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Posted: 2 months ago

I feel Kadambari's character could have been very interesting and  had a lot of potential instead of turning her outright villainous. This is my attempt to write an OS(which turned into TS while writing 🤭😂) mainly by focusing on her character. My version of Kaddu is not so heartless.


Kadambari is very happy after the court hearing.  After a lot of time being heartbroken, abused and abandoned and struggling to make her ends meet, she has managed to earn a lot more money than required to lead a comfortable life. She also acquired a lot of power with her profession. She had learned from her experiences that,  emotions, vulnerability, love- all those are nothing but weakness; nobody cares or respects a person if they have these weaknesses. Now that she has become rich and powerful, she is respected and feared and she enjoys the control she has over her own life and on others. She suffered enough when she gave the threads of control of her life to her parents first and then to her ex and she wouldn't do the same mistake again. 

And then again she was surprised to learn that she can win a jackpot in the form of her father's property but the only hurdle is obtaining that is winning the custody of her biological daughter against that one girl Indu who once came to her rescue when nobody else did. She has killed the place in her heart for guilt and this time too she did not allow herself to be guilty. She was really bitter about her father's decision. She once coped up with the hatred by her own father and now again he had to do this. If he actually realised his mistake that he committed with 'her', then why not just give the property to 'her', why her daughter. Or it was even ok if he never realised. At least she was happy in her own life right? Now that she learnt about the property, can she stop her greed for the money? 

Kadambari's father was wrong in taking this situation, but she didn't yet realise that this one wrong decision which now is like a thorn in her path will actually change her life for ever,  and for the good.

 More money means more power and more control. Although she somehow knew she by becoming extremely materialistic has lost her inner peace but she chosed to ignore this feeling whenever it occurred now and then until it became totally dormant. Now with the licence given by the court to meet her daughter, she is one step nearer to become extremely rich and powerful.

That night, Kadambari is on her way to meet her daughter. She tried to convince herself that she only wants to pretend being interested in her daughter to gain the property but in reality she was really excited. Excited to meet her little daughter after 6 years of separation. She regrets scaring her daughter in their first meet in her school, now fearing if that would somehow stop her from obtaining the property on which she actually has the right to. She did not want to admit that she wanted to know everything that took place in her daughter Zoon's life during her absence. 

'Zoon'- she fondly took the name with a smile.

As she entered the house of Rainas, Zoon, who was playing with a teddy bear immediately limped towards her mother Indu on seeing her, trying to avoid her.  She kind of expected that after their not-so-sweet encounter in the school but what she didn't expect was the prick that she felt in her heart. She tried to convince herself that she felt bad because it will be difficult for her case.

Kadambari(awkwarly, obviously not knowing how to talk to a child )- Zoon, beta mai tumhari maa aayi hoon, tumse milne, please mere paas aao.

Zoon- Mere Maa sirf Mouj hai, aap nahi. Aap acchi aunty nahi ho, aap acchi tarah baat v nahi karte. 

Kaddu(the word aunty again pricked her, although she didn't accept it)- Nahi, meri..

Indu(although reluctant to allow Zoon to meet Kaddu, she knew she has to)- Dekho Zoon, maine uss din tumhe Krishnaji ke Devki maa aur Yashoda maa k baare mai batayi thi na, agar mai Yashoda ma hu, toh tumhari Devki maa na wo aunty hai.

Zoon- Nahi sirf aap mere Mouj ho.

Indu- Nahi Soon esse nahi kehte, jao aunty, nahi wo apni Devki mouj ke paas.

Zoon- Thik hai, mai jaungi par mai usse mouj nahi bulaungi. Mai usse aunty kahungi. Sirf aap keh rahe hai isliye jaa rahi hu.

Indu- Thik hai, tum good girl ho na, ab baat karo jao.

Zoon slowly went towards the sofa Kaddu sat by that time. Kaddu felt like hugging Zoon once she was near but again, she couldn't show her emotions right. She only held Zoon's hand. Kaddu now looked at Zoon and was overwhelmed. Nobody could stop feeling for the little bundle of happiness, then again Kaddu gave birth to her. She couldn't believe that she was the same little whom she carried in her own womb for 9 months. She couldn't believe that Zoon was a part of her own flesh and had her blood running in her veins. Then again she tried to remind herself that she came here only for the property.15 days later was the court hearing and she had to win the case.  While Indu kept her distance from Kaddu clearly showing her displeasure at her return.

