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Posted: 2 months ago

ViDev FF: Dangerous Ishq - A Harmful Addiction 


Love a four letter word that means much more what is love exactly' Some say its sacrifice ,friendship, or even Junoon 'the saying goes  is everything  is fair in Love and War is it really fair? Till what limit is it morally right'..  What happens when young love becomes much more to a point where it becomes  obsession and over protectiveness .. When loves reaches such a level  when   it gets to a point to be dangerous and suffocating for the other person what does one do ?

This exactly how Vidhi  and her sisters feel and what they go through.

It was as if she was under his love spell she couldn't see how unhealthy the relationship had become 'she was starting to get a uneasy feeling in her as if something is terribly wrong..But was in total denial was  her love truly blind or was it fear of accepting the situation being caged in his love .. not only her but her Two sisters were also getting trapped in the Raichand brother's love

(Scroll down for character sketch )

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Character sketch 

The Raichand 's

 Devvrat  AKA Dev Raichand: 35yrs old oldest of his siblings is business tycoon Vice President and one of the heirs to the Raichand empire .

Reckless, edgy , arogant  , his arroagance is what makes girls drool over him, enjoys  being one of the most eligible bachelors in India according to 100 most sexiest business men . He is ranked #10

He is the hard to get type he give any lady his attention so easily  , he loves taking risks a  very talented and businessman 

 He knows he owns the company so he can do whatever he feels and doesn’t have to answer to anyone ( at least he thinks that way he is answerable to his mother and president of the Raichand empire )he is very close to his loved ones whether it is his family or friends.

 once Dev  gets attached to anyone he is very protective of them, gets jealous very fast  ' he has a dark abusive  past  due to his over protectiveness that only his brothers and best friend yugesh  know '  doesn't know how to control his temper acts  very rash in anger''. But then again he is like a dark knight

Abhimanyu AKA Abhi Raichand: 28 years old Senior CEO he defines the saying  punjab ka Sher , a real sona a real charmer a total flirt ' fun loving has a great sense of humor   his wicked one liners  and wise crakes are sure bring a smile to ones face

 is known for his sorry pick up lines  that some how work on girls except his gf soon to be wife Priya'. Unlike his big bro Dev he doesn't in fact he makes sure he doesn't act up whenever his mom is  around ' he also loves his family and friends a lot he to has the protectiveness  in him but only diffrence is he thinks he knows how to control himself  unlike his big  bro Dev

 Rishab AKA Rishi Raichand 26 yrs old  is the   COO( Chief Operating Officer ) of Raichand Media The family business . youngest son  .. that's why he is the most spoiled he is used to getting his way or all hell breaks lose a total kid at heart.. just like his big bros Dev and Abhi he too is gifted with great looks and awesome personality

 he is basically a mix type of Dev and Abhi  put together  flirting is in their blood so it comes natural to him' in fact he doesn't know when he is even flirting he is so use to doing it ' yet he has a innocence in him that touches any girls .

sweet heart ,caring and kind hearted ' yet he is like Dev when it comes to family and loved ones very protective '.not in a good way .. he too has the jealous streak in him which is not good ' when he gets  J he loses controls his temper just like Dev. He hasn't learned from his Eldest bro's mistakes has to learn to control his anger..can't stand Anaaya they always fight but some where deep down he knows he cares for her and is falling for her .. He can't bare her talking to any other guy .. he feels like beating crap out  of them always keeps a eye on her to see where she is and with who' and they aren't even a couple yet '. If they do then what else will Rishi demand out of Anaaya?

Gauri AKA Goldie Raichand: 24 years old only daughter of the Raichand the baby of the family apple of everyone’s eye. 

Fashion designer just finished  university And now she is the Vice President as was the head designer . of Raichand Fashion House (One of the many companies that her mother launched many years ago .) is a workaholic Because she Feels suffocated with the over protectiveness and possessiveness of the men in her family . Loves to have fun fun loving and is a copy of her mother Satyavati Devi  personality wise. Loving ,caring , playful innocence, heart of gold . Best Friends with the Sharma sisters can’t wait to get married and leave the cage called home her brothers have made for her. Disappointed in her Dev bhai and scared for the future Daughter-in-laws of the family. Tries to live as free as she can but is very restricted. 

Sayatvati Raichand: loving mother to her four children. An amazing Business Woman who is fair and runs the Raichand Empire and multiple business with Respect, values, morals professional Work Ethics. Knows she has given these values to all her children but yet only her daughter Goldi follows in her footsteps. Very disappointed in Dev he was her pride and joy but after what happened 7 years ago her pride is broken. 

