Kati Patang retold - YHC style

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Posted: 6 months ago

Nayan becoming widow and going to new man house as his widow is like movie Kati patang of Rajesh Khanna same story copied 

Nayan just met a man in railway station decided to become his widow and go to his home by lying to his family that shes his wife and child mom 

Thats copied from Kati patang movie of Rajesh Khanna 

Lets see if Samrat turns out best friend of that dead man and lands at his home some day to meet his widow and get shocked seeing Nayan his wife 

There too Asha Parekh is misguided by a man and she runs away on wedding day with Rajesh khanna becomes widow of a man she meets on train who dies leaving his baby son with her. Actually than man is her best friend hubby too.  She goes as his widow with child to that man house and by luck Rajesh Khanna is family friend of that family and dead mans best friend. Same to same story copied here 

Wait with bated breath - rajesh kahnna turned devdas and drinking day and night in his biwi gham who left him in mandap and ran away just like Samrat in bar now 

Wait for more home truths - Rajesh Khanna has a sister who hates Asha Parekh and his love story and does her best to seperate them though out movie like Aliya did before

Wait for more fun - a woman and that guy who trapped asha parekh land up at asha parekh new home and blackmail her for money jewellery or they will inform her in laws that shes fake widow (i am sure this track will happen)

Wait for more truth bombs - Rajesh kahnna comes to know asha parekh is his biwi not friends widow and sets out to help her (Like Samrat may set out to help nayan later)

And Nayan can have a jail track too with her kiling her blackmailer like Asha parekh did to her blackmailer and Samrat trying to prove shes innocent while full world wanting her death including her own in laws parents family etc  

Rajesh Khanna never knew Asha Parekh is his bride to be(as he never saw her face till mandap) and hence fell in love with widow of his best friend than hungama at best friend home as they do not approve him loving or marrying friend wife 

To think of it they could just take a year leap and copy kati patang story for young Nayat only like movie

Why copy Kati Patang story but make it 20 year leap instead of a few weeks separation like movie

Even Devika track was a movie copy where to win over Preesha this Rudra went as Devika fiance 

Even Rusha death and Sam kidnap is Dharam Karam old movie story 

They are copying movie track after movie track and butchering it badly 

I am sure Nayan Samrat meeting after 20 years is another old hindi movie track only 

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Posted: 6 months ago

The writers who ever they are hats of to your movie creativity 🤣. When the truth comes out there’s going to be a huge mess all around.

Posted: 6 months ago
Originally posted by Barbara12

The writers who ever they are hats of to your movie creativity 🤣. When the truth comes out there’s going to be a huge mess all around.

Mess will start when with nayan samrat takes full sabharwal house to khurana mansion his home 

Sabharwals will turn villan to samrat nayan kashvi and arjun for sure and leech off Samrat werealth like before reavthi and iyers did than blame samrat and his kids only like iyers did 


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