Imlie 28th Mar 2024 Written Updates & Daily Discussions Thread

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Episode begins with Imlie lashing out at the ladies who taunt her n humiliate her for being a widow who is remarried . They humiliate n shame her and taunt reddy family for selecting such a wife for their eligible  bachelor Surya  and shame Indira reddy for choosing such a girl .Indira reddy retorts back and Surya requests the guests to leave as they had humiliated the bride enough .

The guests leave after claiming humiliation. After the guests leave Imlie and Indira kaaki clash over the marriage to Surya. Indira kaaki humiliates Imlie . She asks Surya to make Imlie realise they were doing her a favour for letting her live here like bahu, for marrying her , for giving her so much respect .

Indira asks Alka she spoke too much in the party n was responsible for starting the fiasco that lead to Imlie’s insult . She asks it to make up for Surya and Imlie .

Imlie spots Hemlata Kaki secretly in the kitchen n appreciates her art . Hemlata speaks fondly about her love for dancing n her prizes , India comes n puts a stop to that saying she was now married n married ladies of respectable families dont dance . Wives should support their husbands after marriage . 
Nirmala and Malti decorate surhaag raat bedroom for Imlie n surya .

Imlie has a spat with Nirmala kaaki and Malti following which she feels humiliated she tries to contact Surya but failing which she packs her bags n leaves Reddy mansion.

Surya gets busy with police case . Upon his return to Reddy mansion his chacha ji takes up the responsibility of explaining to him the nuances of first night , advises him on how to conduct yourself before the bride , gives tips on having successful first night .

Surya for does not get the hint . But soon realise ps today was his SR. He feels awkward for Imlie  and goes looking for her , to everyone’s shock Imlie is no where in the house , Nirmala informs she was seen leaving with her bags .surya is shocked to find so many missed calls from Imlie .

Imlie is  seen sitting at an unknown place with her bags n trying to contact Surya .


Same as yesterday .
Surya notices Imlie crying in her bed n wipes her tears with his hanky . He feels sorry for her. Surya gets a call from his GF Anjali , informing him about her arrival at Purwaiya village , he rushes off to pick her up , looking worried . 

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