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Posted: 6 months ago

Finally 1000 episodes of YHC was done 

Story had nothing much great many old serials had similar story. What truly stood out is actors and execution. Lets think of the relationships or characters that truly stood out in show

Whenever Balraj called Rudra the hearts of viewers stopped in fear at what new accusation Balraj has on Rudra and what will Rudra face today from his father. Finally when Preesha and Saransh arrived and Rudra got some courage to answer back and stand up to Balraj the hi decibel screaming of both created lot of excitement to viewers. Balraj is a typical go getter father who had dreams of becoming a singer but could not so forced his son Rudra. If you read Andre Agassi biography "open" i think Balraj character is based similar to aggasi father. Agassi father moved from middle east to USA with a dream which he obviously could not fulfill so wanted his son to fulfill. Balraj was similar. Actually they should have explored more father-son champion father-son relationship and brought out more depth and scenes betwen both which they failed to do. Like Balraj could have had a heart attack with all the stress of handling Rudra career issues and Rudra going to meet him (this happened in agassi life). I guess the writers do not read books so their balraj-rudra relation was not explored more. It had lot of potential. Everyone must read andre agassi book you will feel andre agassi is mix of rudra and samrat. Sometimes hes the soft rudra and sometimes the casanova samrat brat (initial Samrat) and later the current Samrat (loyal in love Samrat to wife). I am not sure if any biography of an abused son champion and his father was written thats why i am comparing agassi life to rudra/samrat actually. Parents sometimes want kids to fulfill their wishes and abuse them from childhood so they become what their parents could never. Instead of doing crime patrol always they could explore this angle with samrat-revathi and rudra-balraj. Instead of armaan preeesha track they could explore this track and ishani-mohit track too

Sharda -Balraj-Rudra relatonship was one more they never explored much. The abusive husband and abusive father who dominates wife and son into submission who consider them as slaves to follow his orders. Interesting premises and most Asian fathers are and were balraj only than a Rudra sweet soft father. Most mothers in asia are Sharda thats why audience could connect. Must say claps to person who played Balraj he scared shit out of viewers in many scenes. More than Rudra audience was watching in fear when Balraj grabbed his collar or hit rudra chest saying hit me or speak against me etc. 

Abused son Rudra- All loved Rudra as hubby cum lover of Preesha and father but Rudra did a brillant job as abused son who follows daddy orders mostly to T. He portrayed the fear the hesitation the ability to stand up to abuse finally very well. More Balraj-Rudra scenes were needed 

Abused son Samrat- manipulative selfish ruthless mom Revathi - this was one relation i missed on show. They never developed Revtahi-Samrat relationship at all much. This was a brilliant relationship actually foundation of YHC3. Yet writers never gave any footage to it struck in ishani-mohit and iyers drama. It had great potential if explored. 

Adopted brother Samrat- Aliya relationship was also one that had lot of potential not explored. Why is Aliya the way she was ziddi? May be her childhood and college days had clue? May be both Revathi and Sam never had time for her so pampered her with money and luxury. May be she linked family to money and luxury

Samrat-Ruhi-Saransh sibling discovery was not explored Rusa(ruhi +saransh) meeting their baby Ruhaan 

Saransh-Aliya childhood crush turning to adult love  

Avni-Saransh sibling relationship 

So many relationships had potential not explored and left to imagination of viewer 

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