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Episode begins with Agasthya sharing with Sonali the secret of his dad Kunal’s locket , given to his mother Meera. Sonali assures she will help is unravelling the secret behind this locket. Agasthya hates everything that has anything to do with his mother . He remembers Meera’s last words before she went away and reluctantly places the locket in his locker . Dolly the maid servant is seen secretly noticing this act n informing someone .

At night the masked killer arrives and attempts to steals locket . Imlie is shocked to learn Agasthya possessed the locket that was dear to he Meera kaki . … as the fight between Masked killer and AgaLie  escalates he  demands the locket as well as Imlie ‘s life .

Agasthya throws the locket and tries to protect Imlie . 

Agasthya gets injured and Imlie gets shot near the eye .

Agasthya is very worried for Imlie’s life . Sonali tries to console n comfort him. 

Agasthya is seen taking care of unconscious Imlie at hospital.

Doctor informs a Imlie had lost lots of blood and needed blood transfusion. She has rare blood gp .. AB -ve . It was nit available in hospital they ask Agasthya to arrange the same . Vishwa states he has the same blood GP and and he was willing to donate blood . 

Vishwa is greatly relieved.

Soon Imlie is given blood n she is not more in danger , Agasthya is very thankful and grateful to Vishwa for his help .

Vishwa alerts Agasthya that some one was informing the killer about the location of the locket . He asks Agasthya to find out who was the mole in the family . Soon Agasthya and Vishwa catch Dolly passing inform action to someone regarding Imlie and Agasthya .

Dolly breaks down into tears and n shares that she was blackmailed into passing information,they threatened to kill her husband if she did not pass the information.

Agasthya and Vishwa both decide to rescue Dolly’s husband and nab the kidnapper . They have massive search in dilapidated building . Dolly sees the kidnapper’s face and before she can reveal the killer slashes her neck .

Her screams alert Agasthya and Vishwa , they are shocked to see the masked killer escape and Dolly fatally injured . Agasthya rushes Dolly to the hospital after rescuing her husband , Agasthya decides to hunt for the killer . Agasthya learns Vishwa was  in love with Imlie n feels sorry for him. He states Imlie loved only Agasthya and Vishwa has no chance to win Imlie’s heart but he might get pity from her . Vishwa feels angered .

While Agasthya is busy taking Dolly to hospital Vishwa kidnaps  Imlie from hospital, who has bandaged eyes . 

Imlie is furious with Vishwa for kidnapping her ,Moshe fights with him and he blurts out that he was in love with her , he did this to protect her from that choudhary family where she is getting attacked frequently.

Imlie argues and fights back despite having both eyes bandaged . Imlie escapes from Vishwa’s hideout and escapes .

She manages to reach phone booth and with great difficulty manages to call Agasthya . He assures he will rescue her n marry her the next day .

Imlie is shocked but Agasthya is very sure.

Vishwa nabs Imlie in the phone booth. He again ties her up n locks her up in his den . She demands Vishwa to get her wedding dress and mehendi 


Blindfolded Imlie is in bridal attire , maroon lehenga choli dupatta ,Moshe is wearing jewellery and has mehendi on her hands.

Agasthya is trying to rescue he from the clutches of kidnapper Vishwa.p they have a fierce clash .

Agasthaya asks Imlie to trust him and he grabs Imlie in his arms n jumps off a ?bridge ?

Vishwa screams for Imlie .

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