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India Forums is the largest online repository of Indian Fan fiction. From Fanfictions on TV shows to Bollywood movies to Mythology to original stories and poems, you will find the best of fiction by Indian authors here.

India Forums remains primarily a family friendly site and therefore our guidelines are tailored keeping in mind the different ages and mindsets of the members.

Fiction posted on India Forums is open to all Members and while we offer creative liberty to authors, we also recognize the responsibility we & you, as authors, share for the content you post on here. 

Our FF section is designed to be more user-friendly and allows you to adhere to rules by correctly using our Book features.

While you are still welcome to post your stories on the forums you are active on, please bear in mind that forums operate on separate guidelines that are different from those in the FF section, especially in regard to posting Adult content. 


Although the following blanket rules will apply in the forums too, since Mature content is more strictly regulated across India Forums, we advise you to to contact individual forum moderators for further clarification.

Please note that X-rated stories are allowed ONLY in the FF section

We strictly prohibit members from posting 18+ stories in other forums.

If your story is deemed X-rated, you must migrate it to the FF section and apply said rating.

Please note your fiction can be reported for explicit content in any forum and the mods are free to close your thread without prior notice or ask you to migrate it to the FF section.

If your fiction has been posted in/ migrated to FF section and is reported/ we decide it's inappropriately rated, we reserve the right to change it to the correct rating or ask the author to do so.


(for stories published on or after June 20, 2022)


All writers must add a Maturity rating to their story.

In the FF section, this can be done from the automatic drop-down menu. In the forums, you will have to mention it prior to each chapter.

Note that the maturity rating could change with each chapter depending on its content. In this case, the story overall should have the highest age rating given to any chapter. 

For eg: If Chapter 1 of your story is rated G for General Audiences and Chapter 15 is rated X for 18+ audiences, then your story will also be rated 18+ overall.

Also note that the FF section does not allow ratings for each chapter, other than marking it ‘Mature' at present. So, you must rate the story overall in the first page of your book.

Bear in mind that any story migrated from a forum to the FF section will bear the default rating of ‘G’. Please change the rating to the appropriate one immediately after you migrate.

If your story is found to be inappropriately rated or is reported for inappropriate content, you could be liable for a warning/ FFE note asking you to edit the content and your story will be placed in ‘Draft’ mode until you have done the needful.

Ratings are decided based on content as well as any potential triggers in the story/ chapter.

Note: The FF section still reflects the older age-based rating of 17+ for R rating and 21+ for X rating. Please be patient while our tech team works on modifying this.

  • (G): General Audiences: Accessible to all members as well as non-members. 

Open unrestricted to the public means the theme of the fiction is family-friendly with no triggers and no nudity/ sex/violence.

Trigger Warnings: None  (though you may add them if you feel the need)

Content Warnings: None

  • (M): Mature Audiences: Accessible to members who are 13+. 

Equivalent to Parental Guidance. This includes theme suitable to Young Adults or teens

Trigger Warnings: Mild TWs are accepted like mentions (without detailed descriptions) of death/ grief/ drugs/ violence/medical-illness/ mental-health-issue/ murder/ kidnapping/ bullying/ eating-disorders/ trauma/ abuse/ miscarriage etc. (eg. Harry Potter series, twilight saga).

Content warnings can include mild closed-door sex, kissing, non-sexually oriented nudity, swearing with bleeps (grawlixes)

  • (R): Restricted: Accessible to members who are 16+.

These fictions can have adult themes, adult activity, mild swearing, nudity and euphemistically described open-door sex scenes (not explicit), drug abuse, death etc in moderate levels.

Trigger Warnings will be at Moderate levels for Death-of-a-Character/ medical-illness/ mental-health-issue/ murder/kidnapping/ bullying/eating-disorders/ trauma/ abuse/ miscarriage etc. (eg. Fault in our stars, Hobbit) 

Content warnings will also be at moderate levels with no explicit descriptions of genitalia or graphic descriptions of sex or sexual activity.