It has been a week since the first hearing and since Kadambari started meeting Zoon and at least for an hour each day, even if she had a busy day. The sweet little girl was successful to melt the stone- hearted Kadambari's heart and now Kaddu decided that not only she wanted the property, she genuinely wanted her daughter back too. Kaddu has no one else in her life other than Zoon as her family. She regretted missing so much time away from her daughter's life and her sweet moments. Whatever might be the case, she is a mother, and it is  very rare for a mother not to love their child. Today she was very angry on Sameer too. Due to him her daughter's name was dragged in the controversial news too.  Then she realised, didn't she do the same to her daughter in- EK DIN KA BAAP news? And moreover, she feared for her own reputation too. She doesn't want any bad news in her name too as she has fallen in love with the power and her very high image in the media.

Sameer was very frustrated because he helped Kadambari in knowing about Zoon. In return he hoped a huge share in the property by wooing her. But since that day Kaddu almost forgot about him and was almost dedicating any of her free time to Zoon. So he devised a plan targetting both her and his most hated person Ritesh. Sameer leaked about the custody case in the media with clearly revealing Zoon's identity . Moreover, he contributed some false additions.-

XYZ media house k manager(or owner? I forgot)Kadambari Patel ki hai ek Najayaj beti. Par kyun Superstar Ritesh Malhotra ka hai uss bacchi pe najar? Kya Ritesh hai Kadambari k purane premik? Kya wahi hai Zoon ke pita? Zoon Raina, Zoon Patel ya phir Zoon Malhotra? Kya decide kar payenge  court?

As soon as Kadambari first this heard news, her blood boiled, she tried her best to limit it but the damage was already done. The rumours if not propagated through the news channels, could not be erased from the social media. Both Indu and Ritesh initially blamed Kadambari but later realised she was not at fault. This false news was more believable as the ex- like tiffs between Ritesh and Kaddu were already very well known by then. However, they still worked with each other as it benefited then in their business.

So Kaddu was very tensed and angry that day. Her visit to her daughter only calmed her. In these days, Zoon too warmed up a bit with Kaddu though she still didn't trust her too much. Kadambari felt like laughing remembering Indu comparing her to Devki Maa when she was completely opposite to her. Devki maa reluctantly abandoned her child fearing for his  safety but on the other hand, she abandoned her daughter fearing for herself and without caring about her baby's safety. She can't ever be like Devki maa. But she is happy that at least through this explanation, she got to interact with her daughter now.

Now only two days are left for the hearing. As she already decided, she want her daughter back and  she will go to any lengths to do so. She was selfish and she knew that. So when she saw Indu that day, she ignored the guilt that she felt due to what she is going to do to Indu the next day so as to get back her daughter.

Kadambari is smart. She knows that although she will herself not reveal the court about the property will, there are chances that they would still know. And moreover, although she told she has been searching for her daughter all these 6  years , that day she would not be able to present any evidence of searching for her daughter or even Indu, despite having a media house to her aid. So she can't win by scoring points for herself. She  will have to remove Indu from the options instead. So that the biological mother would become the default choice. And  she learnt that Ritesh already stepped back after the first hearing after some of his so-called realisations which she doesn't care. Kaddu planned ahead but waited for the last moment to play the move so that Indu doesn't get enough time to come clean before the next hearing.

The next day there were charges filed against Indu for providing licence to a minor and was suspended from her work.

part-2 below.

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Posted: 2 months ago

Ignore this. 

Part 2 in next post.

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Posted: 2 months ago

PART -2 [(part 1 above)]

After Indu was suspended, Kaddu however was worried about Zoon. Zoon is also  sweet and soft hearted just like Indu and how Kaddu herself was initially. According to her good hearted people only suffer, just like she herself did and now Indu will do or what she heard about Mahesh-Indu or how Indu was suffering being a single unmarried mother.(Kaddu tried to gather as much information possible about Indu and Zoon for the purpose of the case).

Finally it was the day of the hearing. As Indu now has no job and that her reputation is also ruined, there was very thin chances of Indu winning the custody. She has also prepared a very unpleasant narrative about Zoon's accident blaming Indu for that. Moreover, Kaddu also brought witness that Indu once confessed of keeping Zoon out of compulsion with her  but even before she could present that witness, Ritesh presented two facts of Kaddu in the court out of which she was not ready for one.

Remorseful Ritesh was determined to help Indu gain Zoon's custody and as an act of penitence, he used his sources to find out about Kaddu. One was the much presumed property will but she was not worried about being exposed for the fake fraud case as she was very careful from Indu. But Ritesh doing the honours never crossed her mind as he stepped down from the case. Although Kadambari is smart but the smartest of culprits are bound to make silly mistakes sometimes despite taking so much precautions. And although Kaddu too was not very honest and genuine always, this was her worst deed done till now, crime against the girl who was once her saviour.

