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Posted: 1 months ago

Genelia posted “Just saw 2 episodes of Heeramandi and it has me craving for more. What a world, what a journey you take us through to Sanjay Sir. Mesmerised as always. Loved, loved, loved the entire cast and what a super effort by the crew too. Netflix, this is truly special,” she wrote. 


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Comedy Crew

Posted: 1 months ago

Daughter of Hema Malini and Superstar Dharamndra’s daughter Esha Deol also attended the first screening of Heeramani in Mumbai, she also praised Heeramandi, she said the entire episode was outstanding and especially she loved Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s direction.

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Comedy Crew

Posted: 1 months ago

This show is out today

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Posted: 1 months ago

.. umm I watched 1 episode.. it's over an hour long, there are 8 in total.

Manisha was amazing.. everytime she appeared on screen ... ud shudder and hope her scene would end because she was such a bad a$$ boss woman. The heeramandi was beautiful.. the marble floors.. the beautiful rooms..the massive safe to store all the jewellery.. but Manisha was next level ..

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Posted: 1 months ago

1.5 mein dekh lo, it's an extended version of Begam Jaan with Padmavat aesthetics.

Rich Chadda, ek hi toh Dil hai, kitne baar churaogi😭😭😭 can't believe you died for Adhyanan sumansmiley39p.s. don't worry about this being a spoiler, plotlines pe jyaada kuch farak padta nahi, and the trailer has scene of her final rites, so don't @ me.

Manisha is just 🤌 Aditi has her moments but I feel she was much better in Padmavat ka smaller stint than this. Taha is great, honestly didn't expect much from him. Wish Sanjeeda got better character, she used her experience from Ek Hasina thi so well, but she is more fickle than politicians during elections and it just gets boring. With such a great back story, they ruined her character arc by making it hasty. Actually, that's the complain I have for Malika and fareedan too.

Special shoutout to the actor playing the eunuch (?) who is the gossip monger, he was brilliant and Shruti and Pratibha, wish they had gotten more spotlight, they were terrific with their characters.

Fardin is just cute as Taha's daadi.

Shamil is like Jhanvi Kapoor, she is good at performing scenes where she is lifeless, dull, a shadow of her character's past self, but otherwise, you actually wonder yeh khush hai ki Khushi ka naatak kar rahi hai.

The last two episodes are honestly good, but pehle saare episodes mein befizul ghumaya.

Why were people excited for Fardeen's comeback, he isn't some great actor to begin with, but he was just there in this series. Tbh, all men, except young Zulfikaar, Taha (and the rebels) and the English officers were just there, hai bhi ki nahi who cares (also, nawaabs ko itna useless kyun dikhaya tha ki apne bacchon ke sacrifices ko bhi they make worthless 🤦‍♀️) Also also, Fardeen went from "ab tumhaare maang mein Sundar nahi bhaara, abhi humara ek hone ka waqt nahi hai" to giving haseen dard to two women(atleast) without marriage (yes, I went there, all thanks to pretentious movie reviews by Kanana and Biswa)

The character promos for the women were brilliant, and except Malika, no one meets the hype.

The story could have been so much more, if better writers were on board.

The music though and the grandeur, it's Bhansali speciality Ig (and yes, it maybe copied and stuff, but point being Bhansali knows what will work there)

Love love love the costumes and the set designs, but that can't be much saving grace.

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Posted: 1 months ago

Is it good? Koi briefly btao smiley43

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Posted: 1 months ago

Just started watching... Looks so so grand like any slb movie.. No expense spared

Abhi toh me and mom are playing "pehchaan kaun"... Every scene has a different actor and we are just identifying everyone smiley36.. Hopefully they will do justice to such a huge cast...

Manisha is chilling till now... Though have to wonder if someone dubbed for her.. Her usual voice is not so heavy... 

Not sure about a new girl being casted in the main lead.. Right now she just has to look pretty and dreamy 

No male eye candy as such.. The worst male line up ever.. Did they run out of budget? ... 

Edit 1: i wish makers stop using such dark color schemes that make me squint in order to see something... The sets, the costumes are gorgeous but i can't see half of it bec it is so damn dark 

Story is razor thin. But its engaging till now.. The freedom struggle seems to be tacked on as an afterthought and inaccurate i might say.. In 1945, the slogans were more about partition demands as it was almost certain that britishers would be leaving 

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