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Posted: 1 years ago

What happened to Ranuak's sister that lead to hate for Roshini? Is that why trying to break the sisters?

Maybe the dad also wants to take revenge, hence the latter's marriage?


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Posted: 1 years ago

The word MURDERS in Raunaq's tattoo is supposed to be read in a mirror, and yet only the letters MU...S appear correct in a mirror. The letters REDR appear flipped in a mirror. Do they stand for "Red(dy) R(aunaq)" - fake name - or what?

AVI has been revealed as the name of Raunaq's sister, and he pointed to XXIIXX as the date Chandani took his sister's life, but why is the verb MURDERS in the present tense?

Is Chandani unaware that she caused someone's death? Or, is it all in Raunaq's imagination?

The way Raunaq's expressions change abruptly in a scene with other characters watching him ... the way he walks into a scene and starts to yell, breathe heavily, and rip off his shirt on cue ... it seems so unnatural, like a caricature of psychosis rather than Raunaq rationally plotting to deceive Chandani.

The talking-to-himself device to reveal Raunaq's motive is clumsy. And it's ludicrous that Chandani, Roshani, Vandana, Bindu, Nirbhay, and Manav all have had ample opportunities to read the word MURDERS, but no one is commenting that their fun-loving new neighbour has such a disturbing tattoo.

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Posted: 1 years ago

The preview at the beginning of each episode is always pointless for the viewing experience of that episode, but all the more so when the episode ends without carrying the story forward to the previewed scene, which is now the precap for the next episode.

Cāśanī's creatives are surpassing even this incompetence by giving away Raunaq's ulterior motive in the precaps and previews. Raunaq faking his attraction to Chandani should have been a surprise, but since we saw his shirt-ripping transformation into The Hulk out of context first, we all knew that the rose-swapping scene was meaningless and the big reveal was spoiled. Machiavellian plot twists like Raunaq instigating Nirbhay to set fire to his bar so that Nirbhay will die horribly (or go to prison for insurance fraud) and Roshani will blame Chandani should unfold in the proper sequence, but now the suspense is ruined and Raunaq embracing Nirbhay and telling him, "Tū mere bhāī kī taraha hai!" is an eye-rolling moment even before Natasha gives Raunaq the idea to backstab Nirbhay.

The number of characters who are mean to Chandani is overwhelming and farcical. Why couldn't the writers sweep the Sanjay-haters out of Chandani's life before revealing that her hero Raunaq is actually her arch-enemy and conspiring with Natasha?

Luring the villain to murder a witness in order to catch him red-handed is a cliché, and of course we expected Vikas to recite every incriminating detail from fifteen years ago instead of doing what he came to do ... but how can he expect to smother Sanjay with a pillow without removing the blanket covering his head? Ludicrous.

I am not Panjabi, nor do I know the Gurmukhi alphabet, but a quick internet search tells me that Vikas's and Nirbhay's family name was correctly pronounced Ḍhilloṃ by Chandani, and the way other characters pronounce it Ḍhilan is incorrect. When a show is set in Amritsar, it should have a language coach to make sure that non-Panjabi actors practise authentic pronunciation. Cāśanī's creative team was equally careless with Mehandī Hai Racanevālī. Raghav referred to Ved's father as Pillāī Uncle, the only time Ved's family name was mentioned, but in Tamil the name is pronounced Piḷḷai - two syllables, not three.

Anyway, has Raunaq really disowned his father, as his fake sympathy for Nirbhay suggested, or is Raunaq actually working with Sumer (whose unveiling as his father was spoiled by the promo of Roshani becoming his stepmother)? Will Roshani marry Sumer to exact vengeance for Nirbhay's death/conviction (also spoiled by the promo), or to protect Chandani from Raunaq?

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Posted: 1 years ago

Agreed with the points as suspense is ruined 😑