They lost not only the respect, financial loss from the backlash it’s taken 7 years to gain back the prestige that was untarnished. Hopes and prays that he has learned from his mistakes. Worried for her other sons who unknowingly are following in their Dev Bhai ways. 

Harbors a horrible wound in her heart  and hates that her fear came true knows her sons aren’t fully at fault it’s in their blood a behavior wise a copy of their late father.  Worries for whoever marries her sons knows their life will not be a dream come true but a nightmare instead.

The Sharmas

Yugesh AKA Yug Sharma : 35yrs old Senior Doctor at Sanjeevani Dev  and Abhi’s best friend since childhood and like big bro to Rishi ' he is the oldest in the Sharma   family very close to his family loves his 3 sisters  a lot he is the best brother and sister would ask for he is more like dad to his sisters then a bro very cool and laid back trust his sisters to make the right choices .. married to his college sweet heart Kanika.

His friends tease him and tell he is a total joru ka ghulam but his sisters say no he isn't  he just a sacha jeevan saathi ' loves his wife madly  the best hubby any girl would get ' he is very blunt and open  ,he tells whatever is  in his heart  straight to your face he never means to hurt anyone not even by 

mistake  but  because of his innocence he sometimes says the wrong things at the wrong time  that makes everyone burst out in laughter  in very compromising moments'. Loves his best friend Dev  a lot knows about his past supports him ' but for how long what will happen when he finds out Dev's dangerous eyes have been laid on one of his sisters  will their friendship stay the same  will he give his sister to him even after knowing the real Dev?

Kanika Oberoi Sharma 

35yrs old senior doctor aka known as Hitler in Sanjeevani  because when comes to being  a doctor and  saving patients lives there is no compromises ..

 she is a pefect example of class and elegance, woman  of today..confident, responsible ,smug at times..she is beautiful and knows it because of that yugesh fell for her she 'feels lucky having a hubby that dotes on her 'he treats like a  queen.. she has the upper hand in marriage it her way or  the highway' she is very close to her SIL's they are like her sisters 'she has a mind of her own she always believes what she sees '  she will tell you exactly what she feels ..

she either likes you or hates you no middle way 'she thinks with her mind not heart.. she thinks that the  Raichand brothers are good guys but feels something is fishy but doesn't want believe it is close to Raichand bros they are  her friends'.. will she support her hubby or SIL's , or friends when it comes to  knowing the truth about the Raichand bros and her SIL  love life'.is expecting her and Yugesh   2nd  baby 'always been moody but now her hormones are running even more wild

Vidhi Sharma: 25yrs old second oldest daughter working in new York coming back to india  and working in her best friends Goldie’s (known her since diaper days) Fashion house as a Model / design

and got closer in NYC where they were studying fashion design. Is very close to her family she is the woman of today ' modern , confident , independent when she wants to be knows the way of the world  is a big girl she thinks she can handle herself in any situation she is put in that is till she  meets Dev she is not use to people controlling her  she only listens to her bhaijaan  no one else , close to her sisters and bhabhi / best friend Kanika 

'. She is the type of girl who loves to feel lady anything sexy she will rock she’s a model ! She’s very comfortable in western clothes.. she loves her freedom she ' knows how and when to work her girl  charm ' she makes a lot of guys heads turn when she walk in a room loves to be the eye candy of the guys ' wants to fall in love but doesn't realize what she is getting to when she falls for Dev was her  yugesh bhai  right for warning her to stay away? '

Priya  Sharma :28yrs old, oldest of the sisters  3years  older to the sweet heart of the family Vidhi  full  on Punjabi ki sherni '. She is the kind girl who will make one dance to her tunes' full of masti and fun total bidass' loves to worry her bf /will be hubby Abhi she is the type of girl who will say anything to anyone very blunt but doesn't hurt anyone'. Modern yet desi at heart a total kid  .

Finished her internship doing her residency at Sanjeevani . she is a great doctor'. Loves to joke around close to her family ' her and her bro are the laughter track of the group ' never a dull moment when she is around

loves to fight with Abhi she feels  his jealousy is just his love but ' till what limt? She cant understand why her bhai doesn't like her dating Abhi ' he always says there is much more to the Raichand brothers then you girls know be careful but why ' Abhi  is a gem of a person so she thinks 

Anaaya  Sharma :24yrs old 15 months younger to her Vidhi di just finished her degree in marketing and advertising is working at Raichand Media as a ad designer. She is the baby of the family 'her bro and sisters n bhabi have protected her a lot from the real world ' she is still very innoncet only sees good in people.

