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A legacy of Excellence: Honoring Our IF culture on Foundation Day

Happy 20th anniversary! 

Two Decades of Our Success Story.


Twenty years ago, on this day, our tireless crusader Vijay announced his arrival by saying that he is gifting a comfy nest for visiting viewers to chat about their favorite serials!

smiley10Thus, the journey of our India forums started.smiley10

Then countless members descended with innumerable ideas to share, to mingle, to care, and ultimately to merge into this IF family. smiley4

Opportunities do not occur. You have to create those!!

With great effort, he surrounded himself with highly efficient and dependable staff and the DT Team. 

He started his journey with a vision. 

 He surmounted numerous challenges while developing this website and was victorious as a result of his hard work. 

Jayshree (GM) is a pillar of support for Vijay, a silent worker who has made significant contributions to the development of IF since its inception. 

Vijay and Jaya,smiley27Your vision and dedication have led us to this point of distinction.

smiley10 I wish you both many more successful years ahead!smiley32


On December 9th, 2003, at around 6.24 AM, an interesting article called 'General Discussion Forum: Jassi Jassi Koi Nahin.' appeared in one of the online sites!

It's Vijay's first post, which marked the arrival of a new star in the interactive cosmos! 

That post's first line:The first few scenes are from Jassi's point of view. We can't see her, but we can see how the rest of the world perceives her.

Desire is the starting point of all achievements!smiley10

 See this young man's eagerness to explore the world with a welcome blog called IF. It's now a second home for Millions of Members

The progression of a future story

Red Carpet GIFs | TenorBalloons mini graphics

20th anniversary ribbon logo with colorful rays of light Stock Vector by  ©ariefpro 113099494

As we honor 20 years of excellence, we express our heartfelt gratitude to all who have contributed to our success. Cheers to the future!

Congratulations, Vijay, on reaching another milestone. Happy Foundation Day to our incredible India Forums! 

Party smileys

 May our IF continue to be a hub of creativity and inspiration for our future. 

I'd like to wish each and every IF member a happy 20th anniversary! 

It's been an incredible journey, and we're excited to see what the future holds.  Cheers to many more wonderful years! 

Cheering Clapping GIF - Cheering Clapping Crowd - Discover & Share GIFs

Dear Memberssmiley10

IF was created for you, for me, and for all of us!smiley27  To share, to care, to continue the conversations, and to maintain our friendly interactions!

We are grateful to you for gifting us the India Forums.

smiley10Congratulations on another successful year! Vijay Babu! smiley27


Spread More Love Emote - PLZ by a-kid-at-heartA big thanks to our Administrator from the 'Millions Of IF Members!!' Spread More Love Emote - PLZ by a-kid-at-heart

Best wishes to each and every participating Member, and Salutations to all our hardworking  Staff and DT members.  Stars GIFs - Get the best gif on GIFER

namaskar-hand-png-good-day-nepal-excursion-476 – Digital Haradhan


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Looking Back and Moving Forward: Listen to Vijay's proven success mantra.

Vijay's love for IF is immense; he nurtured it like his baby! That's why, for all of us, Vijay is synonymous  with   Caring  Loving Calm  Hardworking  Loyal Trustworthy  Responsible  Matured Good Listener Lovely Bhai, and most of all, a Gift to India-forums.com! 

Mr. Vijay Bhatter, the founder and owner of India Forums, is recently interviewed by Sutapasima.

As you can see from our constant interactions, active debates, latest celebrity blogs, and newly introduced, exciting features, India-Forums is rapidly growing and reaching new heights!

Many people are now looking to India-Forums for the secret formula for success!

Vijay prefers to keep a low profile, but he consented to give us an interview.  Dear members, enjoy reading and let us know what you think about the interview!

smiley27Let us begin our quest to learn more about our Vijaysmiley10



Sutapa :Qs #1 What inspired you to create India Forums, and what challenges did you confront in the early stages?

