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No one can imagine what tragic life Samrat has live for last 48-50 years (i assume he was 28 when nayan and he separated as Prem was 5 years old than)

First being kidnapped the day he was born baby Ruhan had a very tragic life actually that no one else had in most ITV 

Second being brought up by a kidnapper whom he hero worships as mother is another big tragedy. For baby Ruhana aka Samrat Revathi was next to God her words the bible of his life.  Not only does Samrat hero worship his kidnapper but his kidnapper is also his mom dad killer murderer 

Third Not only revathi but Mohit dad killed his mom dad. Means Samrat closest two people are directly or indirectly involved in his real mom dad murders 

Fourth baby Ruhan aka Samrat does not know who his siblings are or where they are 

Fifth his adopted sibling Aliya takes advantage of him for many years and he even marries Nayan for her sake to take revenge and stop Nayna from marrying Mohit. Indirectly Aliya is responsible for marrying Nyana to Samrat actually. Chalo one good work this sister of his dad married him to love of his life Nayantara

Sixth all iyers too advantage of him and abused him be it Govind or Malathi or Ishani or Nayantara herself. Samrat stood by them in toughest times gave them shelter n Khurana home, gave them free lodging boarding food luxury everything and what do they do keep on abusing him taking advantage of him and than declare him as villan for every rime others do.

Seventh Mansi his first wife abused him hide fact that he has a son Prem from her for 5 years and dumped Prem on hm only when she did not want Prem because she was marrying Raghav. This lady tragetted Samrat just because Govind had taken her fathers false identity and come to london and pusher her father off cliff alive or dead she never cared. So whom to target no not Goving but Samrat as hes Goovind son in law

Eigth was worst betrayal than all above by Nayantara Iyer his second wife. She falsely blamed him for her parents death which Mnasi did and left him 20 years and ran away and became wife of another man without taking divorce from him. Imagine here is a man thinking his wife whom he loved dearly is dead and passing his life like devdas or majnu over last 20 years remembering her every other minute of his life in guilt and regret. 

Ninth is again betrayal by nayantar his wife she never told hi about his daughter Kashvi 20 years. Atleast Mansi told him after 5 years but Nayan 20 long years 

Tenth Nayantar refusing to acknowledge hes her husband in front of world or Sabharwals in out right disgrace to him and his love and dedication last 20 years 

Eleventh betrayal by Ishani why she took Prem with her? Why cannot Samrat with Aliya help take care of Prem. Who is she to take another mans child away law never permits all that actually. 

Twelvth betrayal by nayan again she disguised as antar amade him believe shes dead became rockstar humiliated him left right center listening to Sidharth rathore. She slapped him made him sit on floors made him back ground singer and what not to humilate him although he had pushed her to save her and govind lifie only and that too by arranging back up of boat s 

Actually every relationship has betrayed Samrat in one way or other especially family like mother, wife and relatives or in laws 

Its a great thing Samrat is still alive and ot gone mad or died facing so many problems and betrayals in life 

Now Pradhyuman and Kashvi are out to betray him by marrying people whom he does not approve off 

What a tragedy that not one human has been loyal of faithful to Samrat in life

Atleast in YHC 1 Preesha wa doing all nonsense to save Rudra from murder charges and save Ruhi from jail upbrining 

What justification Nayna has to do all this 20 years fake death plan - nothing actually

If Kashvi has danger from Mansi go to london or other place and live with Samrat 

London police are not as incompetent as indian ones no so Kashvi would be safe there 

Mansi cannot come 500 feet near Nayan or Kashvi or she will be in jail for stalking and threats 

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 

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