 Trust people very easily she is different from her sisters she is a mix of both her sisters comfortable in Western clotheslikes to look hot   Is a glam doll but when its need she knows how to become a desi girl  and turn heads beauty is in her blood she too is very pretty' she best fits the phrase  firecracker 

 Even though she is sweet caring and kind hearted ,she too has a fun side to her loves to joke and play pranks on people knows how to let loose and have a good time .. can't stand Rishi who always irritates her they are always at each other's throats . But every love story starts with hatred then becomes love ' will she fall for him and if so is he the right one for this delicate darling who isn't use to having her life controlled she is use to freedom but for some reason she always has to let Rishi  know where she is and with who and he is just a friend but he demands it out of her.

Side roles yet important ones

Arjun Oberoi: 27 yrs heir of the Oberoi architecture. Architect tycoon /industrialists  also a photographer as a hobby .  He is also in the 100 most eligible 

bachelors in India according to 100 most sexiest business men . He ranked at number 7

He handsome, intelligent, respectful ,A true gentleman Vidhi 's partner in crime, flirt dedicated Architect and loads of fun Kanika’s  brother and Vidhi 's childhood friend from  NYC

Sidharth khanna :27yrs old senior doctor good looking ,sweet simple guy next door type a hopeless romantic  gentleman flirty is charmer Priya’s childhood friend cares for her a lot

Jeh Kapoor :25yrs old working at Oberoi Architecture as a adverting head . A cute chocolate boy , full of masti, flirt loves to cook , sweetheart, Anaaya's bestfriend from school days

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Concept pg1 

Character sketch pg1

Teaser pg 1 

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2hrs before

His voice boomed in the entire  House as he Yelled her name Vidhiiii!   His eyes were filled with anger as they twitched  his jaw clamped close yet his face showed how upset he was his both fists balled up  he was fuming  at the sight infront of him 

She Knew now all Hell is about to be let loose.

She didn't know what to expect or how she was going to control this situation.

 Dev had always been unpredictable  in his anger only Milapani Ma knew how he would react, but she knew today something horrible would be the result of his anger she had never seen him like this before.

Reason being the uncompromising way she was in and who she was with made him flip he had lost his power to think calmly and understand what was happening.


"Milapani Ma  please please help me how did  know where I was he  and how will I explain   " she silently did dua due to shock she hadn't even moved from where she was .

they were cuddled on the sofa her head in his lap his arms on her waist and head


He charged towards her and pulled her out of his Arms

And shoved Arjun away

 he looked at her up and down her disheveled hair and what the hell was she wearing a sleeveless sun dress that hit mid thigh it  made him even more upset.

He shot daggers at both of them with his eyesIt was pin drop silence Finally she spoke Dev listen  to me calmly  jaan  I know this doesn't look right but" she was cut off  mid way


He looked at her and pointed a finger to her to stop


" Don't  just Don't bother to explain  I don't want hear a thing  Ghar Chalo" said a fuming Dev (he grabbed her hand and was about to leave with her when)


"Dev listen to her let her explain it really isn't how it looks if you don't talk this out things will get out of hand uski baat tho sun lo  " says Arjun 


He left her hand and  charged forward and grabbed his collar and pinned him to the wall his  forearm  pinned to his neck and jaw . Arjun was gasping for breath

"Don't you !%[email protected]  Dare interfere in this and how dare you  touch my wife mere biwi hai woh mere! Got that ... I only I have that right  you bloody @#$%&" blasted Dev


Arjun was trying to pull his arm away but 

he was pinned to the wall

 Vidhi ran toward Dev even though in such a halat she shouldn't be running


"Dev  leave him Dev  charo usko charo I said leave him "  she was trying to pull him off  of Arjun 


"No Vidhi I will not and how dare you uski itni Fikhar  kyun why are you so worried usko tho aaj I won't Spare him." In a  low angry tone


She grabbed his arm turned him around and  gave him one tight slap


after manageing to get him off Arjun   who was holding his neck   and gasping for breath


Dev  stood there with his hand on his cheek his eyes were spitting venom


She moved near Arjun and gave him water


"Oh God are you ok let me see dehke ne do" she said. That was it he walked over to her picked her up in his arms and walked out of the house


The Drive was complete   Silence


They reached home he opened his door and banged it he opened her door pulled her hand he pulled her all the way up to their room


And shut the door


"What were you doing in his House? and Tumne Vidhi Muhjse jhoot kaha you lied ki you were with Kanika Bhabi shopping for your  baby shower then stay at your maayka"


"Dev I did not lie really we had gone shopping par after that  we"


