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Posted: 1 years ago

I know cvs are in love with shweta's character, hence the whole show revolves around her. In fact, she will keep on winning till the last episode. Since show is going to end next week according to rumours. But before ending can we see at least one episode without shweta? smiley18

I want to see one episode where I don't have to see the usual victorious smile of shweta, the foolishness and helplessness of maurya family, the boasting of sweta about her money even if that's not her money, the stubborness of shweta about everything and thinking that she is being smart in every aspect, emotional abuse and objectification of Manu and constant defeat of maurya family. 

Can I get one episode without such shit show. Bdw what's this pointers in chart paper. Are we still living in 90s-2000's where we have to write down everything. Is it School going kids project. Can they show using mobile to store their important reminders as shweta's mother will try to steal that chart paper.

Posted: 1 years ago

This story started so nicely I was a regular viewer since this dirty track started i have stopped watching coz its getting my nerves 🙄 even if I read wu I get mad with idiot story writers smiley7 so I stopped reading that too...one of the worse track is this ..I know without villain characters cvs dont survive but it should be a limit 🤬..last few hrs they will show mannu garlic and whole family quality time ...rest this insane character smiley29after long time I visit this forum and realized that same bullshit track is running on 👎🏼 boo to the producer and story writers of this moran show 👎🏼

Posted: 1 years ago
Originally posted by kinu17

last few hrs they will show mannu garlic and whole family quality time ...rest this insane character smiley29

Exactly this is what they are going to do...in last episode will give some manu-gargi and happy family moments. And BAM it will end. Till then all will be about shweta. Such badly written villain and story.


Sab Satrangi 

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