Vijay : The inspiration for India Forums was to bridge the gap between the Indian television industry and its global audience, fostering interaction and feedback. We started in December 2003 as a blog on 'Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahi', providing a much-needed democratic platform for TV viewers to voice their opinions. The initial challenge was creating a community beyond the limitations of Yahoo groups at that time. We focused on making the platform accessible, allowing users to adapt to the idea of a community centered around their favorite Indian TV shows. The goal was to create a space for fans to discuss, debate, and connect, which we achieved through perseverance and innovation.


Sutapa :Qs # 2 Who are your primary competitors, and what distinguishes IF from other competitors' offerings?

Vijay: India Forums operates in a space with various competitors, from general social media platforms to niche forums. What sets us apart is our focused approach on Indian entertainment, a dedicated team structure including moderators, content creators, and social media managers, and our commitment to high-quality, engaging content. Our unique selling point is the integration of discussion platform plus news content, such as celebrity interviews and segments, which enriches the user experience and sets us apart from other platforms.


Sutapa :Qs #3 What is the secret of India-Forums' enormous success?

Vijay : The success of India Forums can be largely attributed to a combination of strategic first-mover advantage, continuous innovation, and, most importantly, our loyal audience. Our community members have not only been with us over the years but have also developed a deep sense of belonging and connection within the platform. Many have formed lasting friendships and strong bonds through their shared interests in Indian entertainment, making India Forums more than just a discussion forum – it's a vibrant community where relationships are nurtured. This sense of community is a testament to our success, as it reflects the level of engagement and attachment our members have with the platform.

Coupled with our team’s dedication, which spans from moderation to content creation and social media management, we have succeeded in creating a dynamic, engaging, and beloved online community that continues to grow and evolve with the changing digital landscape.


Sutapa :Qs #4How many people work in India-Forums, and how would you characterize the company's culture?

Vijay :At India Forums, our team is a dynamic blend of dedicated community contributors and professional employees. Community contributors, who volunteer their time and skills, are the heartbeat of our platform. They bring passion and a deep understanding of our audience's needs, enriching our community with their commitment. Our professional employees, with their specialized skills and expertise, complement these efforts, driving innovation and strategic growth.

This synergy between community contributors and our professional team fosters a culture of collaboration and mutual respect. We value the diverse backgrounds and perspectives that each individual brings, whether they are contributing on a volunteer basis or as part of our professional cadre. This diversity fuels creativity and ensures a well-rounded approach to community engagement, content development, and platform management.

We are deeply committed to nurturing a culture where everyone feels valued and empowered. Providing an environment that encourages both personal and professional growth is a priority, contributing to our high team morale and low attrition rates. This unique composition of passionate community contributors and skilled professionals is what makes India Forums a vibrant, innovative, and inclusive community for Indian entertainment enthusiasts.


Vijay Bhatter

Rapid fire round 

Sutapa Qs#1 Please tell us which of the initial moderator teams is your favorite.

Vijay :Each moderator team has been unique and contributed immensely. It's challenging to pick a favorite, as all have played a pivotal role at different stages of IF's journey.

Sutapa Qs #2 Which veteran members of the DT did you miss the most?

Vijay :It's hard to single out individuals, as so many veteran DT members have left a lasting impact. Their dedication and spirit are deeply missed.

Sutapa Qs #3 In the India Forums, who was your first DT member?
Vijay :The first DT member holds a special place in our history. They set the standard for moderation and community engagement that others have followed.

Sutapa Qs#4 When was your DT squad the largest since the dawn of IF?

Vijay : Our DT squad was largest around 2012 (maybe), reflecting our growth and the expanding needs of our diverse forums.

Sutapa Qs #5 How many members of the DT have you met in person at the IF office so far?
Vijay::I've had the pleasure of meeting a handful of DT members in person. Each meeting has been a memorable and enriching experience. Srividya, Priya Nair, S. Priya, Koeli.

Sutapa Qs 6 Which forum staged the first fan war, and who dealt with it?
Vijay: The first fan war occurred in 2004 - 2005 between 2 different Jassi fan groups. It was a learning experience in handling conflicts and walking the tight rope 🙂 

Speech GIF - Find on GIFER

Sutapa Qs #7 How keen were members to participate in competitions such as Voice of India Forums, OS/FF/Poems contests, and Banner Contests in the beginning?