" Kya we what? And who is this WE? Arjun was also their" ? Answer me damn it!" Yelled Dev


"Yes Kyunki Bhai ko kaam tha tho Asad came along with bhabi and that is her brother I couldn't say anything" said Vidhi 


"couldn't or didn't want to " yelled Dev


"Dev we just went shopping then hum "


"Really just shopping my foot! Then tell me MY  darling   wife Vidhi  how the  hell did you end up sleeping in his arms on his lap on the bloody sofa in his house! Roared Dev


"Dev please kaise baatein khe re ho tum chi I know it didn't seem right ad aap gussa ho par the truth isn't what you saw really" yelled Vidhi 


"Eyes don't lie Vidhi   what I saw you can't hide" barked Dev


(she cupped his face) "Dev really believe me I only love you and what you saw actually baat hai hai ki my head was pounding we had stopped at bhabi's maayka". " So she could get a few things her jewelry and then I didn't feel good  you know aise halat main kya hota hai na".  

"I felt dizzy and my head then bhabi got paged at hospital  she left me there when I felt better I would go back home". "Arjun just was massaging my head and I don't know when   I dozed off and I didn't even know he did aswell that is all really  please Dev trust me".



He clapped his hands what a story( he grabbed her face and jaw and squessed it looking at her n other hand he twisted in back of her

"Ahh Dev dard ho ra hai choro  "


"Good muhje bhi dard hua when I saw you two like that "

 "bull $h!t I saw the love you hav e for him the concern jab usko dard hua what did you do slapped me your husband shohar ko  uski liye for him  and you love me right pura din you where in his arms  uski bahon mein sukoon than a  and you love me "


"Dev let go jo bhi you want  do with me  fine par yeh baby pe asar hoga this can affect the baby it  can sense everything "

Baby mera hai bhi ya nahi kahin uska that bloody Kamina Arjun ka but was cut off by  when she elbowed him with her other hand .

He finally let go

She slapped him how could even think something like that Dev tumhe muhje jeete jeete mar diye aise baat khe kar you killed me by your words.

Acha hai I don’t care about you or that baby of you and your lovers  . Tum aur tumhara bacha jiye ya margaye I don’t care yells  Dev 


Vidhi is crying screaming this our baby Dev yours please believe me  don’t do something you will regret please ..

Aao come" he pulled her one hand  tigtly ith her hand and other hand he grabbed her hair  and opened the door and pulled her out of room

Dev please mat karo aise please leave me yells Vidhi 


" bhai choro bhabi ko leave her yelled Rishi


Abhi bhai ,Mom , goldi Priya Bhabi jaldi aaao yelled Rishi 



they were walking really fast down the stairs "Dev slowly please kya kare ho choro"

"No ab chalo" he yelled

Dev leave her Vidhi  ko chro said Satyavati  


No Mom tum sab don't interfere yeh husband and wife ki beech ki baat hai "


Abhi  was trying to pull Dev  away


 Dev bhai mat karo calm down leave bhabi yells Rishi 

Priya tries to help Vidhi 

Dev leave my sister choro usko she is pregnant Kuch ho Sak  tha leave her . Yells priya

  Bhai leave Vidhi  yells goldi she is trying to push him away 

"Yugesh  kahan hoo jaldi aao Dev   Vidhi ko tum bas jaldi aao" said Satyavati 


Dev please slowly  says Vidhi 

 he was looking at her what slowly chalo  jaao uske pass raho uski bahoon mein"


"Dev  leave her she is pregnant" yelled Satyavati 


and he didn't realize it but he yanked her hand to hard  and let go of her hair forcefully that the next minute


She slipped and was rolling down the  stairs it all happened so fast


 "Ahhh"  she was in excruciating Pain And bleeding 


Abhi, Rishi  and  priya , Goldie , Satyavati ran to her Dev was in shock looking at her lying on the floor in pain suddenly  she was  unconscious


Satyavati    was rubbing her hands  Vidhi talk to me Vidhi don’t lose consciousness Vidhi . Rishi  yugesh call karo ki OT  ready rak  ne abhi  get the car . Dev what are you doing standing there come pick up Vidhi jaldi hospital jaana


Dr. Kirti priya here my sister had a bad fall page dr malik her OBGYN we are on are way . 


How could he this can't be happening not again why cant he control himself he thought'he loved her was this his love. No it couldn't be if you love someone  then  because of you they wouldn't end up in a ICU at a hospital.


