Imlie 22-23rd Jan 2024 Written Update & Daily Discussions Thread

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Episode begins with Agasthya pretending to Imlie that all this decorations were for Jugnu, the beautiful cake was for Jugnu . Agasthya forcibly stuffs some cake into Jugnu’s mouth n pretends it was for him. Imlie then notices pretty box in Agasthya’s pocket , she pulls it out n notices a pretty gold ring . She asks if this was for Jugnu. Requests him to give it to the person he got it for . Agasthya puts the ring away .

Meera is walking out of Choudhary niwas as she is scared that her identity will be exposed as Alka had guessed who she was n had glimpsed her face . Imlie stops Meera , but she is not complying . Agasthya comes and seeks her blessings for a very important work . Meera is unable to deny Agasthya’s request .

Agasthya proposes to Imlie in a very romantic manner in presence of the entire family n Meera.

Right then Alka arrives and exposes Meera of being Agasthya’s mother n his father Kunal’s killer .

She is exposed and thrown out of the house with vengeance. 

Imlie accompanies Meera , as she was her kaaki ma .

Sonali and Karan are tied together with ropes and held hostage by the blind guard of Singh Sweets old shop . They threaten to kill them . Bulbul who is trying to escape is caught n dumped with Sonali and Karan . Their shop was snatched by Kunal , their father . But he was killed by masked man . 

They all are trying to catch the masked killer who is their offender. 

Imlie and Meera reach the mandir where Meera is living . Imlie learns the truth from Kaaki. Kunal had extra marital affair with her , she was a bar singer n Kunal was smitten by her beauty n used her for be getting a son, he snatched away her son n dumped her . Kaaki learnt that he was a married man who had dumped her after using her she was heart broken by his betrayal. she went to Choudhary niwas to get her son back n live independently, to her horror masked man killed Kunal n escaped . Being present Meera was accused of murder n blamed n jailed . Soon she was proved innocent n released from jail. She was too upset n was going to suicide by drowning in the river , that’s when’s he found two angels ..Kairi and Meethu (Imlie) . She loved her life caring for them until,that masked killer was after her life . Meera decided to hand over Kairi and Imlie to their Pallavi Maami and hide . 

Soon the masked killer arrives and is about to kill Meera but Pujari ji intervenes n he gets killed . Meera and Imlie escape . 

Agasthya gets the news that the masked killer had killed Pujari ji of mandir . Agastya is worried for Imlie , he escorts Imlie and her kaaki to Choudhary niwas , the entire family is angry for getting that murderess back to this house . Imlie reveals the entire Kunal murder story but no one believes her , but for humanity’s sake they allow Meera to stay here until she recovers . Imlie nurses Meera and as soon as she recovers Imlie decides to accompany Kaaki as she was like her mother.

Imlie and Ameena are on one side pleading innocence in Kunal murder case . Alka accuses Meera of snatching away Kunal and destroying her happy married life . Imlie argues that it was Kunal who betrayed her n not the other way round . When Kunal was the o e who used Meera how can they blame Meera for this ? 

Imlie wants to leave Choudhary niwas but Agasthya does not want to leave Imlie alone as she was under threat by masked killer . Agasthya wants to accompany Imlie . Daadi is not ready to allow Agasthya to leave , she asks the family to forget past incidents , move on. She allows Meera to live in the guest house . 


Imlie and Agasthya and doing the roles of Satyavan savitri. Govind chachu in the role of Yamraj blesses Savitri with the life of her husband. 

One lady in the audience threatens danger on Imlie’s husband in real life . Imlie is shocked . 

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Posted: 2 months ago

So glad my Alka Babe burst out today bechari has suffered so much smiley28

Posted: 2 months ago

That new guy looks good with Sonali hope she marries him 


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