Undecided. | (The Heart and the Mind...rewritten)

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Posted: 11 months ago

Okay I know you are probably confused about the title, so the thing is that I had decided to keep the title as *undecided* because the title literally hadn't been decided. Then, an idea struck my mind. Why not keep the title Undecided itself? As in the name of the story is 'Undecided'. I thought it would be kinda apt because Asad is always unable to decide between his heart and his mind. And Zoya is unable to decide between her self-respect and her kindness lol. Anyways if any of y'all get an idea for the title please don't hesitate to PM it to me! Also, sorry, again, for starting a new story when I have two pending, but you guys pretty much know the original storyline since you've read the first version of this story. Just that the plot and timings will be a bit more appropriate. Toh bina kisi bakchodi ke, let's get to the video- uh, I mean story! 



Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

The monitor's beeping kept pounding in his ears like a thousand distant bells. His angered breaths rumbled through his body and his head felt like it was splitting at the seams. Her. It's all because of her. He thought of the woman he put to blame. The woman who came storming into his life, wreaking havoc like a hurricane. Because of her, his Ammi was lying on a bed; lifeless, pale, with several tubes stuck into her. The sight itself made him sick. It made his stomach pit and his head spin. 

And she dared come apologize. Something had snapped when he'd heard her mere voice. So his hands did what his mind couldn't fathom. He hit her. The pain was too much, and the anger was overpowering. He'd unflinchingly slapped her and walked away, not looking back. There was blood. Tears. He hadn't cared what his Ammi would say if she found out about this. 

He still didn't. Not even if his Ammi was discharged from the hospital and safely brought home, alive. The flashes from the hospital followed him like his own shadow. 

And there he stood. Beside his sleeping mother, thanking Allah that she hadn't been taken away from him yet. A soft knock on the glass door broke his train of thought. Bloodshot eyes gazed at the figure behind it and anger filled them. His legs carried him to the door.

"I just-"

"I'll take that." He growled and took a tray with an aromatic bowl of soup from a pair of shivering hands. Seething, he placed it on the bedside table and smiled sadly at his sister sleeping next to her mother. From the corner of his eyes, he saw Zoya trying to get a chance to check on her Phoopi and unkindly closed the door on her. Having no idea of a breaking heart behind him.

A while later, Najma awoke and Asad told her to keep the now empty bowl of soup in the sink. She nodded and obliged. Again, he saw Zoya trying to get a glimpse of his Ammi and something snapped once more.

This was the second time she had tried to meet his Ammi, and now this was getting on his nerves. Instead of closing the door on her, he stepped out of the room and closed the door behind him. Cornering her into a pillar.

"Don't even think about going near her." He said dangerously. Zoya couldn't help a tear or two slip out of her eye. It wasn't her fault! She knew nothing about what might happen! She had truthfully sent Mariam back, and yet he just didn't understand. He didn't even try. She gasped as he advanced further on her. He gave her a threatening glare and proceeded towards his room. Zoya let out a sob.

"But why Mr Khan? Why are you doing this?" She questioned. Guilt filled every cell of her body even though the truth differed.

"You're asking me why?" He barked and turned to face her. "What had I told you? I had told you to send Mariam away from here. But no, you didn't do what I had asked." He seethed.

"Mr Khan I had sent her! I-"

"You're lying!" Asad said through gritted teeth. She shook her head. No matter how much she tried, he would never believe her. I love Phoopi too! I will never forgive myself if I let her...

"If you would've just sent her away, they never would've come looking for her and none of this would've happened! And Ammi wouldn't be in this state!" He snapped at her whilst pointing to Dilshad's room. 

"Mr Khan...Mr Khan I had sen-" Her sentence was cut short when her grasped her by her arms. She winced and the familiar lump in her throat surfaced again.

"Miss Farooqui...if anything would've happened to her then...then..."

"Mr Khan trust me. I really had sent Mari-" She gasped in fear as she felt herself being pushed into the pillar behind her. Her injured hand hit the corner of the wall violently and sent shards of pain shooting through her arm. Her eyes widened in fear.

"Miss Farooqui. If I see you anywhere near Ammi after today, I swear...I'll kill you." He threatened and tightened his grip on her arms. His fingers dug into her skin painfully and her lower lip trembled. He kept glaring at her and pushed her further into the wall. Zoya managed to muster the courage to speak.

"Mr Khan...Mr Khan you're hurting me." She whimpered and he let go of her. Her feet hit the ground, unbalanced. She closed her eyes to compose herself and opened them again to look at him fearfully. She couldn't break down, not in front of him. It would only show him how vulnerable she really is. He looked at her with aversion.

"Ammi and Najma, are my life. They are everything to me. And I want to see them safe. I can't put their lives in danger because of a girl like you." He said coldly. Her glance shot up to his eyes, hurt. In a moment she was looking down in shame. "And I know that you don't care for these relationships, maybe that's why He didn't give you a mother." Asad bit out. Zoya's tear filled eyes met his blazing ones and he walked away. Once again, not aware of a breaking heart behind him.

Now that he was gone, she didn't hesitate to let it all out. She sobbed into her hands that covered her mouth. 

Hurt only growing, she ran to her room and fell down on the bed, sobbing uncontrollably. Why was it always her fault? What did she ever do to never have a mother's love? Why was it so unfair? Her head spun and her throat was burning from all her crying. She was tired, of all the shit the world had thrown her way. And she would always be the one to blame, always. Why couldn't anyone just... understand?

That was the prologue! Hope you guys would like to read further! Love y'all.💖

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Posted: 10 months ago

Please update frequently! I just love reading your stories on Asya! smiley1

Posted: 10 months ago
Originally posted by fatima30

Please update frequently! I just love reading your stories on Asya! smiley1

Thank you! And yeah, I haven't updated this one since no one actually replied till now, but I've started writing today itself!!

Love ya💖

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Posted: 10 months ago

Awesome, pls continue!!

Posted: 10 months ago

I am a silent reader, but have been reading all your stories. I'm a bit sad you don't update regularly, but thats okay, because quality of quantity. Eager for the next part of this and all your other stories.

Posted: 9 months ago

Nice prologue 

Loved to read more

So continue soon please 


Posted: 7 months ago
Originally posted by hgjkjhgfjfj

I am a silent reader, but have been reading all your stories. I'm a bit sad you don't update regularly, but thats okay, because quality of quantity. Eager for the next part of this and all your other stories.

Sorry for not updating this for a month straight 😢. I tried writing as much as I could but couldn't just get it right! I'm writing the first chapter now, will probably update in a day or by tonight!

Posted: 7 months ago
Originally posted by asifiqbalsh

Nice prologue 

Loved to read more

So continue soon please 


Thanks, haven't really been able to focus on writing this one much. Lots of workload and whatnot 😬. Will update ASAP!

Qubool Hai 

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