Tragic But The Most Needed Episode Ever!

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Posted: 1 years ago


“Kehne Sunne Mein Jab Baaton Ke Arth Aur Maine Khatm Ho Jaate Hain Na Neel Ji, To Insaan Ko Chup Rehna Chahiye…” 

Considering the way last week ended, it was expected that this week’s episodes would have a lot of drama. However, I wasn’t expecting such progression within only 5 episodes, and as weird as it might sound, I couldn’t be happier.

First of all, kudos to the writer! smiley32 smiley32 smiley32 I would be lying if I said the mainstream Hindi serials don’t frustrate me with their melodrama. smiley44 smiley44 smiley44 Unfortunately, that’s the demand here. Can’t blame the writers and producers all the time for selling mediocrity when the most unrealistic shows continue to rule the TRP chart. smiley24 smiley24 smiley24 In between all these, maintaining the drama yet narrating a story in the proper direction must be a Herculean Task for any writer, and a big shoutout to the writer of GSMI for achieving that impossible. smiley31 smiley31 smiley31

Kajal as a character annoys me a lot of times. smiley44 smiley44 smiley44 She is one of the leads so it’s inevitable that she’ll have the typical characteristics of an ideal ITV FL like being too selfless, keeping family members at the pedestal, and despite being admonished all the time, finding the will to help those who are literally the bane to her existence.   


But even with all that “ACCHAI” in her, she’s relatable. I know it’s not fair to Neel that somehow all her outbursts happen in front of him, but I believe it’s healthy that their relationship has such a strong foundation that they can be their true selves in front of each other. smiley27 smiley27 smiley27 Starting from her outburst before Neel at the beginning of this week to her instant regret for hurting him and of course, her completely honest confession to him that she sees him more than as a friend, today when she decided to walk out of the house, I was jumping with joy. smiley40 smiley41 smiley41 smiley41 smiley40

The situation was horrible, the type of abusive words that got hurled at her was unforgivable and the last straw on the camel’s back was the flashbacks when she realized no matter what she does, people will always point fingers at her character simply because of what her father did to her and her mother. smiley19 smiley19 smiley19 It was heartbreaking to watch her reminisce the worst moments of her life but unfortunately, that's what she needed to break free. smiley38 smiley38 smiley38

She has been in love with Neel from the very beginning. And despite knowing Neel loves someone else, she maintained their friendship simply because of Neel's happiness. But even the strongest person has a tipping point. Today every single person blamed her just because they were too prejudiced to accept that an outcast can have better foresight than them and Pari’s blow as well as, JD’s words were the last things she needed to realize what she must do. smiley18 smiley18 smiley18

At this point, I am glad that she kept her self-respect above everything and decided to walk away. Of course, she’s still crying and next week too she’ll be thanking those good-for-nothing Khuranas smiley44 smiley44 smiley44 but at least she took a stand for herself in front of Neel. smiley20 smiley20 smiley20

I love Neel. smiley31 smiley31 smiley31 He is the ML I have been waiting forever to watch on my screen and I love his clarity. But even with all that, it’s not worth it to endure so much pain. I loved Kajal’s dialogue today. In simple words, she conveyed what was going on inside her heart. She can’t see Neel sad but she’s also reached a point where she knows her justifications are only going to fall on deaf ears. I loved how she told him even in the end, it was his support that meant everything to her and made it clear that the decision was hers and Neel can’t and shouldn’t try to stop her this time. smiley38 smiley38 smiley38

It was painful to watch Neel so helpless. smiley19 smiley19 smiley19 The guy who fought the world to save Kajal was forced to keep mum because of his stupid mother. smiley35 smiley35 smiley35 Still, I can’t blame him for failing Kajal today. I envy his patience and demeanor. The way he remained respectful while shutting Bhumi up was commendable. But when you give respect to the wrong people, they tend not to value it. Sadly, Neel’s parents belong to this category. These so-called “ELITE” people are the type of parents who believe in “OWNING’ their son. Instead of realizing the obvious, they simply pinned the blame on Kajal and gave Neel an ultimatum which any child will find hard to rebel against. smiley18 smiley18 smiley18

Love is important, friendship is precious but family can’t be replaced by anyone even when they tend to become vicious at times. smiley13 smiley13 smiley13 When we watch a romantic show, we feel the hero should stand by the heroine no matter what. But how can you trust a person who abandons his own family for a girl he just met? It’s an impossible situation however one has to find a balance to be loyal to both parties. I know it's easier said than done but that's how it should be. 

What I love the most about Neel is that he belongs to this tailor-made category. smiley27 smiley27 smiley27 He didn’t abandon his family nonetheless, he never let go of Kajal's hand either. Today he fell weak because everything and everyone went against them. But I really hope he analyzes the situation with a clear mind ASAP and comes up with a solution to his problems. smiley13 smiley13 smiley13

Pavitra may not be the female lead here but from her perspective, she’s not wrong at all. Nor is Kajal. Ultimately, Neel has to decide for himself before committing to either of the girls and of course, he should also be firm in showing his family the mirror.

