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Posted: 3 months ago

Let's share those underrated Bollywood movies that left you in awe and deserve more recognition!

I'll start off with Tumbadd, a cinematic gem I stumbled upon during the pandemic.

for those who haven't watched the movie, it's a period film set in a mysterious little village/town with such spine chilling, eerie vibes that even ghosts might think twice before haunting it. smiley34

Did it send shivers down my spine? yes. Creep me out? double yes. Leave me amazed and wowed simultaneously? absolutely.

The cinematography is nothing short of brilliant, and its creativity, casting, and execution are all a class apart. Tumbadd isn't just a movie, it's a work of art with a dark sense of humor that easily outshines the rest. 

Please share those cinematic gems that left an impression on you, even if they didn't make it big at the box office or weren't widely known. Drop 'em in the comments below!


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Posted: 3 months ago

The Lunchbox by Ritesh Batra

Perfect movie

I also love Dor which released in 2006

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Posted: 3 months ago

'Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year' (2009): Directed by Shimit Amin 

'Talvar' (2015): Directed by Meghna Gulzar

'Manorama Six Feet Under' (2007): Directed by Navdeep Singh

'I Am' (2010): An anthology film directed by Onir

'Stanley Ka Dabba' (2011): Directed by Amole Gupte

Loved them all.

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Posted: 3 months ago

'Johnny Gaddaar' (2007), 'Udaan' (2010), 'Masaan' (2015), 'Lootera' (2013): 

'A Wednesday!' (2008)

These are some more underrated gems which I thouroughly enjoyed, especially Masaan

Masaan is a must-watch

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Posted: 3 months ago

Rocket Singh

Do duni chaar

Khonsla ka ghonsla


Table no 21

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Posted: 3 months ago

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Posted: 3 months ago

In whatever one or two movies I watched in last 2 years, I did find "Chhichhore" very underrated, what an inspiring message it has in the climax! Would like to see more and more such movies from BW! 

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Posted: 3 months ago

In addition to some already mentioned , I find these good as well as under rated :

Anthony Kaun Hai

Kabul Express



Darna Mana Hai

Dum Maaro Dum

Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local



Dum Maaro Dum





Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola


Inkar (new one)




Monica Darling

In case any of the ^movie was not actually under-rated , minus that from list . Besides , there are movies I am not sure enough either way so din't mentioned eg. Ugly , Madras Cafe etc. Also , I haven't watched all the movies post 2000 so there can be movies I might have found good as well as are under rated if watched .

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Posted: 3 months ago

Shanghai. This mind blowing song lead me to that movie and whatta masterpiece.🙌 Multiple exceptional performances backed by a good story and amazing screenplay. It deserved so much better than just getting lost like this.smiley18

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Posted: 3 months ago

Watched Thai massage yesterday. Absolutely loved it—super funny and heartwarming. And oh, Tumbbad is just mind-blowing, the cinematography is top-notch!