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waiting to read please post asap 

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Wow , that's a Beautiful Banner 

please do write the new story 

I'll be waiting to read this from you 😎😆

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Thanks for pm dear

Pls do post

Watting to read this story

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Originally posted by taahir004

Wow , that's a Beautiful Banner 

please do write the new story 

I'll be waiting to read this from you 😎😆

Thanku, I'll post soon 😆

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Chapter 1


"Yash, if you're not going to concentrate on your studies then I will permanently stop giving you pocket money." Suraj spoke as Yash joined him for dinner.

"Papa you're kidding me right? you can't do this." Yash funnily laughs in tension.

"No, not at all, I'm very much serious." Suraj says which makes yash tense.

"Maa." Yash made a cry face at gayatri.

"This is dinner time, let the poor guy have his food atleast peacefully and if you won't give him money then don't forget I'm still working." Gayatri lovingly smoothed Yash's hair. Suraj glared at her, not so happy.

"Oh maa you're the best, I love you." Yash jumped from his chair in happiness and pulled gayatri in a tight hug.

"Okay, okay now sit down and have dinner." She smiled serving for all three.

"You're spoiling him, don't you think?" Suraj asks after Yash leaves saying he is going to his friend's home for some notes.

"Suraj, he is just a kid, let him live his life." She says cleaning the table.

"He is not a kid anymore, gayatri he is an 18 year old guy and a grown up adult. We need to control him before it's too late." He said, putting utensils in the sink.

"I know you're worried about his marks but see he went to study with his friends and you still say he is not paying attention." She says and the conversation ends there as suraj gives up knowing their only son Yash is Gayatri's life.


At 8 pm Yash reached his friend Vikas' home.

"Did uncle aunty leave?" Yash asked as he, with his two more friends Prateek and Vivek, made their way into Vikas's room. Vikas nods, remembering a 10 minutes back his mom dad left to attend a function. He is a slim guy with charming looks. Vivek is a healthy boy who wears eyeglasses, his teachers' favourite student. And Prateek is a spoiled brat who is famous among girls of their school. Yash is the most charming boy but he maintained his image of a good boy who is great at sport but unlike his friends he stays away from girls' attention. Yash and Prateek throw their books on the bed as vikas play CD player.

"You lied to your parents that you're here to study." Vivek asked Yash.

"As if you come here by telling your parents you're going to a party at my friend's home." Yash lightly hit vivek on head, vikas laughed so did prateek as they made themselves comfortable on the sofa.


Next day Gayatri enters Yash's room only to find him sleeping with books still spread on the bed.

"My baby, how much he is studying hard for his final and his father says he is careless." She sat on a corner on bed and lovingly smoothed Yash's hair before dropping a soft peck on his forehead. She went out after keeping all his books aside and next moment Yash opened his eyes.

"Sorry maa but you're so innocent." He feels bad for keeping her in the dark.


At 10 am

"Yashu tomorrow we are going to attend Prashant's wedding." Gayatri told him, coming into the playground with an energy drink bottle for Yash. She smiled seeing him playing there effortlessly and remembered how she and Suraj worked hard since Yash was just 5 years old, he used to play in their room with a small ball, that too without breaking anything, that is when they decided to make him a football player. After working for 10 years, they finally bought a house that has a small playground. Yash's coach was happy that they're making efforts for his future and even his teachers are proud of Yash that he's so good in sport because he won a few games even against his seniors.

"I don't want to go." Yash refused and threw away his football. It bounced and hit the wall and returned back in Yash's direction.

"Your Maya bua will feel bad that her dear Yash didn't attend the marriage." Gayatri knows he will not agree easily so she emotionally blackmails him.

"Ugh I hate bua ji." He kicked the ball whining like a kid, the ball again collided with the wall and returned back only to hit Yash on head.

"Ouch" He rubbed the place making a baby face at gayatri then left for his room.

"So you're coming with us?" Gayatri smiled very well knowing his answer.

"Oh yes, I'm dying to be part of that marriage." He sarcastically screams from behind.


Next day Yash and his parents reached Bhopal, Yash was all grumpy.

"Hi Yash." Prashant looked at him as his mother was busy talking with Gayatri and Suraj. Gayatri notices Yash's behaviour toward Prashant.

"Yashu'' She eyed him to talk with Prashant.

"Hi Prashant bhaiya." Yash gives a tight forced smile. Gayatri rolled her eyes at her always moody son. In their room Yash fell on bed whining how he doesn't like anyone here, and there are none of his friends, now with whom he will talk to and bla bla. Suraj just rolled his eyes and went out to meet his parents.

