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Posted: 1 years ago
Originally posted by tapori

Woh kitne hi honge, hamara muqabla kaise kar sakte hain? We can be brutal towards our own brethren from North East. 'Chinki' is still used by lot more Indians than we should. 

Bro, you really have no idea about how racist Koreans can be. They call any slightly dark people as Africans and are obsessed with surgery. 

Posted: 1 years ago

I don't think it is necessarily true that the world recognizes KPop and not Bollywood. I think it is very contextual.

One of the reasons Korean content like Parasite and Squid Game gets worldwide following is because it speaks to some very real class divides most of us experience. K-pop appeals to young millennials and zoomers because it harkens to the era of bubblegum pop. Gender fluidity and self-expression as presented by the K-pop stars also appeal to people.

A long time ago, Bollywood was exceptionally popular in the Soviet Union. Many Eastern Europeans, Central Asians, and Russians love Bollywood movies. Raj Kapoor was immensely popular and strangely Mithun too. There are covers and remakes of Jimmy Jimmy Aaja in Ukraine, Russia, etc. its nuts. 

There is also a significant portion of the world that does not enjoy the bleakness of Korean media. Bollywood is huge in many parts of Africa, South East Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. In some ways, Bollywood doesn't appear to have global recognition because a majority of those fans are non-white and economically disenfranchised.

One reason why Bollywood has faded a bit in recent times is that the end of the blockbuster is dead. We haven't been making films like DDLJ or HAHK for a while. Since the mid-2000s the escapist tones of Bollywood has changed. The content is either too real or down to earth to fulfill an escapist fantasy or just too dumb to get widescale appreciation.

As for Hindi TV serials, our best shows were in the eighties and nineties well before international cable and streaming. I bet if they were made today they would have their own fan following. Post Ekta Kapoor shows the majority of Indian shows have been trash

Also, just because everyone recognizes something doesn't mean that it's good or worth being appreciated. Remember - Tiger King was a global sensation - proving that humanity, in general, cannot look away from a trainwreck.

Posted: 1 years ago
Originally posted by BettyA1

Maybe they feel they have a lot to be proud of... Being able to achieve so much with so much adversities and surrounded by enemies and very unneighborly neigbors whose only achievement is attacking and blaming India

But I do get what you're saying... 

Infosys Narayana Murthy once said that Indians have the highest ego, per unit of achievement

He quoted several numbers and international examples to highlight what's holding Indian cities back from being world class. β€œThe biggest challenge for all of us, not just politicians or bureaucrats, is that we, Indians, have the highest ego per unit of achievement. I would humbly request, we be open-minded to those who have performed better than us,” he said.

Thanks for adding his quote. That's what I feel too. Indians have highest ego. 

Posted: 1 years ago
Originally posted by sweet_chilly

Oh man Koreans will make you feel like Indians r saint.. 

They are highly rigid when it comes to other race and communities... Ppl with relatively darker complexion are called Africans, obsession with plastic surgery, the bullying in schools is extreme(forget name calling.. It's common for them to beat students up even if it's a girl..) . A kpop idol was kinda cancelled because he chose to marry his pregnant gf, if their idol has even one flaw as simple as being mean then ur career is over.. The lead girl from It's okay to not to be ok got dropped from future projects coz multiple ppl posted online that how mean she is as a person and is selfish....!!

Check YT for Indian/Pak vloggers in Korea.. The racism is really bad faced by desis.. Part of the reason I stopped being a crazy fan of Korean actors and idols... 

Ya I read somewhere Koreans refuse to give jobs to people who are 'ugly' according to them. They are pressured to get surgeries at young age. 

I know how hard it is for idols. That's why they face so much mental health issues.

But Indians are still arrogant. 

Posted: 1 years ago
Originally posted by etherealbeauty

Ya I read somewhere Koreans refuse to give jobs to people who are 'ugly' according to them. They are pressured to get surgeries at young age. 

I know how hard it is for idols. That's why they face so much mental health issues.

But Indians are still arrogant. 

Indians who have spent their whole life in India definitely tend to be arrogant... Once you settle outside India then reality kicks in.. Nationalism goes out of the window if your colleague is a Pakistani..you can't afford to be bigoted...

. Same with koreans.. Koreans only recently opened their country for foreigners and that explains their rigid nature....Korean Americans are actually are way more nicer...

Also according to their faith a Goddess had landed in Korea so they believe that Koreans are superior to the rest of the mankind..... Similar to the chosen one concept of Jews

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Posted: 1 years ago

I believe in good content and quality acting which these days our regional cinemas are better at compared to bollywood movies. "The Great Indian Kitchen" is one fine example. I hope they get more exposure .

Because of netflix and other streaming sites becoming daily part of everyone's life there is so much content for the audience to choose from regardless of the language. We saw it with money heist then followed by squid game. When such variety of entertainment options are available, why would viewer settle for mediocre content ?