As Kadambari is brought to the witness box , she is terrified now. She might not only lose her daughter, the property, but  also her reputation and   everything that she work so hard to achieve, everything she build up with her blood and sweat. She quickly tried to think of an excuse but she realised that since she could not think straight out of fear  if her lie to save herself instead could have some loopholes and fall back on her. So she decided to be almost honest. Kaddu came to hate being vulnerable because it makes people being used and lowers their protection but now she has to use her own vulnerabilty to protect herself instead. She related to the judge everything about how much she suffered due to the abandonment, abuse, loneliness, poverty and how wrong it was of her father to do so when she is the rightful owner of the property and how she truly wanted her daughter. If she always suffered, how it was expected to be good enough. And she has no one to call her own other than Zoon and in desparation to attain her she took the step.Kaddu  spoke the truth but in a very exaggerated form, totally crying and playing victim with full drama so as to save herself and land herself in minimum trouble possible.

However, the judge was not a fool. On the other hand, she also acknowledged what Kaddu suffered. 

(Imp, I don't know lots about   law and court rules esp about property case and all so I might be a little wrong  in the later part, please correct me in case of errors)

So after this, the court announced the custody in Indu's favour. However, Kaddu is occasionally allowed to meet Zoon. And Kaddu is announced the power of attorney for the property until Zoon becomes a legal adult. Kaddu has to provide a definite amount for at least Zoon's basic expenses like education, health etc., especially all the required expenses for even better treatment of Zoon's legs. from her father's property which is actually in Zoon's name. Moreover, Kaddu also had to pay 10 lakhs to Indu for defamation for the false case filed on her.

Indu, Ritesh and Zoon are the happiest. Indu- Zoon are very happy that they got back together and will have no restrictions again and moreover this time legally. Ritesh is happy that he could do some of the attonement for the consequences of his thoughtless actions. All the Rainas are very joyful too. Indu decided to get her mother's jewellery back from Malhotras now paying a bit from the money she got from Kaddu. She also got her job back.

Kadambari is not very happy, but she is at peace which she didn't expect before. She at least could save herself now when she suddenly thought she was losing everything. She was however thankful, that she will still be able to have her daughter as a small part of her life at the least.  

And with time, she learnt to accept her fate. Initially for few months she was very bitter that she did not get Zoon . But with her visits to Zoon, she realised how well Indu took care of Zoon and she herself could have never done that. She is now at peace knowing her daughter is in the right hands unlike in the past when she at lonely nights did sometimes remember and wondered how and where  her daughter could have been, if she was even alive but was scared to search for her.  And about the property, Kaddu decided to take the opportunity now during the time she had  the power of attorney. She decided to borrow money from her daughter and invest, while returning back her daughter's original share and taking the profits for herself. In that way both would benefit. Kaddu can never be too selfless, she is not Indu and so she grabs every opportunity she gets.

Indu thanked Ritesh on the hearing day itself for helping her and she did allow Ritesh and Zoon to meet always. But gradually, Ritesh has started to take interest in Zoon's mother too. Initially Indu had her guards high against Ritesh too, but with time they were able to become friends. 


However, with Kadambari, Indu preferred to keep her distance as she couldn't forgive Kadambari after the false case on her. But she could not keep Zoon away from meeting her biological mother. So they were just cordial with each other. Initially Kadambari too was very bitter about Indu for not winning the custody case and limited only to the necessary interactions just like Indu. But only when she realised how well Indu cared for Zoon , which she could have never done, she instead began to develop feelings of gratitude lowering her bitter feelings. But she was too egoistic to ask forgiveness. It was only years later, on Zoon's insistence, both mothers decided to work out their differences only for their lovely daughter.  Isn't it strange? The girl abandoned by her biological father before and her biological mother just after her birth now has so many people desparate for her. 

13 years later

Kadambari wakes up in the morning to find her biological daughter sleeping near her. Indeed she is a really brave girl. With sheer determination, she has become capable of walking without support (yes this is possible and there are many examples of people being able to walk without support even after the doctor declared that they would never be able to walk in their life. The example I remember right now is the famous dancer Shakti Mohan. But Zoon was still able to walk with support and her age was also very less, so her chances of recovering are very high. )

And now after a week Zoon will move to Chennai to study BPT(Bachelor of Physiotherapy), inspired from her own life struggle and that of her paternal grandmother(Ritesh's mother). And before Zoon leaves, Kadambari requested her to spend at least 3-4 days in her house and therefore, here is Zoon  with her from last evening. Kaddu wants to spend very nice time with Zoon for these few days as now they will be able to meet after a very long time.