"My baby, don't be sad." She sat there on the corner smoothing his hair lovingly, yash rolled on his stomach moaning something.

"We are here for just two days then we will be back to our home." She leaned and kissed his head.


"Maa bauji." Suraj touched Savitri and Virat's feet. Savitri hugged Suraj getting emotional.

"I truly missed you." Suraj's eyes burn with tears.

"Then why can't you move here from Mumbai." Virat asked, Suraj turned toward him.

"You know I can't because of Yash school." Suraj hugged virat, he knew how much his parents miss him. Virat sadly nods understand it well because of their jobs gayatri and Suraj live in Mumbai, they often come to meet them there to Bhopal where Maya also live with them after her husband passed away leaving three year old Prashant but when her in laws behaviour changed toward Maya so Suraj asked her to move with them and after a year or so Suraj find a job in Mumbai so he moved to there with gayatri, that time their marriage were just two month old so Savitri asked Suraj to not leave gayatri alone, with passing time gayatri also get a job in a school as teacher. Yash was also born in Mumbai only.

"Where is Yash and Gayatri?" Virat asked not to find them there.

"Oh in the room, she is busy pampering your over spoiled grandson." Suraj took a seat with them on the couch. Savitri smiled and remembered how she also had spoiled suraj with her love but because of living in a big family suraj was in control.

"Where is Ram bhaiya?" Suraj asks. Ram is Virat's older brother Vikram's son. After Ram bought their own home they split to live there.

"He went to receive Maya's in-laws at the airport." Virat told. Next moment they see Gayatri coming with Yash who is looking at everyone like they are all aliens.

"Stay happy always." Savitri and virat smiled and blessed Gayatri when she touched their feet taking saree pallu on her head.

"Dadaji dadi maa I missed you both!" They feel overwhelmed with happiness when Yash comes forward and hugs them.

"Really!" Virat made him sit with him.

"Of course." Yash says, he was not faking it all, he truly loves them and misses them but for him Mumbai and his friends are more dear to him. They talked a little then Virat asked them to take some rest, Suraj nodded seeing Yash tired face.


In an hour Gayatri woke up, then getting fresh up she went downstairs to meet Maya, leaving Suraj and Yash sleeping in the room. In some time suraj also gets up and tries to wake up Yash.

"Wakeup Yash, it's not good to sleep so late in a marriage house." He shook him.

"Yash." He raised his voice. Yash moaned with his closed eyes and again went back to his sleep, digging his face in the pillow.

"Yash getup or else I'm about to empty this water jag on your head." Suraj was pissed off with him.

"Papa you can't do this." Yash's hand went up to rub his eyes to wake himself.

"I can do it." He says seriously.

"You don't love me like maa." Yash sits getting annoyed.

"Oh I'm so glad I don't love you insanely like your maa." Suraj says sarcastically, went to freshen up.


Sharma house…

"I'm so proud of my Aarti, you know Radha today Aarti's Hindi teacher Mrs. Joshi tells me that this time Aarti will top in her school. She was so confident in our Aarti." Vijay Sharma Aarti's father entered Aarti's room beaming with pride. A 16 year old Aarti closed her book which she was studying till now.

"Of course she will tops, after all she is my daughter." Radha steps after him with a milk glass.

"Only your daughter?" Vijay frowned. She nodded teasingly.

"Okay drink this milk first." She hands the glass to Aarti.

"Maa you know I don't like milk." Aarti made a cute face.

"Baby it's good for your health." She says. Vijay agrees with his wife.

"Now hurry up." She brought glass to Aarti's lips. Their doorbell rings. Radha opens the door to see their society friend Maya.

"Maya ji aap, please come" Radha welcomes her.

"Mrs. Sharma, tomorrow is Prashant haldi ceremony." Maya invites them for Prashant's marriage.

"Namaste aunty ji." Aarti enters the living room.

"Beta you're coming to your Prashant bhaiya baraat, right?" Maya smiled at her. Aarti looked at her parents, they nodded so she agreed innocently.


Precap: Yash met Aarti.

I hope you all like this, after a long time I'm writing something fun 😳

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Congrats on the SS

Chapter 1

lovely update, greatly written

Yash is pampered by his mom 

his mom defends him

while his dad is worried about him

Gosh Yash lied to his parents

of cos he mom assumes he was studying hard

Yash forced to attend a wedding 

suraj is strict with Yash

well Aarti is different 

her parents are proud of her

she will attend the function with her parents

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