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Posted: 1 months ago

Overall it was OKAY. SLB for me hasn’t hit the mark since Black, but this one is surely his worst. The story and substance is wafer thin. 

One of the biggest issues I had was with the dancing. It was so bad. None of the actresses capture the essence and beauty of the mujra. Sanjeeda Sheikh is an amazing dancer and I feel she was purposely given bad choreography so that she doesn’t outdo Sharmin. You can almost visibly see her holding back

Why was Madhuri not cast in this ? She would’ve been perfect for this. 

I’m not too fond of the cast. I didn’t feel that anyone did a great acting job tbh. I liked Sanjeeda the most and Richa as well. The rest were okay. Casting both Suman’s brought down the value of the project, both are z-grade actors who IMO took away from the movie. Manisha was good but not consistently. Sonakshi was good too but she had the same expression on her face. The project needed a better and stronger cast. 

Sharmin - Expressionless, Lifeless, Dull, Unrefined,  Painful to look at and Traumatizing to watch. Just No. Go away, never come back and don’t bother. You can’t and you shouldn’t. Disappear please. 

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