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Happy Birrhday Hina.jpeg

Once upon a time in a land ruled by kings and queens, there lived a cheerful girl who took whatever the world threw at her in her stride. And then lobbed it back nonchalantly with a cheeky glint in her eye. 


She was calm and temperate and fair to all as she skipped and twirled her way through life. Her darling cat firmly by her side, ready with a swish of a paw and a disdainful look at anyone who dared to cross her mistress.


But, there was one thing amidst all this moderate outlook that made her heart race, and butterflies flutter in her stomach, and angels strum harps in her ears, and stars cascade in her eyes… or rather, there was one person. 


Gaurav Khanna. 


It had been a classic tale of love at first sight. One look and this girl’s heart had been lost forever. 

The more she came to know him, and know of him, the deeper she fell. If you were to ask her what it was about him that captured her imagination, she would just give a soft smile and her eyes would glaze over. Her heart and mind subsumed once again in the memory of that last chat, that last glimpse.


While she was enamoured of the whole of him, there was one part that made her go all wobbly at the knees. And that, ladies and gents, was his seena. The breadth of it left her breathless. The smoothness of it left her all agitated. His clavicle, that lovingly delineated the top of that seena, left her enthralled with the perfection of its curvature. His… I’ll stop now cause I’m sure you get the picture :-) 

Now, if there was one thing this girl really, really wanted, it was a chance to be in charge of a space where she could fangirl to her heart's content with like minded pankhis. And, as we know, agar kissi cheez ko dil se chaho toh puri qayanat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai. And so it came to pass that the qayanat did try and her wish did come true.


There was salivating and fangirling galore in the streets of IF. Thread after thread was woven to dissect and analyse every inch of her hero. Territories were marked amid heated arguments. Each tilt of the head was pored over, every spectacle change debated endlessly. Cries of uff uff uff echoed everywhere you turned, with threads awash with her hero standing, sitting, walking, laughing, loving, swooning… his red steed providing the perfect backdrop to his posturing. 


And she was there through it all, steering the newbies and reeling in the mutinous with a firm yet gentle hand. Biology lessons were the order of the day under her tutorship. With fellow pankhis being willingly swept along in the exuberance she whipped up as if by magic. She was possessed of an uncanny knack of making sure she included all and sundry in her enthusiasm. 


But, as is the way of all things good where the egos of men are involved, winds of change began to sweep in. There were rumblings of dastardly plots and vengeful actions. Her hero was garnering way too much adoration for some. He was reeled in slowly but surely. Her heart could not bear to see him reduced to a mere mouthpiece and she reluctantly tore herself away from her happy place. Leaving it rudderless to toss wildly on stormy seas.

And then came December and with it came an early Christmas miracle. Her hero suddenly remembered his pankhi’s special day was drawing close. He shrugged on his jacket, undid a couple more buttons of his shirt, dusted the cobwebs off his swagger and let rip! 


After all it was his Hina’s happy wala birthday and damned if he wasn’t going to make it special for her!  He smiled fondly as he remembered how her birthday led into his seamlessly. The qayanat had it all planned well before it was invoked. 


Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday, dear Hina smiley40  

Hope you have a wonderful day and a blessed year smiley31

And that we see more of you here again. Whipping up fun in your inimitable style smiley27


Love always, 



 But, where are you, damnit?! 


Posted: 3 months ago

Happy birthday Hinz!smiley31

Even though I am a bit of a silent reader on the forum it is always a joy to read your humorous posts. I wish you all the best for your birthday and hope you enjoy it to the max!!! Have fun!!smiley40

Posted: 3 months ago

Happy birthday 🎊 

Keep smiling kyon ki..

Posted: 3 months ago

A very happy birthday dear Hina .have a blissful year ahead.

Posted: 3 months ago

Happy Birthday Hina!!  smiley27smiley31

Ruchi - as usual, a beautiful birthday writeup. Thanks for the tag!smiley27

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Posted: 3 months ago

Happy Birthday Hina🎂🎉💐🍫🍫🍫enjoy your day 🎊have a fun 😊 💃💃


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