Vijay :Initially, member participation in competitions like Voice of IF and banner contests was enthusiastic. It's been inspiring to see their creativity and engagement. Siggies, Banners, Fan Fictions and now various games we have on IF.

Sutapa Qs #8 Please tell us which show had the first Banner Contest.

Vijay :Well it's now 20 years.. so it's hard to recollect. As initial set of banners were done by me to show the idea. However, I was very happy to learn that members made detailed tutorials around it and many learned Photoshop and other design tools so that they can participate in the contest, and it encouraged creativity and engagement within the community.

Sutapa Qs # 9 Who do you frequently seek advice from to solve IF problems?

Vijay :Running India-Forums for 20 years has been an incredible learning journey, shaping the principles I follow today. I've learned that it's important to acknowledge that I might not always be right and to understand that people may not always react as expected. Communication is essential in any community, especially one as diverse as ours. Another key lesson is realizing that it's impossible to please everyone, but we strive to create a balanced and respectful environment. When faced with challenges, I often turn to our Development Team. Discussing ideas with them and gaining their diverse perspectives is invaluable. This collaborative approach, honed over two decades, ensures effective problem-solving and considers a variety of viewpoints, which is fundamental for the healthy evolution of our forum.

Sutapa Qs #10 What inspires you more, music or books?
Vijay : Both music and books are inspiring in their own ways.Music : A.R. Rehman - Albums like Taal / Bombay / Roja

Book: The Magic Of Thinking Big / Atomic Habits

Sutapa Qs #11 Is blue your all-time favourite colour ?

Vijay :Well may be in the past I must have said blue but over the years I would say that favorite colour is actually RED. Perhaps it's because red symbolizes passion, energy, and dynamism, qualities that resonate deeply with me both personally and professionally. Red is a colour that stands out, commands attention, and represents the vibrancy and zeal that I strive to bring to my work at India Forums and in other aspects of my life.

Sutapa Qs #12 Finally, we'd like to know: Which India-Forums' accomplishments are you most proud of and cherish?

Vijay : I'm particularly proud of how IF has grown into a vibrant community. Our ability to adapt and remain relevant in the ever-changing digital landscape is something I cherish deeply.

Thank you, Vijay, for taking the time to share some of your plans, accomplishments, and interests with all of us.

No description available.

And a special mention from Vijay: he wants to thank everyone on the forum, as India-Forums would be nothing without ALL of YOU!
And yeah, keep an eye on the member count, as we are on our way to 3360000+


Credits Madhuri and Sutapa

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A simple thought laid the foundation for this ever-changing IF!


India Forums: An Ode To The Human Spirit

The journey of IF is our story—pre-IF, present-IF, and future-IF. India Forums has introduced numerous innovative ways to express ourselves.

 IF transformed the fabric of our interactive skills in a fascinating way. It is an ode to the human spirit.

Vijay's zeal for continuous improvisation for a comfortable journey for us made this place so special.

 The transition from planting to fruition, IF has gifted you a creative you! IF has shown you how to showcase your hidden talent! 

Our IF has evolved into a triumphant twenty-year-old now, raring to race towards millions of members in order to make them happy. 

Over the years, IF has progressed from existence to excellence, from expansive expressiveness to compassionate sharing.

Welcome friends. A new world was born on December 9, 2003. Cheers began to come in the form of members, and they keep on coming!

Each member represents a world within themselves—a world that may or may not exist until we reach here! I believe that everyone has a story to share. 

Blowing Birthday Candles Picture - Emoji Animated Gif, Glitter Image -  Animated Image Pic

smiley27Make a wish, blow out the candles, and let us celebrate another year of our association.smiley41

IF is a place where friendship thrives, lovely memories are made, and cheer never fades!smiley27

From the first day to the present, the IF's stalwarts, veterans, and DT members  have played a vital part in preparing the path for our IF's future. smiley27

However, foundation day is the ideal time to recollect the glorious past, enjoy the present, and prepare for the future.

