Is Noyonika wrong to hide her abortion from Gattu?

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Is Noyonika wrong to hide her abortion from Gattu?

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Yes, Gattu has a right to know Noyonika's sexual history.
It will be wrong when Noyonika succumbs to Sonali's blackmail.
It's only wrong if Noyonika's pregnancy was due to consensual sex.
I don't have enough information to determine that it's wrong/not.
No, Noyonika has an absolute right to privacy.
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Posted: 2 months ago

On the September 28 episode, Sonali told Alaka that she bribed the doctor who performed Noyonika's abortion, and so the file proving the abortion is with Sonali. Sonali believes that she can control the business by controlling Gattu's wife Noyonika.

What is your opinion of Noyonika after this revelation? Should she tell Gattu about the abortion for the sake of honesty in their marriage? Or, should she keep quiet so that she can live her life in peace?

Posted: 2 months ago

Gattu could have responded to Noyonika's fanciful remark, that the ring finger is connected to the heart, with an optimistic thought: a relationship that is purely honest and faithful automatically grows firm.

"A relationship that has no deceit or treachery automatically grows firm" was such a glass-half-empty perspective!

Once again, Gattu showed no interest in Noyonika. He extrapolated from the husband-wife relationship to parent-child and boss-employee, just to vent his resentment of Imlie^3.

Inauspiciously, he said that once trust is broken, the relationship also breaks, and it doesn't matter which finger wears the ring.

Posted: 2 months ago
Originally posted by PSharada

Nyonika was talking big words but she was being completely dishonest. Had it been the Agastya who was dishonest some people would have ripped into him saying he was being opportunistic and is taking advantage of an innocent female and what not. When we hold the male leads to a certain yard stick then Nyonika was also wrong in misleading Agastya and hiding the abortion truth from him when all the guy was expecting was honesty in the relationship and was being so honest himself.

Historically, brides have borne virtually all of the scrutiny for sexual purity, and whatever a man has done before marriage, his wife is expected to be too shy to ask and too timid to complain. For example, the happy ending of the English novel Pamela; or, Virtue Rewarded (1740) by Samuel Richardson is that a nobleman marries the fifteen-year-old working-class girl who resists his efforts to seduce her even when she's his prisoner; then she adopts the daughter that he begot by seducing someone else already.

In an effort to move towards equality, it seems reasonable that the two people getting married should decide what information they want to know about each other. Do you agree?

Gattu had his chance to ask Noyonika if she had ever been pregnant, ever done this or that sexual act, ever fallen in love ... If he had asked, and Noyonika had lied, I would condemn that as dishonesty.

Likewise, if Noyonika wanted to know if Gattu had ever impregnated someone, was he born in wedlock, does he wear a wig, would he allow a man who wears nail paint to babysit their kids, or whatever issue matters to her, she could have asked, and he would have owed her an honest answer.

Both of them did not ask uncomfortable questions, maybe because they didn't think of every possible reason to reject each other, or because they only cared about each other's consent and willingness to put effort into the marriage.

Is Noyonika's aborted pregnancy something that would necessarily affect their married life? If she sincerely believes that the chapter is closed, what reason is there to tell Gattu, when he hasn't asked? She doesn't suspect that Sonali will blackmail her about it. And we don't know what Noyonika would choose in a blackmail situation: undermine her husband or admit her abortion to the whole world.

If Imlie^3 can justify lying to Gattu because he wouldn't have given her a chance otherwise, and once she got the chance, she proved her abilities, can't that logic also apply to Noyonika? If she goes around telling prospective grooms that she's secondhand, and every Gattu says, "Let me consult Dādī Mā and get back to you," how will she ever get a chance to prove what a good wife she can be?

I'm writing a fan fiction in which two men face consequences for keeping secrets that would almost certainly spoil the wife's quality of life in the marriage. A communicable disease, an incompatible sexual orientation, illegal activities hidden while accusing others of the same ... it's obvious how these will strain a marriage. A prior relationship that will never rekindle ... how could that be a problem?

