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Hello everyone 

I am back with this one as well……. This is open so you can read but this will be on the vlog, this is open but please do comment on this as I really need the motivation to continue my stories. Already my health is not good but still I am trying to complete my work so please comment and like 

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Character Sketch 




Maan father and chairman of Khurana Industries 

He is a cool father and husband but when it comes to business then he is very shrewd. 

ARPITA KHURANA - 58 year old


Maan mom 

She is very sweet, she take care of the Khurana trusts along with her mother in law. She loves her family a lot 

MAAN SINGH KHURANA - 28 year old 

He is the MD of Khurana construction and he is the terror in the office. He is very sweet with his family but in the business world he is more shrewd then his father 

DEV SINGH KHURANA - 24 year old 

No description available.

He is maan younger brother. He is in the last year of his MBA and also helping his father and brother in the business but he is soft and handles everything with care as he feels that things can be sort out with love rather then getting angry.

ANVESHA KHURANA - 15 year old 

No description available.

Khurana’s princess, maan and dev younger sister. She is in grade 10th. She is apple of eye of everyone, specially maan as she take care of her like his daughter

SAVITRI DEVI - 77 year old 

No description available.

Maan dadi and she is very cool but still all the control of Khurana is with him. She has retired from Khurana Industry but still sometime she helps her daughter in law with her trust work 


MOHINDER HANDA - 55 year old 

No description available.

Geet father, he is very strict and does not love his daughter and wife as he thinks that women are not of any use.

RANO HANDA - 53 year old 

No description available.

Geet mother 

She is bearing everything from her husband just for her daughter 

GEET HANDA - 17 year old 

She is studying in grade 12th

She is very scared of her father as he is very strict and raise hand at any occasion 

YASH HANDA - 25 year old 

No description available.

Geet brother, he is working in maan company and want to be in good books of his boss 

He does not like his mother and sister 

POOJA HANDA - 25 year old 

No description available.

Geet Sis in law and yash wife 

She does not like geet at all. She is a house wife and she just do parties all the time 

Meera Oberoi: 24 year old 

No description available.

She is Dev fiancée, she is dev childhood love.

Her father is also one of the richest business

She is also doing MBA but she is also teaching in one of the college as she loves teaching and told her parents that she will not join business.

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Thread 1

Part 4 - Below 

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

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wgat is the reason for the hatred towards Rano and geet. Whatever it is they don’t deserve such treatment 

seriously asking your boss and don home to sleep with your wife and daughter. Really!!!

Too much

poor geet who will she go to now. Her mom can’t help her either   It almost makes her useless to let things like this happen to herself and her daughter

they should run away 

waiting fir dadi to take them

Out if this hell

and Yash to be treated like he deserves by Maan. Find reason to punish him 

Posted: 10 months ago

Part 4

Shocking and Horrible Update 

I cannot imagine any father or husband 

doing what Mohinder is doing to his wife and daughter 

yet on the other hand Dadima has seen Geet while Aprita notices 

the emptiness in Geet's eyes 

Rahul and his father coming to Geet's home 

now Mohinder needs jail time , as this way his wife and daughter 

will be safe 

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Hi hope you are well. Thanks for continuing this OS!

Part 4

Horrific update… well written

Hate Geet’s family

of cos Yash tries to impress Maan

he is oblivious that Maan knows the truth

so Dadima meets Geet and Rano at the temple

liked that dadima is determined to help Geet

Mohinder is ruthless

upset how he behaves with Rano and Geet

disgusting Mohinder

angry that he makes Rano sleep with his boss and tells Rahul to sleep with Geet

thank God Geet managed to save herself

alas Rano was not that lucky

will she be saved?

feeling for Rano and Geet

why are they staying there and taking all these atrocities?

hope they get help soon

update soon

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Hi..simi, hope you're doing well. Rest well. Still i get chill when i read part 4, why geet and her mom facing this hate from Mohinder and her brother. Wanna read next part soon. Please make, Maan take her away from this hell.

Posted: 10 months ago

Thanks for pm i will read n comment😊

Posted: 10 months ago

What a brute of a man! He is pathetic. All he knows is how to yell and beat.

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