  • (X) Explicit: Only for readers/members who are 18+. 

Trigger warnings: Extreme TWs shall be posted under this category. 

Trigger Warnings like suicide-ideation/ self-harm/ drug-usage/ trafficking/rape/ molestation/ prostitution/ domestic-violence/child-abuse-or-neglect etc. 

Content  warnings: Detailed scenes of violence, nudity, sex and swearing is allowed. 


Triggers refer to such content that could be potentially distressing or traumatic for a reader. Please note this refers to only content that is permissible. Prohibited content will not be allowed, so please check Section 4 before posting your story.

We have no way of determining how the content you write will impact someone who reads it & it’s our responsibility to safeguard the mental health of all our readers first and foremost. 

This is why we ask that all authors must include Trigger Warnings in their stories.

You can mention Trigger warnings before the start of every chapter as well and mention the extent of it: Mild/ Moderate/ Extreme. However, we do ask that all Trigger warnings pertaining to the story be posted in the allotted section for it in the FF section Book opening page.

Please remember the rating of your story will depend on the type and severity of the Triggers present in it.

Here’s a list of some probable Triggers. This list is by no means exhaustive, and it is each author’s responsibility to recognize potential triggers in your writing and clearly outline it in the Trigger Warning section.

  • Ableism
  • Abortion
  • Abusive relationship/ abuse (verbal/ mental/financial/physical specify)
  • Acephobia
  • Ageism
  • Alcoholism/ Intoxication/ Drinking 
  • Amputation/ surgery
  • Animal abuse/ death
  • Anti-religious sentiment (against any particular religion) 
  • Anxiety
  • Assault
  • Attempted murder
  • Attempted rape
  • Bestiality (Please see Section 4)
  • Blood/ Gore
  • Body dysmorphia
  • Body shaming
  • Bullying
  • Cancer
  • Cannibalism
  • Car accident
  • Cheating
  • Child abuse (only mention is allowed, no description)
  • Child death
  • Child neglect/ trauma
  • Childbirth
  • Conversion therapy
  • Cults
  • Death
  • Decapitation
  • Depression 
  • Disability 
  • Disease/ illness
  • Divorce
  • Domestic violence
  • Drugs/ Drug abuse/ Drug trafficking/ Drug-related crimes
  • Dubious consent (DubCon)
  • Eating disorder
  • Emesis
  • Emotional abuse
  • Famine/ natural disaster/ destruction
  • Fatphobia/ fat shaming
  • Fire
  • Forced marriage
  • Gender dysphoria
  • Genocide
  • Graphic death (choking/ hanging/stabbing/etc)
  • Gun violence
  • Hallucinations 
  • Hate speech 
  • Homophobia
  • Hospitalization
  • Hostage situation
  • Human trafficking/ slavery
  • Incest (please see Addendum)
  • Infertility
  • Kidnapping
  • Lesbiphobia
  • Marital discord 
  • Mental health issues/ mental disorder
  • Miscarriage
  • Misgendering
  • Misogyny
  • Murder
  • Panic Attacks
  • Pedophilia (Please see Section 4) 
  • Phobias 
  • Physical abuse
  • Poisoning
  • Police brutality 
  • Polyamory / polygamy 
  • Pregnancy
  • Profanity/ swearing 
  • Prostitution
  • PTSD
  • Queerphobia
  • Racism
  • Rape/ Non-consent (See section 4)
  • Self-harm
  • Sexism
  • Sexual abuse/ assault/ harassment
  • Sexually explicit scenes
  • Skeletons/ bones
  • S*ut shaming
  • Smoking
  • Stalking
  • Starvation
  • Suicide/ suicide ideation
  • Trauma
  • Terminal illness
  • Terrorism
  • Torture
  • Transphobia 
  • Violence
  • Voyeurism
  • War


Consensual sexual scenarios between consenting adults (above age of consent), nudity, swearing are permissible to the extent allowed under each rating. (See section 1.) Authors must post a content alert stating the story contains sexually explicit material. You can be specific if you want to be.