IF is a technological fair, an interactive process. Let us dig into the anthology of India forums to learn more about our progressive past, which led us towards these ongoing futuristic pursuits based on trust, integrity, honesty, and human dignity in this journey. 

I wish IF more success, advancement, and a bright future! I feel privileged to be here on this special day.  

You have exceeded our expectations as our administrator, and we are grateful to you, Vijay. Best wishes for the future and continuous progress!

This is a celebration of 20 years of collaboration, cooperation, and companionship.  IF has gone through enormous growth. It is a great transition from a nascent kid to a magnificent youth with monumental progress.  

From the first anniversary to the twenty-first year, Vijay always loves to celebrate a million dreams of togetherness with the same childlike enthusiasm. smiley27

Through this IF website, you're cheering a community, Vijay.smiley32

As you rightly mentioned,- 99%  of members are naturally friendly and helpful.--- This IF community is dedicated to loving, sharing, learning, smiling, caring, forgiving, laughing, hugging, helping, questioning, and healing members forever. 

smiley32A big shout-out to Vijay & Jayshree from the 'Millions Of IF Members!!' smiley27

Crowd Stobe GIF - Crowd Stobe Flash - Discover & Share GIFs | Flash  animation, Crowd, Gif

We would like to express our gratitude to all our veteran members who worked diligently to develop the IF in its early stages  to make it a user-friendly global platform.

A past scene  

from the ongoing success story.....

With angelic smiles, a few selected members entered the corridors of IF as the Development Team, as naturally as a summer breeze. 

They are the pride of our community, the best of us, and you could see their hard work through their relentless efforts to turn this forum into a buzzing conversation hub.

It requires grit and grace to turn hysterical moments into historic events, and our DT Team has done this through assiduity and dedication.

 With the help of the hardworking team and the countless ventures, India Forums will continue to grow. As it continues to grow, it will continue to give us more cherishable memories

  Our past is a preamble to the present excellent state of affairs.

Our Moderators / Development Team believe in immersive learning and follow a creative approach. They used their initial hiccups and stress as their creative force to give shape to the India forums, which we are felicitating today. 

With a multidisciplinary approach, they designed new rules to initiate and channelize the best conversations in every forum. 

Our pathmakers defined unity in diversity, which is  more applaudable than forced uniformity.smiley32 

But at the same time, unity in adversity is very much necessary; they defined it meticulously.smiley32 

Salutations to all our veterans and pioneers of our India Forums for brightening our IF world. They are the charming gardeners who made our souls blossom.

    Felicitations to all IF Members and hardworking IF Staff as we open a new chapter TODAY.

smiley10The 21st chapter of the success story

 of India Forumssmiley32

20th Birthday Cheers in Red White and Black Patterns (1571886)

Nursing Clio Writing My Dissertation, A gif Odyssey

smiley10A Legacy of Interactions and Friendships: Celebrating Our IF Foundation Day Today.smiley41


Behhz tytułu | Flowers gif, Gif background, Flowers

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Vijay introduces his site to members more than 19 yrs back,

 Wednesday, Jul 28, 2004 

Originally posted by vijay

Thanks Heyeon... so nice of you. http://www.cyberax.net



Thank you so much Dear Vijay, for giving us this home called IF. Many of us live here and love it.  

We are so grateful to you and your technical team for all that you do selflessly for this site, it is tremendous hard work. Loving all your improvements and additions to the site. 

Taking feedbacks from members and sorting out their issues is a very healthy aspect of this site. Loads of appreciation for you and your hardworking team from all of us always. Lets take a moment to appreciate the updates over the last one year.


Members are requested to take a look at the updates done over last 2 yrs .

Updates two yrs back https://www.indiaforums.com/forum/post/159648695

Updates one yr back https://www.indiaforums.com/forum/post/162293617

New Updates in General Forum


Showing country

Our site has members from all over the world. Users are welcome to update their resident country on their profile.