Anyone who wants to judge my characters' reasons for getting married under false pretenses, you're welcome to do so in the Comments section of my story.

Posted: 1 months ago

Noyonika only hid an abortion from Gattu. Imlie^3 married him without telling him that her child goes wherever she goes!

Gattu says he has to get home in twenty minutes or Dīdī will get control of the business. Yet, having already dried off Imlie^3 and changed her into a new outfit, he has spare time to order a money-wreath just to humiliate her. A wreath that Imlie^3 can't keep with her, or everyone will know that the marriage is fake. It's beyond suspension of disbelief!

When Gattu caught the dagger by the blade, we saw that his blood is orange like the food colouring of cheap jalebīs and bundī laḍḍūs. He must snack on too many Chaudhary Sweets products.

Gattu was lecturing the other couple's parents about respecting the laws of India concerning marriage. Why isn't he worried about the legal reality that he can't hold Imlie^3 to her promise to give him a divorce eventually? No matter what he makes her sign, it won't hold up in court. If she doesn't want a divorce at the time he asks for one, he will need to prove a valid reason why divorce should happen.

If Imlie^3 is as money-hungry as Gattu believes she is, she won't leave a rich household easily. Gattu might regret not taking his chances with Noyonika. It's not as though Noyonika could have imposed Sonali's will upon Gattu, especially now that he's aware of Sonali's influence!

Posted: 1 months ago

How is it possible that Imlie^3 didn't notice Agastya's name on the signs at Noyonika's engagement?

Or that Imlie^3 arrived with other employees of Chaudhary Sweets and everyone kept quiet about it being the boss's engagement?

The writers are trying to make Imlie^3 innocent of Gattu's betrayal ... Noyonika is confessing that Sonali told her to listen to her after marriage, as if Noyonika knew that Sonali was against Gattu ... Gattu is folding his hands and telling Noyonika's family to blame him, not his blameless Dādī who insisted that he had to marry someone.

Total whitewashing of the leads!

By the way, how can Gattu fold his hands without pain when, just a few minutes ago, he crashed his car because it was too painful to put his lacerated right hand on the wheel? He didn't flinch when he took Imlie^3's hand in his right hand either.

Posted: 1 months ago

These Chaudharys are so cavalier about Noyonika's health!

Gattu finds Noyonika unconscious, and instead of taking her to a hospital's emergency room, he (takes her to a doctor and) brings her home.

The rest of them discuss whether he is at fault for being late, disrespecting his wife etc. Nobody seems curious about Noyonika's condition. Has she overdosed on sedatives? Taken poison? Passed out drunk? All of these possibilities require medical care. Leaving her to "sleep it off" in any of these situations could be deadly.

Sonali probably blackmailed Noyonika to do whatever for attention, so Sonali may not be worried, but at least she could act like it!

Gattu told Imlie^3 in an offhand way that he took Noyonika to a doctor and it's nothing serious, she just needs rest. What kind of doctor would say that unconsciousness is nothing serious? Someone who is sleeping for rest will wake up if disturbed. If the doctor was unable to awaken Noyonika, she's not merely sleeping, she's comatose or worse!

I suspect that Gattu may be lying about going to a doctor.

Was Noyonika listening while Gattu and Imlie^3 argued about their pretense of marriage?

Posted: 24 days ago

The divorce papers that Noyonika found can't be legally valid, as they identify one party to the marriage as "Agastya Singh Chaudhary & Imlie" (i.e. two people!) and the other party as "Agastya Singh Chaudhary, son of Kunal Singh Chaudhary." One can't split the parties at the ampersand without calling Imlie^3 the son of her father-in-law, as if it's a same-sex marriage.

The papers falsely state that the parties are living together as a married couple since "2002" - when Imlie^3 would have been 2-3 years old.

And the affidavit of this false statement is verified "true and correct to the best of our knowledge and belief and there is nothing wrong therein" in Punjab, even though the parties live in Uttar Pradesh!

