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Posted: 5 months ago

I am trying to write something for ViDev , not the family dramas as it is troubling me a lot.  For a change I am trying on it. So here comes the first part. Please read and drop your views.

Part 1

At Raichand Group of Companies

Dev : You are selected Miss Vidhi Sharma. 

Vidhi: Thank you Sir. 

Dev : Aap kal se join kar sakti hein Accounts Department mein. 

Kanika: Congrats Vidhi, waise Tum Mumbai mein nayi ho , accommodation kaa kuch intezam ho chuka hein kya ? 

Vidhi: No Mam.

Dev : Mein staff quarters mein rehta hoon wahan pe toh yeh reh sakti hein.

Kanika: Tumhare saath Dev.

Yogesh; Mujhe nahi pata thaa kee 40s ke bachelorship mein tumhein yeh bhi .....

Dev : Shut up Yogesh. 

Vidhi ; Mein khud dhoondh lungi.

Dev : Uski zarurat nahi. Tum staff quarters pe reh sakti ho. Wahan bahut saare rooms hein..Mein bhi Mumbai kaa nahi hoon. Yeh main office yahan hein , isliye reh Raha hoon. Meri family actually Indore mein hein.

Vidhi: Sir mere family bhi Indore mein hein...

Dev : That's nice. Anyways Kanika make her comfortable. Staff quarters leke jawo.

Vidhi went with Kanika and seeing the staff quarters she felt it like a resort. 

Vidhi: Mam, kitne log rehte hein iss quarters pe?

Kanika: Tumhein joh room dikhaye jaayenge tum uss mein tum reh lo . Dekh lo sab theek hein kee nahi. Aur kisi facilities kee kami hein toh bata do. Got it? 

Vidhi: Yes Mam 

At the third floor Vidhi saw her room. With Kanika's instruction an attendor fixed the name plate  out of her room..Vidhi read her name in golden letters at that one and smiled. Her eyes went at the opposite door and she was surprised to see the name there because it was Dev Raichand. 

Vidhi: Sir uss room mein rehte hein? 

Kanika: Yes, koyi problem hein ? 

Vidhi: Meri room change ho sakti hein kya ? 

Kanika: Koyi problem hein? 

Vidhi : Problem nahi, thoda sa dar hein. Matlab Dev Sir is our boss. Mein office ke liye niklungi toh Roz unko hi dekhungi.

Kanika: Toh !!

Vidhi ; Woh kabhi tensed ho jaati hun....

Kanika: Relax Vidhi. Dev is a nice person. Itna stubborn nahi hein. Tum Jaan pawogi dheere dheere. Yeh lo room kee keys. 

Vidhi: Thanks Mam. 

Kanika: Tumhein time pe khaana , paani sab mil jayega. 

Vidhi: Toh kya self cooking nahi kar sakti? 

Kanika : Uski zarurat nahi. Har rooms pe waqt pe khaana pahunchte hein saare employees ko. Dev saare facilities kaa dhyaan rakhte hein. 

Vidhi: Bahut acche hein Dev Sir.

Kanika : That's true. Abb tum apni room mein Jawon aur rest kar lo. Kal ek nayi shuruwat karni hein naa tumhein ...So all the best Vidhi. 

Vidhi: Thankyou Mam.

As Kanika leaves Vidhi entered her room and looked the whole room in a glance. 

After some time, Vidhi heard some one knocking the door. She was in her night dress and without much thought she opened the door. To her surprise it was Dev. Vidhi suddenly looked herself and looked Dev. Dev looked her with his magnificent eyes. 

Vidhi : Sir Aap

Dev : Is everything okay? Room theek hein naa? 

Vidhi nodded her head. 

Dev ; I am sorry itni raat ko disturb nahi karna chahiye tha. But mein apne company kee saare employees kaa dhyaan rakhta hoon. Tum nayi aayi ho and mujhe bas poochna thaa kee Are you feeling comfortable? 

Vidhi was taking breath faster. 

Vidhi: Sab theek hein....Mein woh....raat ko  dress....

Dev : Actually I went to meet a client. Toh aane mein late ho gaya.....Again mujhe aana nahi chahiye tha... Sorry...And good night.

Vidhi : Good night Sir.

Saying this Vidhi quickly shut the door. 

Vidhi thought: He didn't looked me in a wrong way. Why I am feeling hell nervous? Raat ko apni room mein Mein joh chahe pehan sakti hun..Sir bhi kya overcoat pehanke sote honge ? Nahin naa, waise mein itna soch kyun rahi hun? 