The country flag will show on their user panel on Forum Posts / Hover Card.

Opting for this feature  would start showing your current Country on the right of your username on Forum Posts, Forum Post Likes, User Profile, PM etc.

This is an optional feature. Members can opt out.

Only logged in members can view this. 


Online Members List Display

A simple page which shows the different Ladder and Non-Ladder groups and number of members in that group has been created. 

It also shows the number of posts required to reach that level.
A page which addresses this is created: 
India Forums User Groups

This page has more details on the different User groups and the benefits one gets on moving up the ladder.


Group PM and Group Reply Feature

Newly introduced a Group PM and group reply to all option feature . 

So that when we reply to the PM group we get the option of "Reply All".

 An  "Opt Out" option to Group PM has been added , if you are part of the chain PM and want to opt out of it.


Badges for Visit Streak

Visit Streak badges awarded to members for continuous daily visits to the forum. 

30, 90, 180, 365 500, 750 and1000 days visit streak.




Display Gender

Introducing an option to  allow members to update the gender information in the profile and it would show the same in their user info panel on their post or hover card.This will be completely optional if someone don't want to share. At times we presume the gender of the user wrong and it can get awkward when we address them wrongly. So to solve this its better to declare it.


Improved Notification Pop up features

Notifications popup has a way to differentiate between Read/Unread  ones.

 Keep it bold if it's unread.

And from the Notification page one can set multiple notifications as Read / Unread.


Additional feature in Tagging system: Tagging buddies 

In order to make tagging easier on Forum Posts, the Tag Buddies / Friends is enabled, for easier selection. How we have it in New Private Message page.

This feature can add Buddies who have visited the site in the last 1-2 months.


New feature in Tagging system: Tagging while editing post

In the earlier system once the post was made we cannot tag any user while editing the post.This was done so that people cannot add / remove users once tagged as we cannot remove the notifications once sent. However there are times when we are posting and we may have forgotten to use the tag user feature. 

So to solve that we have enabled users to add tags in edit post if there are no tagged user in that post.


New Feature of Reaction Emoticons to PM

Enabled the option to react on PMs just the way we have on Forum posts. The sender can see the same directly from their Inbox (receiver) / Outbox (sender) page without the need to go inside the PM to see the reaction. 

👍🏻 ❤️ 🤩 😂 😲 😢 😡


Feature to stop loss of posts when facing timeout of session

Many times when the user is on a page longer than 20 minutes to type the message and when they make the post it gets Error 500. This is happening cause the session time out leading to losing out the whole message.This feature is a way to redirect the user to the post page without losing the message. So that they can attempt to post it again. 


More options to help Forgotten passwords

Earlier there was only one way to retrieve forgotten password and that was through email.In order to give more option to retrieve forgotten password additional options to reset account password has been added:

a) Enable SMS option.

b) Alternate Email Option

c) Add 2 Security Questions which only the user knows.

This should reduce user accounts getting abandoned due to

 forgot password / emails 


More Incentives for Posting Comments 

In order to incentivise users to share their opinion via comments on FanFictions / Articles / Videos / Photos / Quiz etc. the following changes have been made:

a) Comment Count shows similar to Post Count.

b) Group Promotion is now on combined total of Post Count + Comment Count. So now your comment is counted for your comments on articles / videos / fanfic etc. 

c) The comment count shows on User Profile page, User Hover Card, also.

d) In badges page we will highlight how many comments required to reach the next badge level.


Display Members Online

We have some fantastic updates to share with you. We are thrilled to introduce a brand-new feature that will enhance your Forum experience –

 "Members Currently Online."
When you visit our Forum section, you'll notice a dynamic new section that displays the members who are currently active on the site within the last 20 minutes. This feature will help you connect with fellow members easily, and foster a sense of community like never before.


Display Names Feature

We're thrilled to announce a new feature that brings India Forums closer to the global standards of social media platforms hyas been added. 

Members have the option to set a Display Name.

