Kya Yahi Pyar Hai Character Sketch

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Posted: 2007-03-06T17:43:33Z

Had originally been posted on I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Character Sketch

This love story is about a girl named Priya and her friends. I had originally posted this story in but I haven't finished, so I'm starting it again. I'm also going to make changes to the story, since I have found that I could have made it more clearer and more interesting to the reader. I not a writer but I still hope you'll like the story, by this little details of the character.

Here is the character details: Naina and Jyoti are also part to the story but they come later and you will get to know about them and other's as the story continues. Everyone in this story are from a rich family. But the religion or the class system has nothing to do with the story.

The Malhotra Family: Just moved from London to India, to open a new chain to there business.

Priya: The main character of the story. She is a only child to the rich Mr and Mrs. Malhotra. She was born in India, but left India to go to London when she was 6. Priya is a average girl; meaning she pretty, smart, friendly. The physical feature of her is also normal. Priya wants to be a singer or a song writer; she also wants to help her parents in their business, being the only child and all. She is a outgoing type of person; however, she's calm. She loves and respects her parents. She just started in a new school where she will meet her new friends Manisha, Arjun, Anurag, Pritam, and Mitesh.

Mr. Anil and Mrs. Kiran Malhotra: Are parents of Priya. They both love and trust Priya for what ever she does. Mr. and Mrs. Malhotra moved to London when Priya was just 6, to start a new business of a car company. After completing the new business, decided to come to India to open a new chain to they company.

The Kapoor Family: Stayed in India there whole life. Their have a fashion business.

Manisha: Manisha is born to Mr and Ms. Kapoor. Manisha is Priya friend. Manisha is like Priya, but more appealing, energetic and likes motivating people. She wants to be a fashion designer. She also respects and loves her parents. However, she likes spending more time outside with her friends then home with her parents. You can say her parents spoiled her. She likes doing thing that are on her mind and has a desire for a lot of things. She also has a brother named Arjun and a boyfriend named Anurag. She friends with Pritam and Mitesh.

Arjun: Manisha lovable older brother by one year. He a flirt when it come to a person, he doesn't know. He work hard and wants to be a engineer. He also friends with Anurag, Pritam, Mitesh.

Mr. Vikram and Mrs. Neha Kapoor: Own a fashion business. Are parents of Manisha and Arjun. However, their both equally love both their kids. Their believe that their love for Manisha has spoiled her, but their still have trust in her.

The Kapoor Family: (Also a Kapoor) Lived and raised in India, but there only show they modern quality. The family owns a chain of engineering shop; also owned by the Kumar.

Anurag: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Kapoor. He is Manisha boyfriend. He is attractive but not the flirting ones and loved by his friend; he is a very nice guy with his addiction to bad habits; do to his parents neglect. However, he had his uncles love to carry him through life. He has a appearance that get girl attractive to him. He has a hidden tale, which will be revealed later in the story. He is good at engineer.

Mr. Rajesh and Mrs. Anju Kapoor: Raised in India with Indian custom, but live with modern quality. Life to them is make money and party. Mr. Rajesh neglected Anurag more then Mrs. Anju. Ms. Anju really cared for her son, however was never able or never had the time to teach him from right to wrong.

The Kumar Family: Stayed in their whole life in India. Their also own the chain business of engineering shop with the Kapoor.

Pritam: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Kumar. He is best friends with Anurag. He is a lover boy. He a flirtatious person. Everyone believes that he won't be able to commit to one girl. However, knowing he a flirt, some girls don't care to look back at him. He the comedian of the friends. His goal for life is to laugh, have fun, and make as many people laugh as he can. He also has a baby sister name Shilpa.

Shilpa Kumar: Shilpa is a baby. So they is really not that much info on her. However, she is really not Pritam sister. She is Ms. Payal (Pritam mom) sister child.

Mr. Mohan and Mrs. Payal Kumar: Their own the chain of engineering shop with The Kapoor Family. Their love both their kids equally, however, Shilpa isn't their child. Shilpa is Payal sister Simi child. One day Simi and her husband when shopping and meet with an accident. Shilpa was with Payal at that time. While Simi was in hospital, she asked Payal to take care of Shilpa, cause her husband had no family. Both Simi and her husband died that day.

The Chopra Family: Their own a company making fabric. Their high profits comes from The Kapoor family (Manisha family).

Mitesh: He is Manisha best friend. He care for everyone. He thinks of Manisha family as his own, do to his parents neglect. He one with few desires in life. However, he is half like Anurag and Pritam. His mother Asha dies when he was14, He thinks that it was his fault that his mother died. Which you find out later, why he think its his fault.

Mr. Chirag Chopra: Mitesh's father. He had been neglecting Mitesh's even since he lost his wife. Almost every night he would be drunk and being in a new women to the house. Now life for him is make money, spend it on drinking and party.

Here's a little description on Naina and Jyoti.


Episode 1:

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Posted: 2007-03-25T11:58:21Z
Yay sounds interesting...
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Posted: 2007-03-25T11:58:39Z
Yay sounds interesting...
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Posted: 2007-03-29T10:31:05Z
I used ot read it on start it again...I will continue from where I had was a very good story
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Posted: 2007-03-29T21:11:05Z
wow misty thanx a lot!!!!
I wanted to read it badly but cudn't get time...I'll read it when I m free...thanx misty!!!
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Posted: 2008-04-07T11:20:39Z
yh this is a gr888 story !!! keep up the gr888 work misty !! Clap
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