A special mention to Dev. smiley27 smiley27 smiley27 I adore this guy. I have always loved his strong personality and today also he was the only one to stand for what was right. I would love it if the makers explored his relationship with Kajal where he can be a friend as well as a mentor to her. smiley1 smiley1 smiley1

Last but not least Pari. smiley7 smiley7 smiley7 smiley35 smiley35 smiley35 I have been waiting patiently because I didn’t want to comment anything negative about a specially-abled person and kept hoping that she'll prove me wrong but today I have finally given up. smiley44 smiley44 smiley44 

What sort of innocence is this where she can forgive JD, Bhoomi, or literally anyone in this world but when it comes to Kajal and to some extension Neel, she gets all hyper? And what is this obsession with “RAJU”? It started off as funny but now it’s simply infuriating. smiley7 smiley7 smiley7

I know I must be a horrible person for wanting this but at this point, I do want her to get married to Madhur and get a taste of her own medicine. smiley35 smiley35 smiley35

One of the plots that I absolutely detested in the original was when Neel’s sister got married to an MCP and suffered tremendously. It hurt the woman in me but somewhere deep down I couldn’t help but feel sadistic pleasure because it was like Karma’s way of slapping Neel’s parents for ill-treating Kajal. smiley15 smiley15 smiley15

A lot of plots have been modified from JN to GSMI and after today’s episode, I hope instead of Ritika, we get the same from Pari. 

P.S. I mean no disrespect to any specially-abled person out there. I also applaud Meera Deosthale for portraying the character so beautifully. But as a person, Pari stooped too low today and nothing, not even her mental condition can absolve her of the way she hurt Kajal. 


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Nice post!

Tbh, I kinda found Kajal annoying also due to typical characteristics seen in ITV with a lot of FLs being sacrificial, aiding those who humiliated her existence, etc. Thus, I have felt somewhat unamused/weary whenever I watched their scenes. Though I liked the scene where she did admit that she saw him more than a friend but does respect his dynamics with Pavitra. I also liked that she decided to walk out of the house and stated that she doesn't want to continue as the cause of widening the gap between Neil & his family. But, precap was somewhat of a let down with Neel's mother dragging her to the door, but it seemed like she was done with the constant humiliation from the entire K family. 

Neil's POV is also comprehensible because on hand, is Kajal whilst on the other is the mother, (lol, I felt like she was a robot being loyal to her husband way too much, especially with emo-blackmailing Neel smiley36). He did try to stop his father but the mother stopped him via emo-blackmailing smiley29smiley36

With regards to Pavitra, I did find her bit jarring as a character at times (maybe, it could be the execution or somethingsmiley5) but Neel's actions will be contemplating TBH to choose over Pavitra & Kaju. Dude looks confused as to choosing over what is to be prioritized and the reason behind it. So much has happened, so not sure what path the writers have decided to do with it at this point. 

Bhumi was pestiferous. I get that her role was to add fuel to the fire but the execution was irritating TBH. It felt overdone to spice up the drama. Less said about Pari, the better. I felt her "Raju" jaap was irritating also. Meera is doing an okay job but the character's gotten overboard with the shaadi rants, Raju ranting, and berating Kaju. Getting physical to the point of injuring Kaju was too much. 

Posted: 1 years ago

Thanks dear! smiley1

TBH, it's high time makers realized showing someone in a positive light doesn't necessarily mean he/she has to be a sacrificial lamb. 🐑 🐑 🐑 But I understand the market demand and pretty much every entertainment industry follow some templates hence as long as it's within a certain limit, I can watch a show.

The thing is Kaju comes across as someone who does get affected but her mental conditioning is such that she reverts to that so called good values. That storeroom scene - she really looked pissed off with the allegations and even later when Nutan forbade her to come to the function or Pari was more interested in getting married while she was saying goodbye, she seemed genuinely disappointed. I guess somewhere deep down she was expecting a bit of humanity and she looked at Neel's mom with so much hope but ultimately her misconception got cleared. smiley13

Personally I would love if at some point she came out of this shackle and make an identity of her own as in the original. She does have that fire in her but she needs someone to show it to her. So far Neel has done it and there has been some positive changes. What happens later, only time will tell. 

As for her scenes with Neel, I found them quite organic. Thankfully the basis of their friendship was mutual admiration for qualities they adored - for Kaju it was Neel's courage to follow his heart and standing by what was right whereas for Neel it was Kaju's genuineness. So I've enjoyed every single scene featuring them until now. 

Neel's mom isn't robotic. She's rather pathetic who's running behind what's glittering. One can literally see her eyes twinkling at the thought of Neel getting married to another renowned lawyer's daughter. It's not even about Pavithra individually. 

As for Neel himself, I have a lot to say about him but considering the way this week's episodes are going, I'm gonna wait until the weekend to make another post because Neel is the center of everything. We can't really reach a conclusion until we have seen all the facets.

Pavithra is right in her stance but I guess the writer is trying to make people sympathize with Kaju so her screaming and screeching is crossing the boundaries now. Otherwise every single point she made in yesterday's episode was on point.

Bhoomi is not important and Pari has reached a point where I think commenting on her would be a waste of time. Sometimes I feel bad for Dev that he's gonna end up with someone so shallow. 😮‍💨


Arhaan Behll Meera Deosthale Pankhuri Awasthi Gud Se Mitha Ishq 

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