Consent for Sex: Please note that in India, the age of consent for sex is 18+, when you are writing a character, please keep this in mind.  

4. PROHIBITED CONTENT across IF (includes FF section and any of the other forums)

Please note that this isn't a complete list and will be updated from time to time, depending on the user base on IF. 

The FFEditors hold the right to remove any fiction or content that we deem inappropriate for the site and the users.

A) P*rnographic Content: Anything that is posted for purpose of titillation or sexual stimulation that doesn't have a proper plotline shall be removed immediately (P*rn without plot stories or PwP stories) and warnings shall be issued to the author. If the same author continues to violate the above rule even after warnings, warning levels will be increased. 

FFEditors reserve the right to remove such content immediately without any prior notice. 

B) Explicit BDSM/ Incest (see amendment 7A below)/group sex/orgy/ will not be allowed. 

C) Necrophilia/bestiality/ Pedophilia/ child prostitution/ underage sex will not be allowed even with an X rating. (not an exhaustive list, will be amended)

DDescription of Rape and any form of Non-consensual Sex: India forums will not allow any descriptive scenario of rape and non-consensual sex. Mentions of rape/ non-consent & sexual harassment, and ensuing PTSD and healing thereof of the rape survivor/s will be allowed with the appropriate TWs.

E) We DO NOT allow RP (Real People) Fiction on India Forums or self-insert fiction (second-person stories where the reader or writer plays the romantic interest opposite a fictional or real character)

Please note: Tagging actors in stories in the FF section is not equivalent to RP fiction. Tagging actors in stories is a useful feature because it helps to bring together all the FFs on all the characters played by said actor under one tag in the FF section.

F) Insensitivity / discrimination/ jokes on certain groups, and labelling could be redacted if TWs are not posted. Or the author may be asked to remove that content.

G) Suicide & Self-Harm: We will not allow fiction or a part of fiction that encourages or instructs a character on self-harm. This also applies to substance abuse or enticement into criminal activity. We will encourage fiction or a part of fiction that talks about recovery, survival or that portrays the negative consequences of self-harm.

H) Child Abuse: India Forums will not allow descriptive child abuse under any ratings. An Author can just mention it without any detailed description.



Plagiarism is STRICTLY NOT PERMITTED & offenders will be strictly dealt with if reported.

Paraphrasing or quoting with source citation can be permitted but only to the extent of a paragraph. Please do not post entire works copied from a different source even if you credit the source. 


Plagiarizing a PORTION/ PARAGRAPH:  Immediate rise in warning level by 20%, along with a three-day ban of the fan-fiction with a FFE note stating 'plagiarism' with the plagiarized content removed.  Each individual offence will be considered as a separate instance.


Example:  If a member was reported to have plagiarized in two separate fan fictions in this manner, their W/L will be raised by 40% along with three-day ban for both FFs with an FFE Note stating 'plagiarism'.   


However, for three or more instances (i.e. 3 or more FFs) of Plagiarizing a PORTION/ PARAGRAPH, there will be an immediate raise in warning level by 20%, and an FFE note stating 'plagiarism' will be displayed on the FF, with the plagiarized content removed and each FF will be banned for 1 - 2 weeks.  

Two days after the notice of plagiarism, the offender will be temporarily banned for 1 - 2 weeks (depending on the extent of plagiarism).


Plagiarizing the ENTIRE CONTENT:  The thread/FF will be locked/ drafted/deleted immediately with an FFE Note stating the offence and the warning level will be raised by 20%. 

2 days after the notice of plagiarism, the offender will be temporarily banned for 1 - 2 weeks (depending on the extent of plagiarism).  Shortly after, the entire FF will be trashed.  Each individual offence of this nature will be considered as a separate instance.   