She then went to sleep. On the other hand at the opposite room Dev was thinking: Kya soch rahi hogi mere baare mein? Mein kal subah bhi toh pooch sakta thaa kee usse koyi takleef toh nahi ? Aise midnight mein door knock karenge toh koyi bhi ladki ke liye.....Itna soch kyun Raha hoon mein? Mein sorry bhi keh chuka hoon aur wajah bhi bata Chuka hoon. Toh meri galti nahi hein...Haan....par shayad....usse uncomfortable laga kya ? 

Next day morning

Vidhi locked her room and at the same time she saw Dev also locking his room. Both of them were ready to go office. 

Vidhi: Good morning Sir

Dev : Good morning Miss Vidhi. 

Meanwhile from other rooms some other staff also came there. 

Dev : Tum inke saath company ke cab  mein aa sakti ho office....

Dev smiled and Vidhi nodded her head. 

As Dev left Vidhi stood and watched the way he was walking towards the lift..

A girl touched Vidhi's shoulder.

" Hi I am Anaya. Jaana nahi kya office mein",

Vidhi: Sure. 

Anaya : Toh saath mein chalte hain. Let's be friends

Vidhi smiled and shook her hand with her. 

Vidhi was very sincere at her work and Dev was much impressed with it. One week passed and when Vidhi was standing in Dev's cabin to get his signatures at the file she was looking her watch again and again. 

Dev : Time badal toh nahi jaayega baar baar ghadi dekhne se. 

Vidhi: Sir woh woh...

Dev : Kahin jaana hein ? 

Vidhi; Yes Sir. Actually mein abhi niklungi naa toh mujhe train mil sakti hein. Mmhh weekend hein toh Ghar jaana hein.

Dev : Har weekends pe jaana padega? 

Vidhi: Pata nahi Sir. Paapa ne bulaya hein toh jaana hein bas. 

Dev : Ho gaya signatures..Mein tumhein railway station drop karta hoon.

Vidhi: Sir aap

Dev : Kyun ? Is there any problem? 

Vidhi: No Sir. Actually mein koyi rickshaw dhoondne ke chakkar mein rahungi toh mujhe milega hi nahi....

Dev : Chalo phir

Dev and Vidhi took seats on the car. It was the first time she was traveling with her boss. 

Dev : Kaisa laga Mumbai? 

Vidhi: Sir abhi kuch keh nahi pawungi. Yahan Khaogali jaise koyi place hein kya? 

Dev : Khaogali!!

Vidhi: Haan Indore mein hein naa.... Wahan gol gappe, channa bhature aur bhannat chai milte hein.

Dev : Bhannat matlab

Vidhi : Matlab accha

Dev ; Bas aise hi

Vidhi: Yes.

Vidhi looked downward and started thinking

Mein bhi kya bol rahi hoon. He is my boss..

Aise baatein nahi karni chahiye mujhe.

Dev : Pahunch gaya? 

Vidhi: Kahan ? 

Dev : Railway station.Tum ne hi kaha thaa tumhein der ho rahi hein.

Vidhi pat her head and said: Haan. Thank you Sir. 

Vidhi took her bags and Dev waved his hand with a smile and drove back.

Dev was smiling over the way about the things which she mentioned about Khaogali. Bhannat, kuch toh hein uss mein....

To be continued πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„



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Posted: 5 months ago

Tagging more , please read and drop your views 

Posted: 5 months ago

Mai apni class mai beth kr yeh read kr rhi hun and I can't control my facial expressions I am probably looking constipated because so far every story has been awsome and this too looks promising I am excited bohat axha tha thank yousmiley27....I think you are finally feeling goodsmiley31

Posted: 5 months ago

Thanks 😊..My hubby was telling me tum likho , likho likho bolke mood ko theek kiya. Mujhe daant padi thi kee NUKSH dekhne ke liye, pehle saath mein donon dekhte the. But abb he has almost said goodbye to this. And mein unki salah maanti hun, episodes dekhne se accha hein kee kuch FF likhne ko try kare. At least imagine toh kar sakte hein ViDev yeh karenge woh karenge .

Posted: 5 months ago

Very very beautiful❀😍

Tumhare ideas kamaal k hain. This is quite fresh. 

Thanks for tagging me revusmiley1

Posted: 5 months ago

Wow very nice dear.  Dev in staff quarters. Hmm. Nice start. Now waiting for next update. smiley28πŸ‘ŒπŸ€  thanks for tagging me.  πŸ₯°

Edited by sumaishu - 5 months ago
Posted: 5 months ago

Thanks a lot 😊 Parud.

Posted: 5 months ago

Thanks a lot Sumaishu ☺️

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 

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