Arjun SS : Mess (complete)

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Posted: 1 years ago


Almost an hour passed and he was still standing there with his messed up thoughts and confused face. 

Why were the things becoming so much difficult for him ? 

Why was everything so messed up ? 

Why he just can't say a straight 'No' and simply 'Walk off' ? 

Why ? 

Was it that much difficult for him ? 

Actually no, not until this morning, until he heard her talking to Ayesha, while he was just going to enter the conference room that's when her words stopped him. 

"I have left with nothing except him. If he'll abandon me, I won't be able to survive" 

These simple yet touching lines kept on ringing in his head. 

Her each and every word reflects love, love for him. 

She loves him. She really really do but he doesn't. Then why was he being bothered by her words ? Why was she affecting him ? Why it seems to him as if leaving her would be a mistake, a dreadful mistake for which he won't be able to forgive himself ? 

"Oh God !!! Why the heck on earth things have become that much messed up for me ?" 

He thought to himself, frustratingly running his fingers in his hair. 

Just then his phone ringed disturbing his self talk that just annoyed him. 

"What !!!" He said on picking up the call. 

"What ?" Same word was repeated to the other side of the phone, that further annoyed him. 

"Why did you call me ?" He asked irked. 

"Do I need a reason to call you ?" 

"I think there must me a reason to call someone at 3am because normally people sleep at this time" 

He said sarcastically. 

"Oh that means you are not normal" 

He really wanted to smash his so called best friend's head at this stupid comment but unfortunately he was not in front of him right now. 

"Are you planning to smash my head ?" Sunil's voice echoed from the other side of the phone.

"You know me very well." 

"Yeah ! I do. So tell me what's bothering you ?" He asked surprising him. 

"How do you know that something is bothering me ?" 

"Come on Arjun ! You just said that I know you very well." 

"Well yes,,,,," Hold on !!! Why was he hearing Sunil's voice without phone echoing around him, that's because that idiot was standing right behind him grinning. 

Moreover, he was not alone, Neha was also with him, Sunil's wife and Arjun's sister. 

"What are you both doing here ?" 

He asked looking at both of them. 

"We thought you may need a company." 

 Neha replied.

He just shook his head and sat down on sand facing the waves of the sea. 

They both also sat beside him on his either sides. 

"What's bothering you Arjun ?" 

Sunil repeated his question. 

"I married Sakshi two months ago" 

"O' fine...... What !!!" 

They almost screamed. 


So ????? 

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Posted: 1 years ago

Prologue : pg # 01

#01 : pg # 02

#02 "Let the past reveals itself"  : pg # 02

#03 : pg # 03

#04 "Getting used to"  : pg # 05

#05 : pg # 06

#06 "Something was wrong"  : pg # 07

#07 : pg # 08


#09 "Realization"

#10 "An old chapter yet a new beginning"

"Messed up yet beautiful"

: pg # 09

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Posted: 1 years ago


new one on Arakshi

wonderful start 

excited to read next

Posted: 1 years ago

Hi .....:)



Posted: 1 years ago
Originally posted by pinky_81002


new one on Arakshi

wonderful start 

excited to read next


Posted: 1 years ago

That's so sweet of you 😍


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