If someone continues to plagiarize despite being penalized in the above manner, their account could face a permanent ban with all their non-compliant FFs being trashed.  



1) It is important to respect authors who take the time to share their creativity with us. It takes a lot of bravery to put yourself out there & open yourself up to criticism.  Please be mindful while commenting on any story, refrain from making unsolicited comments that maybe hurtful, demeaning or needlessly critical. It is possible that criticism is welcome by some writers, but others may be sensitive about their writing. If you don't like something they’ve written or have found it triggering, you can let them know politely via PM or report it.

2) We promote healthy discussion in the FF section. However, this section is limited to stories, so  all discussions should also pertain to the story or the main source material for the story.

3) Please keep the chatting minimum and avoid one or two word comments or comments with only emojis.

4) While most authors are open to constructive criticism, please avoid gratuitous nitpicking. If you wish to offer a detailed critique, you can ask the author if they would be open to receiving a PM from you detailing what you thought needed to be corrected. Authors have the right to ask the FFEs to delete any comment that might be hurtful to their sentiments or provide a needlessly detailed and unsolicited critique of their story. Remember, negative comments or criticism unnecessarily brings flaws to light in public which may damage an author’s potential readership and popularity of their work. 

5) If you come across any rule violation, please use the report button to report the story &/or comment. Please be as specific as you can about why you are reporting the story. It usually takes between 2-7 days to deal with reports, so we ask you to be patient.

We are not obligated to provide an explanation of action taken to the reporter in order to maintain confidentiality, so please do not PM us asking if action was taken. If there is a report, rest assured we have seen it and are obliged to act on it within the stipulated period of time. 

6) Reporting system: You can bring forward your queries or concerns to Fanfiction editors Viswasrutioh_nakhrewaali or LizzieBennet. If you don’t receive a response or are dissatisfied with the response, please contact the FFE head, Koeli.

7) Hateful comments and Instigation: Comments that are solely meant to instigate/provoke the author and other members, spread hate or compare the story with other works in a negative light shall be removed & you can get a WL raise or a warning PM.

8) Sharing Personal Information: Please do not post your personal information on social media. We are not liable for any leaks or breaches that occur since this is a public forum. So please protect your data and information. If we come across any such personal details, we will redact them.

9) Discrimination: Discussion on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, or sexual orientation comments made by the reader that are intended to bully, threaten, or harass others, is strictly prohibited.

10)  Posting other social media account links: You are not permitted to post either your own or other IDs or links from other social media sites in either the forum or the FF section. Self-promoting your stories on other platforms by adding the links to your signature or in a post is also not permitted. 

FFE team/DT team can delete these posts and send you a Warning PM. You are, however, free to share such links via PM.


A) Incest Amendment 21.09.2023

For the purpose of clarity within the purview of the FF section, we are defining ‘incest’ as sexual relationship between family members, close relatives and kinship who cannot enter into a marriage. This includes relationships by blood (legitimate or illegitimate) &/or adoption. Stories that have such relationships will strictly NOT be allowed in the FF section.

However, since the term ‘incest’ has different meanings to different cultures, and there could be a divide between moral and legal definitions of the term, relationships that are fiduciary in nature, or those formed by affinity (such as marriage) could also fall under ‘incest’ for some people.

Given the sensitivity of the subject, we ask authors to exercise caution when writing complex relationships, taking care not to offend the sensibilities of Indian culture or of any community.

Going by this, the below rules will apply to all stories (including canonical) with such relationships.

  • You must add a Trigger Warning for ‘incest’ clearly stating the reasons.

  • You must mark the story as ‘R’ if the story has no defined sexual relationship and as ‘X’ if there is a sexual relationship between the characters.

Additionally, no glorification or romanticizing of any incestuous relationship (whether sexual or non-sexual in nature) will be allowed at any time.

Also bear in mind that the FFEditors have the right to draft your story should they deem that it does not meet the rules and you could be asked to modify or delete any material that could be potentially triggering or offend sensibilities of readers.