A Display Name is different from your username. It's a name that appears on your profile, comments, and posts, allowing you to showcase your identity in a more personalized manner. Its the name that you'd use on other social media platforms!


Introducing Threaded Conversations in PM

Streamlined Communication Made Easy!

We have introduced threaded conversations within the PM system, similar to how Gmail groups emails. This new feature aims to simplify and streamline your discussions, making it easier than ever to follow the entire PM chain. this is to emphasize the importance of maintaining context and ensuring seamless communication, particularly when multiple participants are involved.


Reset Password Criteria Feature

We have fixed the long withstanding glitch in the reset password page that was causing trouble for some of our users who were trying to put simple passwords which was not compatible with our password policy and thus getting an error. This must have been very frustrating and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Our password policy is designed to ensure that your passwords are strong and secure. 

Password Policy:

  • Password must have at least 8 characters
  • Password must contain at least one digit
  • Password must contain at least one uppercase letter
  • Password must have at least one special character


Display area More Spaceous

There has been an increase the default display area height by 100 pixels. This means that you have more space to view and interact with posts on the forum. 😊


Siggy Box Gets More Spaceous

A new feature is implemebted that allows members to showcase up to three signatures instead of the earlier limit of one. However, please note that there are limitations based on your membership level. Groupbie members are limited to one image in their signature, while Senior Members are allowed to have up to two images. Goldie and above members have the privilege of displaying up to three images in their signature. The signatures are randomized, and only one will be shown per post, adding some variety to the forum.


Increased Topics Per Page

First up, we've updated the Topic List Page to display 30 topics per page instead of the previous 20. This allows for easier navigation and lets you scan through more topics at a glance.


Private Forum Feature

So going forward we now have 2 types of Forums namely:

 Public Forums and Private Forums.

  • Public Forum doesn't require users to join the Forum to make a post. This is how we have in the current setup. It continues to work the way we have it currently. DT members moderates the same and is indexable by search engines.
  • Private Forum requires members to join the forum before they can post on the forum. Forum Creator / Manager (moderator) primarily manages this forum. They control who they allow / disallow in their forum. Forum Creator can appoint other joined member as Forum Manager to help them manage that forum.


Highlighting the search results

The search box to search for certain words or phrases in a particular topic is a wonderful idea

Now search result is highlighted in yellow colour the results.


Showing TRP of Shows in the ChaskaMeter section

We are now displaying the Television Rating Points (TRP) next to the shows that we have available on our forum. This will give you a better idea of the popularity of each show and help you make more informed choices.

We hope these updates improve your experience on our forum. As always, we value your feedback and encourage you to let us know what you think of these changes.



Updates In Fan Fiction Sections



Amended rules for fan fictions



Introduced Story Rating System

Story Ratings System is introduced (similiar to how movies have General / PG / R etc) so that user have a clear idea on level of the story.

Current rating is: 

G (general audiences) 

M (mature audiences / 13+)

R (restricted, no children under 17 allowed)

X (no one under 21 admitted and would require to update their profile with 

Date of Birth).


Fan Fictions: Highlighted Options

More option added to the Fanfiction homepage to highlight:

a) Recent Additions

b) Popular Fan fictions


Create a new FF from their Own Dashboards

FF writers  have been provided an option to create a new fan fiction from their own dashboards. The writers need not have to go to the fanfiction section and find the green button. 

The button is prominently displayed when we check our fanfictions on our dashboard. 
Also, the existing button is more visible in the fanfiction section.


Newly Introduced Delink Feature

Newly introduced Delink feature where a FanFiction can be delinked with the original Topic Thread so that it can be migrated again as a different FanFiction.

This option will only be available to FanFiction Editors only.


Introduction of more filters in FF section search option

We now Have more filters in Fan Fiction so that we can see stories based on their status like Ongoing / Completed.

Basically a better search.


FanFiction Pages Get Current Rating

We have updated the FanFiction pages where we are now showing the current Rating. 

We have chosen 4 different colors.