Everyone thought Zoon will become an actress just like her father Ritesh Malhotra but she aimed for something different. As the daughter of a superstar, she did get a chance for a role as a teenager in a daily soap, where she did a fair job, although not excellent, but after that she realised that this is not what she wanted to pursue as her career .

Yes, Indu Raina and Ritesh Malhotra did get knotted into a love marriage after three years of Indu winning the custody and Zoon even has a little brother younger than her by ten years whom she loves very dearly.

With time Kadambari Patel did improve a lot. Also, Kaddu learnt an important lesson from Indu, that she herself suffered so much not because she was good hearted, but because of her foolishness. Indu was soft hearted too, but she stood her ground when required unlike what Kadambari did in her initial years.  Ritesh and Indu were not always the ideal couple, they did have differences and with time their relationship improved. Witnessing their life, Kaddu realised where she went wrong in her relationship. She was too blind in love and gave every control to her partner. She was always the one to sacrifice or compromise and bear everything in the name of love. But Indu and Ritesh knew when to compromise and when to stand their ground. They still did mistakes, they were not perfect but improved with time. Unlike her where the whole control was given to the other person and she swayed in whichever direction he threw her. But her parents were also at fault here. They never treated her well  or gave much attention to her life only because she was a girl and when she got a little attention from her ex, she went crazy.However, she was never able to trust anyone else to choose as her life partner and decided to remain alone for life yes, she is still materialistic now. There is nothing wrong there right? Because she also has a heart now, unlike what once she turned into right after her tragedy.

Before, Zoon's entry in her life, she was advancing towards a dangerous path. She was losing all her emotions, and feelings turning into more and more stone- hearted in her bitterness. She even filed a false case in Indu's name, the same girl who came to her rescue when no one did. Thankfully she returned back to the right direction before it was too late. Harming others never makes one's life happy. 

She recalled how years back, Sameer was caught trying to defame Ritesh once again in drug case. And when he was caught this time, the other actress who was falsely accused the first time was proved to be innocent. After this, Malhotras threw him out and  no one offered him work after his reputation spoiled. He turned mad and dangerous after this and was arrested when he attempted to murder Ritesh with a knife in one of the movie promotion events.  While being thrown out , Sameer , seeing Kamna not supporting him, blurted out her deeds too. She was also avoided by her family members for a few 'years' before they started to  speak with her , but it was never the same again. Her husband also eloped with a model. And Kaddu also thought that may be her own actions of abandoning Zoon and fake case against Indu were the reasons she got the  punishment of not winning her daughter's custody and could not get anyone trustworthy,  in her life. She almost has no good friends. Everyone is with her for business. And her ex, he is behind bars too. The girl whom he married after leaving Kaddu, unlike her, was brave enough to file a case for domestic violence against him. She knew this as her media house reported this news. Uff.. the satisfaction she felt that day!! No one could enjoy their life for long by destroying someone else's.

Kadambari is a good learner. She always tried to learn from her her own experiences and also from the experiences of those people she witnessed around her. She learnt that extreme of everything leads to downfall. Neither should one be so selfish that they start to harm others for their benefit, nor should one become so selfless that they start to act foolish forgetting self love at all  like she herself did. Everyone has to bear the consequences of their actions, however clever they are or how much precautions they took to avoid the consequences; one day everyone has to. And due to her own actions, she could only be a biological mother, but  Indu is Zoon's true mother.

Finally.....the end

This was the most complicated for me to write than anything ever I attempted. Most of my writings are light hearted unlike this one. I tried to write things I myself didn't experience. Hope I didn't over do it or ruin Kaddu even more.  I would really love if you all share your reviews 

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More tags.

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Nice 👌 yes kaddu deserved to be a grey character but writers were not interested in her at all

Posted: 2 months ago

Beautifully expressed smiley32

Thank you for this unique perspective on Kadambari's character where you do her some justice as a woman and mother smiley27

I like this Kadambari Patel, she is someone who is realistic, this is the kind of friend who could guide Indu to remain independent smiley20

Posted: 2 months ago
Originally posted by Lonelythots

Nice 👌 yes kaddu deserved to be a grey character but writers were not interested in her at all

I actually thought she would be somewhat grey and would be a really very interesting character with more SS as the biological mother of one of the leads. But🥺.

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 

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