B) Mythological Fiction Guidelines 07.10.2023

Mythology refers to stories that have roots in traditional lore and/ or ancient epics/ texts. 

Since mythology is considered a component of religion, and can be a sensitive topic for most people, with the characters often being revered, we are amending the rules to set a few guidelines on permissible content for Mythological stories in the FF section and FF forum.

**Note: Although these guidelines can be followed on forums for Mythological shows or other general discussion forums on Mythology, the forum's own rules  for FFs (if they are defined) will take precedence. You are advised to contact individual forum mods for further clarification.

Three types of Mythological fictions are recognized in the FF section.

1) Those derived directly from the afore-mentioned traditional lore or texts

2) Those written based on Mythological TV shows/ movies/ book retellings of 1.

3) Original stories with original characters based on mythology.

The following rules will apply:

A) All Mythological fiction MUST adhere to the guidelines for either G or M rated fiction in the FF section. No explicit content will be allowed i.e all R and X rated stories will be strictly disallowed.

Please note that the M rating is ONLY FOR Triggers such as descriptions or mentions of violence, war, gore, decapitation, calamity, natural disasters, death, suicide, self-harm etc. The extent of the Triggers should be Mild keeping with the guidelines for M rating, meaning no extensive or detailed descriptions on the above scenarios will be allowed.

Under no circumstances can the M rating be applied for writing about sex or sexual situations.

B) Crediting source: Since mythology can be derived from varied sources, this is not a requirement. However, if you do know the source of the story (published texts), please do attribute the source in the Author's note. 

C) Types of stories that are permissible:

1) Retellings/ reinterpretations that describe canonical events in your own words. This can include a character's inner monologues, reimagining a canon scene from a different character's point of view, expanding on a scene/ story, or providing context for a particular event in the story.

2) Canon divergence: This refers to stories that diverge from canon, and fix-it fictions where a scenario/ story is re-written with a more favorable resolution. You can write canon-alternate scenarios, however bear in mind that such stories cannot change an existing character's traits and behaviour or demean, mock, or disrespect a canonical character or paint an established character in a needlessly negative light in order to glorify another.

**Note: Only canon romantic relationships are permissible between established Mythological characters. If the relationship is not part of popular canon, you are advised to cite the source in the Author's note.

3) Modern retellings/ AUs/ Crossovers: These are permissible again keeping in mind not to change an existing character's traits and behaviour or disparage, mock, or disrespect a canonical character. 

You must keep in mind that Modern/ Crossover AUs cannot have a Mythological character swearing, drinking, misbehaving, in sexual situations or speaking in slang/ disrespectful manner with the justification that they belong in the modern world.

4) Original stories set in the mythological world with mythological beings. Introducing OCs that interact with established mythological characters is also permissible with the caveats mentioned in 2) and 3).

D) The Author's Note MUST mention what type of story it is: canon-based, canon-divergent, fix-it fiction, Modern retelling, AU, Crossover, Original story etc. 

You can be as specific as you like on the details in the story to alert your readers on the content so as not to expose them to any possible Triggers, while keeping your summary as spoiler-free as possible.

***NOTE: At all times, you MUST keep the sentiments of readers in mind when writing Mythological stories and not write anything that is/can be potentially offensive, hurtful, demeaning or dismissive of any religion, sacred text, rituals/practices/ culture, belief/values/ancestry, person/group . 

The FFEs reserve the right to withdraw any story that they deem to be disrespectful of any religion/ race/ identity/ ability/ age.

Revision: Oct 7, 2023  

Revision : Sept 23, 2023

Revision : Sept 21, 2023   (Incest Amendment)

Revision: March 31, 2023

New Rules published : June 20, 2022

Edited by LizzieBennet - 1 months ago
Posted: 1 years ago

Thanks Koeli and team.

Will share this Guidelines in a page and will hyperlink it in FanFiction section and will be accessible from all the right pages so that Authors are aware of the guidelines.


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