G - Green

M - Yellow

- Orange

X - Red



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India Forums on X: "To send gifts for your favorite actor(s), check out the  link below: https://t.co/3KhMYqehfL http://t.co/nQe97RP8LL" / X

Friends, I have a surprise for you. Have you ever imagined that a few years ago, renowned TV stars sent their best wishes and messages to our India forums? 

Here it is >>>Have a glance smiley4

Hindi Tv

Happy Birthday India-Forums

India-Forums turns 7 years old today, and here are some of the TV actors sharing their thoughts on the site and wishing it many more years of success..

Published: Friday, Dec 10, 2010, 1:55 AM GMT+11


defaultLogoView Profile

Happy Birthday India-Forums


Yes, today India-Forums.com is celebrating its seventh birthday, and what could be better than getting wishes from our own stars? But along with that, we thought of popping up a few questions about what they think about India-Forums after it has completed its seven-year journey with them.

So, here we go:

Hina Khan:Happy Birthday India-Forums

The first three things that come to your mind when you think of India-Forums: Latest updates, current ranking, gossips and masalas

The best thing about India-Forums: It is really updated and the viewers read and post comments and mail their views which I keep checking.

The one thing that you would like India-Forums to change: My picture (laughs)

Do you think India-Forums has helped you reach out to your fans in a better way?: Yes of course, because we get to know what the people like about us, and they even comment on the attire that we are wearing and also the jewellery.

India-Forums is completing 7 years of connecting celebs to their audiences. What's your message at this happy juncture? All the best to India-Forums, I wish it reaches all the heights and celebrates glorious 100 years in the future with lots and lots of people in it, who are updated regularly.

Jay Soni

Happy Birthday India-Forums

The first three things that come to your mind when you think of India-Forums: Quick, gossips, truth

The best thing about India-Forums: The forum is very sweet and does not contain unnecessary gossips that upset the stars. India-Forums is accurate in that regard as they confirm a particular news and then only publishes it.

The one thing that you would like India-Forums to change: There is nothing to change in it.

Do you think India-Forums has helped you reach out to your fans in a better way? Yes definitely because it is my habit now to check India-Forums daily before going to bed to know what else is happening in the industry other than my show.

India-Forums is completing 7 years of connecting celebs to their audiences. What's your message at this happy juncture? I wish all the best and continue the way you are and may God shower his blessing on you.


Happy Birthday India-Forums

The first three things that come to your mind when you think of India-Forums: The interactive sport, creativity and honest viewers and writers

The best thing about India-Forums: The forum is very exact and it provides a platform wherein people interact. The forum sticks to facts and they provide open opinions from people.

The one thing that you would like India-Forums to change: I think there is nothing to change

Do you think India-Forums has helped you reach out to your fans in a better way? Yes obviously, because it has provided an opportunity to reach a much bigger audience.

India-Forums is completing 7 years of connecting celebs to their audiences. What's your message at this happy juncture? It is an awesome place to be in and continue it in the honest way.

Karan Grover:Happy Birthday India-Forums

The first three things that come to your mind when you think of India-Forums: Times of India online, accurate news and entertaining

The best thing about India-Forums: The best thing about the forum is that it is a worldwide net and people can access it from anywhere, any time and any minute. It publishes only 'true gossips' and gives only positive vibes to people including the actors. Also this is a forum where mind sharing happens and facts are spoken.

The one thing that you would like India-Forums to change: India-Forums I could have India-Forums as a separate application on mobile phones like Facebook and Orkut, it would have been great because it will then become a part of your everyday life.

Do you think India-Forums has helped you reach out to your fans in a better way? A lot! Because I am active on Facebook and I have fans from London, Canada and Middle East who are net savvy and get regular updates of mine from India-Forums.

India-Forums is completing 7 years of connecting celebs to their audiences. What's your message at this happy juncture? A very happy Birthday to India-Forums and it is a well deserved Birthday.

Yami Gautam:

Happy Birthday India-Forums

The first three things that come to your mind when you think of India-Forums: Appreciation from viewers

The best thing about India-Forums: This is a channel through which the actors can connect with the audience

The one thing that you would like India-Forums to change: It is just perfect the way it is and I request you to maintain that but there are certain issues like the linkups and gossips that cannot be avoided in this industry.

