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Episode begins with Imlie signing the exam forms and submitting them to the person in charge , whom surya had brought home in his car .

Indira is seen watching this from the window n disapproving all this .

Surya tells Imlie that he had assured her he will help her appear in her exams n he fulfilled his promise .

Later Imlie is seen relishing her halwa and celebrating , Imlie and Surya have argument over his unlawful utilisation of power to force exam officers to visit their home to collect forms . This was misuse of power n Imlie disapproved such , surya argues , Mike again argues that he could have helped her by giving her a lift to her college or by persuading Indira Chachi to let her got but he did not do that , instead he misused his power. Surya fumes with fury as I lie lashes out at him. 

He tries to relax on the sofa when Anjali gives him a call tries to indulge in romantic talks but he is in no mood for romance and he  lashes out  at her  too . 
Anjali is very hurt as he cuts the line .Malti comes and shares her woes ,  she informs how Amma invited Anjali and tries to cause rift between Surya and Imlie . Surya is shocked . He states Imlie was his res and Anjakimwa shis love . Malti persuades Surya to be sweet to Anjali and patch up with her. 

He gets frustrated n calls ehr , he asks Anjali to leave the station and he was not free to meet her , he was very busy n had no time for her , he suggests they break up . 
Anjali is heart broken and shattered . 


same as yesterday 

It’s Holi celebrations at Reddy house , Imlie and Surya challenge eachother who succeeds in putting Holi Colors on the other . To their utter shock Anjali appears n colours Surya ‘s cheeks . SuLie are shocked.

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