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Posted: 10 days ago

Originally posted by: Palak2812

Mujhe toh yeh nahi samjh aa raha ki

Rahul has literally nothing to show that he can lead the country. 

He hasn't even been a minister, CM toh dur ki baat hain. 

Why should we trust him and make him when we have nothing to see what he did. 

Modi was the CM of Gujarat for over a decade. 

INDI Alliance ke dusre members as PM still samajh aayega as they have been CM or have something to show us. 

But Rahul should be made PM bcoz uske gharwale pehle bane hain. 

How ridiculous

exactly? He hasn’t proved himself at all. Crying about how autocratic and bad Modijee is will get him sofar..but show me what you are capable of Mr. Also my husband was comparing manifestos of NDA and Indi alliance and you can tell they have no vision ..the opposition I mean. Bashing Modi is the only talking point they have. Also they won’t even help with welfare schemes..Sab naatak hai. If they couldn’t build houses and toilets in 75 years..why do people think they will transfer free money to their accounts? I know everyone thinks BJP plays religion card..but discreetly Congress plays caste card and does the same thing but blames BJP for hate politics ..if you keep talking about Dalit and’s only going to fuel the hate and fault lines again..smiley23 divisive politics ka dhabba toh unpe bhi lagna chahiye. Btw I loved that picture of our President feeding Modijee. Take that kamina Congressis smiley22

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Posted: 10 days ago

Originally posted by: SlatePencil

Chirag Paswan has done a movie that too with Kangana smiley36

Yes it was huge flop

Uske baad he decided ki Politics he better hain. 

He did said when Kangana join BJP that people didn't liked them on screen but may like them off screen smiley36

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Posted: 10 days ago

Bas accept ho jayesmiley9

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Posted: 10 days ago

Originally posted by: Wistfulness


Everyone's favourite guy 😅

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