Do you think India-Forums has helped you reach out to your fans in a better way? Definitely, because whenever I read the suggestions and comments, I feel amazed that the audience notices things that are really minute and we never bother to notice. And after that I really do convey it to the team, but whether they take it up or not, never lie with me.  

India-Forums is completing 7 years of connecting celebs to their audiences. What's your message at this happy juncture? I wish India-Forums all the very best and I love the young and peppy nature of it and keep up the good work.

Shaleen Bhanot:

Happy Birthday India-Forums

The first three things that come to your mind when you think of India-Forums:  'India', the hyphen '-'and 'Forums'

The best thing about India-Forums: It is a fantastic place where the fans get to know about their favourite stars and interact with them. It is a non commercialized site, very easy and acceptable, wherein every star is able to smoothly access their fans and it is.

The one thing that you would like India-Forums to change: I do not like to change anything in it because I think that India-Forums is one of the first sites to happen specifically for the television

Do you think India-Forums has helped you reach out to your fans in a better way?  Of course and I do keep in touch with them. I came to know about my international fans through this forum and I am thankful for that. Since I am very bad at names, I cannot remember all, but I remember a fan of mine called Mango (Manjot), I guess she is from London, who always sends me cards (hard copy) and calls too. And through the discussion forum we keep interacting.

India-Forums is completing 7 years of connecting celebs to their audiences. What's your message at this happy juncture? I wish them All The Best and another 70 years with all up gradation with TV and internet and keep going with the same speed and pace.

Rubina Dilaik:

Happy Birthday India-Forums

The first three things that come to your mind when you think of India-Forums: Spicy, tangy and enjoyable

The best thing about India-Forums: A space where people are free to talk and discuss and there is liberalization which emphasizes on the promptness.

The one thing that you would like India-Forums to change: There is nothing that I suggest to change because for me the forum has been smooth and I really enjoy it.

Do you think India-Forums has helped you reach out to your fans in a better way? Yes of course, because the forum helps me updated about various topics that I have missed and the viewers and their views really amaze me with their comments

India-Forums is completing 7 years of connecting celebs to their audiences. What's your message at this happy juncture? Keep Rocking and also I would like to request the members to keep commenting without thinking because you guys comment from your heart.

Karan WahiHappy Birthday India-Forums

The first three things that come to your mind when you think of India-Forums: Facts, good and bad

The best thing about India-Forums: India-Forums is a mediator and a liaison agent between the stars and the audience wherein we could really know what the audience think about us, not only in the country but around the world. Hence it is a global site.

The one thing that you would like India-Forums to change: There are certain issues and gossips which are a part of you in this industry that cannot be avoided. The Ranking is a really good idea from the point of view of an actor but when it comes to the fans it is completely different and personal. 

There was an instance when I crossed the ranking of a particular actor and I got really very bad comments from his fans. Because of this there are a lot of fights and serious issues happening in the forum. Hence the ranking can be careful in that regard.

Do you think India-Forums has helped you reach out to your fans in a better way? Definitely, because when the news was out that I was to enter Dill Mill Gaye I got a lot of mails, messages and comments from the fans that they are really excited about it.

India-Forums is completing 7 years of connecting celebs to their audiences. What's your message at this happy juncture? I wish India-Forums a very happy birthday and wish the team all success.

These were the views of telly actors on India-Forums. On this happy occasion, we would like to thank all the stars who gave their comments, everyone from the television industry for all the updates they provide and most importantly our dear members and viewers for all their comments and suggestions that made us what we are today.


Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan


Thank you Saranya Valsarajan from all the members of IF. smiley27


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Congrats to IF on 20 years! Congrats Vijay and everyone!

Posted: 2 months ago

Congratulations to the whole team… this is a big achievement and honestly I really feel happy to be a part of this community and development. 

Posted: 2 months ago

Congratulations everyone, a proud occasion!!smiley40

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