Kangana Says Tunisha Sharma's suicide is a Murder

Posted: 9 months ago

What took her so long?

She must be slipping...

Posted: 9 months ago

The death was suspicious that she killed herself in a co-star's room

However, Kangana has lost the plot 

Posted: 9 months ago

This way, even if there's an actual murder, all the murderer would have to do is instigate Kangu.

The moment she spouts it, everyone will believe the exact opposite 

Annoying woman. 

Posted: 9 months ago

Kangana actually sees every woman as a victim like herself when she got heartbroken due to Aditya and HR.

And she sees every outsider also as a victim which is why she related to SSR so much and thinks it is industry or society or men in power who drive women or outsiders to suicide or it is not suicide but institutional murder.

Kind of like how 3 Idiots has Aamir call student suicides as murders by parents and principals or deans' pressure. 

Posted: 9 months ago


You give too much credit to Kangu. My diagnosis: she sees everyone as an opportunity.

Each of these incidents is a step up the ladder for her to her rightful place as emperor of the universe. 

Edited by HearMeRoar - 9 months ago
Posted: 9 months ago


I have said so on basis of lengthy notes Kangana writes when cases like Tunisha suicide, Shraddha murder or SSR suicide happen. The language she uses especially about women heartbroken in love or their belief shaken or reality questioned, makes it evident that she relates all such incidents to herself. She still views herself also as someone who was wronged or fooled or used and believes she paid price for being young or woman or outsider or being in love.

She rambles and this rambling is sign of her own psychological issues.

Of course she may seem like opportunist but she also sees herself as someone exposing the system like some lone crusader. I think her hyper religiosity and excessive temple visits are also part of coping mechanism. As if some divine intervention helped her survive.  

She is not as clever as people think. That she will be some emperor or something. She even wasted favours she got from BJP or else she would probably get a ticket to contest polls. She is temperamental and impulsive. Still not past her past. She does not even have empathy for all women and outsiders but whenever she sees a confirmed victim like someone who is dead, she begins to relate herself to them. 

I see her as someone who needs therapy. She needs sustained therapy for longer period of time to get past her issues. She is still obsessed and fixated with people and incidents from her past.

I am not supporting her but I see her as someone who is clearly disturbed and carrying open wounds which is why she either fights with proverbial movie mafia or projects hate on rest of the world in name of nationalism or religion or caste. 

She sees herself as victim who needs to defend self or relate to pain of other victims (it is different matter she needs to see confirmed victims like deceased ones and not live ones). Forever seeing self as victim is also a disorder.

Posted: 9 months ago

Just appoint Kangana the chief of police and have her solve all murders 

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