Outside ICU

Doctor comes out

"  Vidhi how is she now she isn't badly hurt na she will be alright na " says Dev

"Don't  you even dare to say my sisters name from your mouth  I'm there for her there is no need for you to care for her 

Dr Sid  how is Vidhi says yugesh 


" please yeh hospital hai  this not the time for this both of you  please calm down  ' yugesh bhai Vidhi   is out of danger she is  fine don't worry there was a lot of loss of blood but she is stable now." Says Sid 


"Thank  you god  " says everyone


 "but bhai woh  I'm so sorry we couldn't  save the babies' she had a miscarriage  we will have to keep her under observation for a few days she is still very weak .. you all can see her now .. but please no stress  says dr Sid 


"What Babies"? says Satyavati 

 "Ji haan she was expecting twins" says Sid 

" Miscarriage .. Twins What noo  .. noo please  noo god  this can't be happening" says Dev 


"Oh god " says Satyavati 


"How will we tell her ki uski bache poor Vidhi kis ma ki liye yeh suna wont be easy" says Kanika 


Dev  is about to walk in the room

" No  don't you dare stay away from her  after what you did  I will not allow you  near her '(looking at Abhi   and rishi) and not even your two brothers  they too better stay away from priya and Anaaya understood". Says yugesh 


"Yugesh I know you are  upset at me and you have every right to be but please let me meet her please she is my wife  and for my fault why are you making Abhi stay away from his wife priya  and rishi  stay from Anaaya. I need to meet her please "begs Dev


"No Dev you've only seen my good side don't make me show you my ugly side I'm warning you stay away from my family all of you you have done enough damage."

  Priya tum us ghar mein you and Vidhi are not going back understood yells yugesh 

Abhi  and Rishi  walk near priya and Anaaya


 Kanika comes in front: "didn't you hear my husband stay away from us got it

(walks to Dev slaps him) this just a small trailer  if you or you brothers come near priya  , Anaaya or Vidhi   there will much more than that..

I cant believe I trusted you more them yugesh he was right you boys aren't what you show to be .


Yugesh(moves Kanika behind him): Jaan  don't be near him we cant lose our child either  says yugesh 


"Yugesh kya mein Vidhi se" asks  Satyavati 


He nods


They all go in side except for Raichand bros


"Damn it they dare not stop me she is my wife " yells Dev 

Dev  walks in  Abhi and Rishi  follow


Vidhi see him

Vidhi (yelling top of her lungs): you stay away from me  bhai get this killer away from me he killed my baby get out leave just go away 


"Vidhi baby nahi babies twins hone wale " says Kanika 

"Kya twins"

"killer Vidhi   what they were my babies to I didn't mean to " he was cut

Your babies ? Bhai jab fight  ho re thi he said that this baby is mine and Arjun’s and if me or my baby live or die he doesn’t care he was pulling out of the room to go take me to Arjun  cry’s Vidhi 

 Enough leave now out yells yugesh 

 Arjun walks in the room 

Vidhi omg yeh kya hua he looks at Dev about charge at him 



Vidhi screaming at top of her lungs  "bhai you were right he is a monster  he killed my Babies Devvant  Dev Raichand  we are  done I don't ever want see this murderer again get outtt!"yells Vidhi 

Arjun grabs Dev and is beating him 

How dare you do this you bloody psycho you will be sorry yells Arjun 


Dev is fuming he takes the tray table and pins arjun to the bed choking him .

You it’s all your fault you kamina yells Dev Aaj tu tho gaya mere haath se mar doon ga tuhje yells Dev.

Vidhi is screaming bhai Kuch Karoo Arjunnnnnnnn

Dev is looking at her he let’s go 

Vidhi main hoon Tera pati your husband damn it not Arjun. Screams Dev

You are nothing but the killer of my babies and haan you are nothing to me I hate you Dev and Arjun husband Abhi nahi hai but divorce ke baad  he will be yells Vidhi 

Haan Vidhi I should have gotten you married to Arjun but tum bhaag ke shaadi ki iss monster ki saath.

Arjun mere bhen ka rishta  but he is cut off

 Arjun tho gaya  he charges at him ready to choke him when 

Satyavati   grabs  Dev by the collar and pulls him out of the room

Do commentColored Text

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wow this is really intense and interesting, can't wait for the next update! you really outdid yourself with this omg

Posted: 2 months ago

This was intense and serious.

Dev seems very possesive and jealous type. Hope he realize his mistake.

And one correction its milapani maa not milapati. Could be a spelling mistake I guess.

Posted: 2 months ago

Hi sweetie it was a typo I’m updating from my cell that’s why I’ll edit though thank you for catching it 

Posted: 2 months ago

Aww thank you so much sweetie I worked really hard on this I’m glad you liked it means so much to me 

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 

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