Being Holmes S3: Moriarty's Game (R1 Results p143, R2 pg143-144)

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Posted: 9 days ago


I started, “Could it be—”

Sherlock cut me off immediately, “No John. It cannot be.”

“But Sherlock!”

“John it is never twins. It will never be twins. And I sincerely hope that one day you will understand that. Twins is never the answer and it never will be.”

“Then triplets!” I exclaimed.

“Oh Watson. The answer is never going to be twins, triplets, or any form of two same faces. No the answer is quite obvious and elementary.”

“Then why isn’t obvious to me?”

“Because as usual you see but do not observe. Jason Tai came home, drank water, and collapsed. Poisoned. Cyanide. He didn’t drink bottled water. He didn’t drink that gaseous water, whatever it is called. No. He drank tap water. Scotland Yard’s conclusion that he was poisoned via the water is wrong. As usual. He also didn’t have a special glass or mug or tumbler that he used all the time. He chose a glass at random from his cupboard. So their second conclusion that the glass had poison on it is also wrong. If we eliminate the water and the glass, what is left?”

I thought for a few moments and then responded, “The doorknob!”

“Yes. And given that Mrs. Tai supposedly was wearing gloves at the time she touched the doorknob and those gloves somehow ended up in the fire, she is the obvious murderer.”

“But Sherlock there was no doorknob!”

“That is what got Mrs. Tai caught. No doorknob? A locked house. No robbery. Husband comes home and collapses dead. Wife comes home and calls for help. And in the meantime the doorknob and the gloves that touched the doorknob disappeared? How? Anderson having to come to me for this case proves he will never amount too much. Anyways, putting this case aside, we have an even older case to revisit.”

“Which case?”

At that time the door opened and Mycroft came in, followed by Player. Mycroft looked in pain as Player lamented on, “…and then we can lie in wait and pounce on—”

Mycroft cut Player off, “Oh do please shut up.”

Player clamped his mouth shut as Holmes asked, “So Mycroft. Any new information from my dear old friend?”

It had been 3 months since Moriarty had resurfaced and Mycroft had been working around the clock trying to get some information on Moriarty, where he was hidden, and his next steps. Sherlock, in the meantime, had decided to lean back and wait for Moriarty to make his next move. Mycroft said, “You know I have new information. That is why I am here. But why did you have to stick this obnoxious kid with me?”

Player looked pained, “Obnoxious kid? I’m 25!”

“Oh my bad. Obnoxious adult then. Please stay away from me. I do not like you one bit and I would much rather go to another one of those meet and greets,” Mycroft shuddered, “then have to deal with you again.”

“Fine. Mr. Holmes thought it would be a good for both of us if I helped you out, but I got the message. I will stay away,” Player responded.

Then Player sat down with a huff as Mycroft turned his attention to Sherlock and said, “Moriarty is planning something big and it will start soon. It will most likely require you to run around the town. Legwork,” Mycroft shuddered again. “So get ready little brother.”

“Ooh fun. I can’t wait,” Sherlock said, with a gleeful smile.

And then as if that wasn’t enough, Mrs. Hudson came in with a letter, “Sherlock this just came for you. The kid said it’s urgent.”

“Thank you Mrs. Hudson. How is Emma Thatcher? Did she get married to John Rockfort?” Sherlock asked.

“Yes. After Emil’s suicide and attempt to trap her and John, she got over mourning his death rather quickly. They got married over the weekend. But how did you know?”

“You just told me,” Sherlock smiled, indicating the other letter in Mrs. Hudson’s hand. I looked at it and the envelope read “Mr. and Mrs. Rockfort” in the corner. Mrs. Hudson chuckled and left the room.

Posted: 9 days ago


Each round will run for different times. Some rounds will be a few days long. Other rounds may only need to be played for a few minutes for each person.

The rounds will be based on some popular games. Not revealing more. When the games arrive then you'll know! And I will have judges for one round (don't worry - you don't have to make anything creative).

Please sign-up below and also post a 2-hour window when you are most active on IF based on IST timezone. This is important for one of the rounds of the game so be very clear what time works best for you.

Sign up will close on Jan 16th at 11:59 PM IST.

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Posted: 9 days ago

Sign-up List:

  1. evilxbalaa
  2. SoniRSippu21
  3. Bee222
  4. SilentEyes7
  5. TheMinion
  6. DiscoDhokla
  7. Life_Is_Dutiful
  8. Armu4eva
  9. simply.meghana
  10. RandomWaliLadki
  11. Savera84
  12. GuardianDevil
  13. WildestDreams
  14. Just_Say_Cheese
  15. md410
  16. BeingBlunt
  17. Red_eyes94
  18. teri_Sanem
  19. Phenyl
  20. DelusionsOfNeha
  21. Fix_BB
  22. Amekha
  23. NerdyMukta
  24. Nichuss
  25. Ayesha066
  26. Alaukik
  27. Mahisa_22
  28. Abhaythevampire
  29. Ragazza_dolce
  30. Anisha06
  31. Chir-Cute
  32. guy3
  33. Biggboss15
  34. Shooting-Star
  35. Jiggy7
  36. RainOfDew
  37. Gul_9
  38. DreamyButterfly
  40. sana1819786
  41. TheRoadNotTaken
  42. dusk2dawn
  43. _NINA_
  44. Ms.Komolika
  45. Rani_Sahiba
  46. Not_James_bond
  47. Daphnes
  48. SnowWhite_97
  49. azaanabbas
  50. Vedika.Kapoor
  51. aaf311
  52. canuck-umz
  53. anonymouse1
  54. Priya258
  55. Cookermaichane
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Posted: 9 days ago


Originally posted by Savera84

Thanks for the tag Soni.

How many few minute rounds will be there Shreya?


There are a total of 5 rounds. Two of them literally require only 5 to 10 minutes of your time. One of them is probably about an hour long (5 to 10 minutes everyday over 5 days). One round is varied. Some people may only need a few minutes, others it may take a few hours. And one round I would say is longer but not because it's harder, but because it's more of a team round.

Originally posted by evilxbalaa

Theres gonna be teams?smiley3

Only in one round. It'll be fun. Two rounds individuals. Two rounds in pairs. And one round in teams. smiley14 Makes the leaderboard more interesting as well. You people are too smart for me warna. smiley37

Originally posted by Life_Is_Dutiful

I have a question. Suppose I am the person who have to post clues and my partner guesses the words. How will I get points then? Am I going to get points in the next round where my partner will send me clues?

No you will get the same points that your partner gets. So it depends on how many words your partner is able to guess. If your partner disappears then I will give you the average points of the round. So if the average is 10 words and 50 points, then you will get that.

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Posted: 9 days ago

Moriarty and Holmes in one, you'd better arrive here and bring others with you. Also tagging wannabe mod and my double ID.

Oh and my soutens if you want to play.

Posted: 9 days ago

Also tagging a few more people. Bring others. smiley14

Edited by Minionite - 9 days ago
Posted: 9 days ago

I am in. Thanks for the tag and goodluck Shreya. Much awaited game so excited. 

I check my phone every hour from 8:30pm IST onwards. 

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