There are hardcore kdrama consumers like me and there are many who are discovering it now because of netlfix etc. I cannot say its mainstream like english shows but it is definitely gaining traction . Kdramas have wider reach compared to Kpop though. The korean movies or dramas which got popular worldwide were simply based on content and not looks of the actor which says a volume about what people are looking for. 

For those who say kdrama is only about rom com..here is the list for y'allsmiley16 :beyond evil, sweet home, my mister , misaeng and so on..as I mentioned before in my previous post there is no dearth of genres..infact currently its cdramas which are leading for rom coms. 

Posted: 1 years ago

Interesting topic. Here are my observations-

One reason why K-pop has gained so much popularity is because it is heavily westernised. The tunes, the costumes , the style is heavily western and only the language is Korean. It's not like they are promoting traditional Korean culture through their pop music! This is unlike India where we still follow our own traditional music style ..and people of the west don't exactly relate to it, and they are too wary to try to learn a new culture, hence they dismiss it off. 

Secondly, India's general image in the western world isn't really great. We are looked down upon as a third world country and people associate India with slums, poverty, snake-charmers etc which is a heavily stereotypical image ...sad but true. The same is not true for Korea. It is a developed nation, is posche, and is the hub of some technological giants (Samsung, Hyundai, etc). The image of the country matters a lot in how the world perceives it! We have failed to create a , for the lack of a better word, "polished" image of our country and culture..hence the ignorance of the world towards us. 

Thirdly, I don't agree that Bollywood has deteriorated in content ever since the 2000s (as many have been saying). Infact, it actually got a lot better and churned out much better cinema that would appeal to larger global audience after the 2000s. Please don't bring up DDLJ, K3G, HAHK as benchmark of great cinema that made Bollywood popular. Although I do agree that they were immense blockbusters, it's a fact that it was the NRI population mostly that made those films blockbusters and not the average white westerner. Films like these hardly had a genuine great story, great acting, etc which makes these appealing to a white population.. they were aimed at Indian diaspora in the west and were heavily "Indian" in nature , i.e., emotional quotient >>> logic. This hardly works for a westerner. He /She would get no head or tail of a film like HAHK /DDLJ and the entire thing will be lost on them (and it has been too.. as I follow a few reaction channels on YouTube and have noticed this) . 

     On the contrary, the films made more recently, like say TZP, 3 idiots, Barfi, ZNMD, English Vinglish, Queen, Kahaani, Dangal, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, PK, Uri, Gully Boy, Andhadhun, etc are much more "global" in nature...in the sense that they are genuinely good films with good story, good acting, direction, screenplay, etc which appeal to people across cultures. Infact Aamir 's films 3 idiots, PK and Dangal got Bollywood noticed and helped in the change of the general perception of the western audience that Indian films are all just mindless songs and dance. 

Here comes the problem. While we Indians love our "escapist" cinema, full of beautiful songs and dance sequences, high emotional connect, even at the cost of logic , Western audience don't appreciate it. Our culture is entirely different from theirs so the way we connect with our films such as DDLJ, KKHH, K3G, HAHK etc is something that they can never do. So to get a larger worldwide audience, we have to align our style of cinema with the west.. and that's the sad truth. While I miss that pure Bollywoodness in our films, I can't deny that it won't work anymore. 

So yes , while we are lacking original content and music in the recent years , I don't think our films have gotten worse with time as people say. There have always been up and down phases for our cinema, and currently we are going through a low. But I will say that we still manage to churn out one/two great films a year! 

I also don't think that we lack talent.  We may cry nepotism but Alia is actually talented and westerners really love her acting! The current mainstream actors Shahid, Ranbir, Ranveer, Nawaz, Rajkumar Rao, Ayushman are all equally if not more talented (talking purely about acting TALENT and not charisma, etc) than the older gen of SRK, Salman, Aamir, Ajay, Akshay, Hrithik. What they lack is the immense popularity and blind fan following that the latter enjoyed/still enjoy..which is not possible to replicate anytime in the future IMO as the age of superstars and megastars is gone. Our nostalgia is making us feel like everything at present is trash and everything "old was gold" .. smiley36

Posted: 1 years ago

I realised I only talked about BW in my previous post. πŸ˜ͺ so here's my perception of kdramas/kfilms- 

Kdramas offer an IMMENSE amount of variety in content. It's sad that only the fluffy romcoms, most of which are mediocre IMO like Boys over flowers, Heirs, DOTS etc have gained popularity. Even the recent Crash landing on you which became higely popular was mediocre to me coz I have seen so many better dramas than that! The underrated ones are actually the best. 

But I don't think kdramas in general have gotten huge popularity worldwide. A select few films/dramas like Parasite, Train to Busan, Squid games became popular but that's it. The western audience is still clueless about kdramas . It's only in India that kdramas have seen a surge in popularity and that too recently with the advent of Netflix in India. K-pop though, I agree has really gotten the Western audience curious thanks to BTS. 

P.S. I feel like the kdrama collection in Netflix is disappointing. Most of them are mediocre, while the actual brilliant ones are left out. This has led to this stereotype that kdramas are only fluffy, dreamy romance with leads acting cute all the time and it frustrates me 😐

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