictrized on!

*This contest will be point-based:

-For every correct movie title you will get 5 points!
-For every correct line(s) from the song, you will get 5 points!
-For every correct bonus response, you will get 5 points!

**There will be a total of 3 bonus questions!**

Therefore, your maximum score can be 115 points!

And... of course, the members with the highest scores win!


Clue 1:

Main to anjaan thi, yun bhi hoga kabhi
Pyaar barse gaa yun toot ke
Sach yeh ikraar hai, sach yehi pyaar hai
Baaki bandhan hain sab jhoot ke...

Clue 2:

Nahin yaad kabse, magar main hoon jabse
Mere dil mein teri, mohabbat hai tabse
Main shayar hoon tera, tu meri ghazal hai
Badi bekaraari, mujhe aaj kal hai...

Clue 3:

Umr bhar so na sakenge, kisi ke ho na sakenge
Ajnabee tum ho jao, ghair hum ho na sakenge
Kisi begaane ki khaatir, tumne apno ko bhulaa diya...

Clue 4:

Main, doobi hoon tere deewanepan mein
Na hai karaar ek lamha yaar
Shola sa hai dhadkan mein
Kyun, dard sa hai mere mann mein
Tu hai sukoon, tu hai junoon
Rehna hai tere daman mein...

Clue 5:

Dard ka tere ehsaas raha hai
Tera ehsaas mere paas raha hai
Ek tujhe bas meri lagan thi
Baat yeh der se, samajh mein hai aayi

Clue 6:

Jo tum ho aa gaye, to sapne chaa gaye
Jo tmum ho meherbaan, to rut hai jawaan
Jo hum hain mil gaye, to gul hain khil gaye
Jo hum tum hain yahaan, to mehaka samaa...

Clue 7:

Dil se lagaa kar ke rakha hai ab tak
Resham ka tera rumaal
Aage kahoon kya jaaneman
Aa dekh jaa mera haal
Aa bhi jaa, ab jaane jaan...

Clue 8:

Ched doon main kabhi pyaar se to tang hoti hai
Chod doon rooth ke to bhi to jung hoti hai
Ched doon main kabhi pyaar se to tang hoti hai
Khaama khaa choom loon to bhi to jung hoti hai
Zindagi, aankhon ki aayat hai
Zindagi aankhon mein rakhi hai...

Clue 9:

Lo jeet gaye tum humse, hum haar gaye is dil se
Aaya hai aaj labon pe, yeh pyaar badi mushkil se
Is pyaar mein humko pagal na kar chod na...

Clue 10:

Teri baaton mein yeh, ek shararat si hai
Mere honton pe yeh, ek shikayat si hai
Teri aankhon ko aankhon se, chum ne hum lage
Tujhko baahon mein le lekar jhum ne hum lage...


August 10, 2007!

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Posted: 14 years ago
Congratulations on part 17 everyone!

Are ya'll enjoying the music of CDI?! Tongue I haven't listened to all the songs yet but will... have 'em all already! Embarrassed

Posted: 14 years ago
Thanks for opening Part 17 Reema!!! Big smile Embarrassed

I bought the cd yesterday, even though i already downloaded the songs Wink LOL LOL

My fav three tracks are the title track, bab bad girls, and sattar minute so far! Embarrassed

Luv ya,

Meera Embarrassed
Posted: 14 years ago
You're welcome Meera! Good to see you after so long... how have you been?!

Oh... do you know where the Chak de/Chak de Phatte game stopped?! Hehe! Embarrassed
Posted: 14 years ago
^^^ I know it's been soooo long!! Embarrassed I wasn't that active between I think...Part 9-Part

I don't know where it could just re-start it, I think! Embarrassed
Posted: 14 years ago
omG u guys r so fast LOL

Congrats on Part 17 Clap
Posted: 14 years ago
Even if you put Shah Rukh in a bucket of ice for ten hours, he won't storm off! - Shimit Amin


What made you direct Chak De post Ab Tak Chappan ?

Chak De had a very interesting script. The story had potential and the characters were extremely fascinating.

After Nana Patekar, now Shah Rukh... how different are these actors?

Both are intense and hold the close up shots very well. They both have the ability to get into the skin of the character they portray.

How different was it working with RGV from Yash Raj Films?

Their content may be different but both are passionate about making films.

Was Shah Rukh your first choice to play Kabir Khan?

SRK has done so many versatile roles before which he has carried off very well but somehow his commercial roles were more successful. In fact he started off with theatre! He can pull off any role with lan and the moment I read Jaideep's script, I knew Shah Rukh had to be the one.

So Shah Rukh became Kabir Khan...

Absolutely... he understood the character and the script so well. Besides Shah Rukh has played Football and thus if you know one sport, it is transferable to others as well. Also since SRK is athletic and competitive on and off the screen, he just easily melted in his character.

Apparently, there is lot of buzz about his weight loss for the role...

He plays a coach and he cannot be out of shape for sure. He has always had an athletic built.

Why make a film on Hockey?

Hockey's our national sport! It's our desi dal-chawal of sorts . Also it has not been explored much. Why not acknowledge it for a change? We keep forgetting about it. Making a film on it was like making a film on soldiers, the unsung heroes of the country. It was like going back to our roots.

How did the concept originate?

Jaideep Sahni, the script writer once saw a small news item in a national newspaper about a woman's hockey team winning some important tournament. The miniscule space allocated to that important piece of information showed the level of importance that was given to the sport as compared to Cricket, where two full spreads were dedicated to it. That's when we thought a film can be made on it.

A women's hockey team! ... Must have been difficult for you to handle so many women on the sets!

Haha (laughs)... that is a very sexist remark on your behalf. In fact they were this bunch of actors who were energetic, enthusiastic, active, focussed and full of passion... all charged up to give their best.

Did Shah Rukh storm off the sets in anger when you asked him to do few retakes?

It was a pleasure working with Shah Rukh. He is by far the most professional actor I've worked with. Anybody who knows him will know that he can never do such a thing. Even if you put him in a bucket of ice for ten hours, he won't storm off! He'll never even refuse a kid an autograph! He gives his 100% to a director.

The film is receiving a lot of negative publicity on those lines...

Journalists had nothing to write about the film, since we didn't provide them with any material about it and considering your (read media's) curiosity to know more about a 'Shah Rukh Khan film'... I can totally understand how these baseless rumours started.

Why is Chak De not being promoted the way other Yash Raj films are?

Chak De is a complicated film. There is no romance, love involved, nor people dancing around trees which we could have promoted in the form of a song or so.

Apparently few ladies of your hockey team are real life hockey players?

Some of them are real hockey players and the others who are not had to go through a rigorous three months training to learn and master the sport... right from how to hold the hockey stick! In fact the most difficult part of the film was its casting. When I travelled in Mumbai to find women... I couldn't find athletic women, forget about the ones who knew how to play hockey! All I could see everywhere was boys playing Cricket!

How was the whole experience of directing Chak De ?

It was an emotional and unique experience for me. In Delhi, the whole 'Hockey' fraternity appreciated our effort. Also Chak De goes beyond a movie for me. It portrays India that's highly neglected.

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