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Posted: 17 years ago




Respected Members of YMLH Forum,

This is has come to our notice that, many members are breaking rules, and misusing their freedom of speech on the forum, which is not at all tolerted on India Forum.

We are a family, and make many freinds. Our views can be different but that does not mean that we forget that no one has been given the right to be rude to others, because of their favorites.

Yeh Meri Life Hai, has gone through many twists of the story, and has affected our friendships on India Forum. Earlier the fights were for Akash and Ronit, and now the fight has started for no reason between Ronit and Ashmit. While watching the show, our view change, our favorites change too. But this does not mean that we point fingers to each other and destroy a friendly environment of our happy family.

We request all the members to please control your emotions, and respect other feelings and views. These Stories and Characters in them are all fiction, so please don't destroy your friendships for them, watch them, discuss them, but please don't fight on them.

We in the IF Development Group, do our best to keep the peace of the forum, and edit, delete posts as a neutral person. While going through the forum, we keep our views to one side, and correct anyone who is taking extra advantage of their rights. Therefore, no member is allowed to misbehave and insult any member of IF Development Group.

If this Happens again, a Strict Action will be taken.


YMLH Forum's Mod and Viewbies

Edited by Ms. Bholi Bhali - 17 years ago
Posted: 17 years ago
i agree with u Ms. Bholi Bhali! i will becareful about this!Smile
Posted: 17 years ago
agree wit u Tonguethe mods here are so very wiseLOLu guyz are like our gods cuz then we wouldnt have a I-F site to go onLOLthanx very muchClap
Posted: 17 years ago
Thanks Miss BB for saying what was on my mind. I completely agree with you. Can't we post something fun and interesting instead of thisConfused
Posted: 17 years ago
I agree!  I will be careful to control my emotions and respect every ones feeling.  once again thanks ms bholi bhali.
Posted: 17 years ago
well put miss bholi bhali..
Posted: 17 years ago
I agree with you 100% Ms. BB and very well put.  YMLH is just a work of fiction and nothing more.  It's there for our entertainment purposes only.  I f you think about it,  do you think it's worth it to disrespect other human beings just for a make believe story?  At the end of the day the actors go home and forget about the characters they play--they don't know we fight over them.

As Ms. BB has stated--we will have to take stricter action if this continues, so why don't we just treat it like a work of fiction, enjoy it, and respect the fact that we have different opinions.  It's our difference of opinions which makes each of us unique and it's something we should embrace rather than inhibit.

Posted: 17 years ago
I agree. Thanks for pointing this out, Ms. Bholi Bhali.

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