Is it legal in India to wear a wig in a photo for a notarized document?

Anyway, it's poetic justice that Noyonika found out Gattu's loveless marriage secret after he treated her with apathy during their engagement and publicly humiliated her. As long as Noyonika doesn't suspect that Sonali intended to blackmail her, she might reveal Gattu's secret to Sonali. Too bad Noyonika still wants to get back together with Gattu.

Posted: 23 days ago

The part of Noyonika's conversation with Sonali that Gattu overheard at the wedding was only Noyonika's promise to do exactly what Sonali told her to do. The scene made it clear that he didn't know about the abortion or any reason for Noyonika's allegiance to Sonali.

Now, that scene has been retconned so that Gattu knew about the abortion (and Noyonika's readiness to tell him about it) before he kept Noyonika waiting while he married Imlie^3. More whitewashing of Gattu at Noyonika's expense!

Once again, Gattu has publicly humiliated Noyonika while patting himself on the back for being sensitive, discreet, chivalrous, protective of childrens' innocence etc.

He could have simply told Sunita (does she really go by Mrs. Chintamani?) that he denies the abortion allegation against him, he never met Noyonika before their engagement, they didn't ask about each other's sexual history, there is nothing between him and Noyonika now, and he is happy in his impulsive marriage to Imlie^3.

But no, Gattu took away Noyonika's right to decide what to tell Sunita about her sexual history. He agreed that Noyonika did have an abortion, as if he had verified the fact, when actually he was relying on hearsay from Sonali. He blabbed first and then told Noyonika that he was sorry but he would have to tell.

The way Gattu said, "our marriage was arranged; before that, I had no relationship with her and she was going to become a mother by someone else," the listener would think that Noyonika was pregnant by someone else while engaged to Gattu! Although the truth is that Noyonika had put the pregnancy behind her by the time she made a fresh start with Gattu, Gattu just gave gossips room to speculate that Noyonika might have been two-timing him, and she aborted the pregnancy just to hide it from him.

I suspect that Karan will be revealed as Noyonika's ex-boyfriend who impregnated her. Annapurna just set herself up for that ironic embarrassment when she called Noyonika a stain, as if premarital sex makes her characterless, while praising Gattu as discreet, as if the way he broke the engagement was admirable.

Gattu can openly say that he doesn't believe in the institution of marriage. The corollary that he would have sex outside marriage isn't acknowledged by any character. We're supposed to judge this man's morals by his opinions of women's morals.

On the other hand, when Noyonika tries to conform to society's expectations by keeping a very personal matter private, she gets upbraided for "hiding such a big issue from all of us." We're supposed to agree with Annapurna that pregnancy before marriage is inconceivable for a good girl.

Ignoring the obvious, that lāja-sharam were precisely why Noyonika couldn't talk to her, Annapurna taunts the parents that they should teach their daughter these values.

"Beṭiyāṃ ghara kī ijjata hotī haiṃ!" There it is, the double standard that scrutinizes female sexuality, paternalistically reducing women to "daughters," while male sexuality is nothing to see.

Imlie^3's argument, that Noyonika wasn't alone in her "wrongdoing" and no one is asking her who shared her "pāpa" with her, missed the point entirely. Pillorying of men is not an excuse to pillory women. Noyonika doesn't owe anyone the name of her ex-boyfriend or the reason he's no longer her boyfriend. Trying to find out through her, so that he can suffer as she's suffering, is all the more cruel to her.

It was also rather hypocritical of Imlie^3 to talk about holding men accountable for disgracing their parents, family name etc., right after Amrit grabbed her and she didn't expose his lechery at all; she hid as if she was the one in the wrong, and her excuse is Sonali's honour.

Imlie^3 was correct to point out that the pregnancy could have resulted from sex without Noyonika's consent (although we the audience have heard Noyonika saying that her boyfriend left her), and Gattu had an obligation to ask his fiancée what was troubling her.

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