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So it was a beautiful episode where Sai's goodness shines through. 

Matlab if you truly ignore that ninad is a criminal and think of it as a strained relationship between Sai n Trimurti due to the circumstances of shaadi, the gen gap, Sai's different personality - then its beautiful to see how both Sai n Trimurti gang are bridging the gap. 

Virat looked SO emotional too. 

That hug was truly a father daughter one. 

Shivani is my fav. Savage AF. Ya pp- kaunse nashe karke aayi hai. 

Even before Shivani, virat did beizzati of didi too- by saying ignore her bakwaas. We all know Sai cant do anything wrong. Lmao. 

The scene of Virat and his aai-baaba is something else. Matlabb its so sweet. They really look like s family- parents and their loving beta. 

Ninad truly looks speechless n joyous to see his gift 

But precap shows that they are down copy paste route. 😢 The only good that happened in KD duting dreaded track was virat telling pp point blank that she is responsible for setting up the situation to provoke him to lose his cool and he is not blind/stupid. While he took blame for his actions/words in anger he did not spare pp. 

I still hope that suicide ke bajaaye koi aur injury ho. Maybe fall from stairs, accident....

Looks like virat may see Sai-ajinkya sitting on the bed and imagine it as a compromising situation. I still hope they will deviate from the plot of KD but not optimistic....its  so disheartening to see them follow blind copy paste despite our appeals. 

I should probably watch KD now and figure out at what point i cant take it anymore and start disconnecting myself from the show. I cant watch shruti track and divorce drama on Sairat....😢😢😢 Misunderstanding thik hai, butchery nahi. 

Some observations/questions?

1. Why do they need 2 men to lift a harmonium box?! It can't be that heavy! 🙄

2. How does Sai have teachers with phd in music in her medical college? 

3. Do all bedrooms in CN have same pillowcase as Sairat room. 

Nobody asked her whom did you see doing nasha or you yourself did that during your college days. 😜

Please let me know when to stop watching.

1. Yes, harmonium within the box is too heavy to lift specially for not so physically strong girl like Sai. We had one and I could never lift it with the box so this we can consider. Lol

2. I thought the same but then I realized this show is copy paste from bangla series where(Kolkata) it’s common to do masters and PhD in music along with the regular studies. My sister (though we’re not from Bengal) has done masters in classical singing along with her regular studies at the same time. I don’t understand why they’re showing a Marathi family with all the common things from Bengali, they could have shown Bangla family too (apt copy paste) hehe

3. Sorry I can’t solve this mystery 🤣🤣

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It was such a emotional and nice episode, if we ignore the whole redemption and go over past analysis. 

And yes the precap ruined it. I guess before the showdown tomorrow will be another light episode of the kitchen romance followed by Pakhi’s drama of leaving. As per the precap Pakhi will plot the scene and then instigate Virat understanding his insecurity. Can someone tell me as per KD does Virat come to know of Pakhi’s planning in creating that scene?

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Nice update 

Apart from Sai's kindness nothing actually stood out for me. But still it looked so forced to me because I could NOT connect. Ninads is down right a criminal. All these years he has been an abusive husband and buying him a harmonium for change in heart doesn't make any sense. I would be rather happy if sai could  change him as a better person and a better husband. Such a shoddy writing 

Suicide track is coming up. Virat's reaction looked forced some what  really comical. Time to withdraw from this show slowly 

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Originally posted by SonuRani

Same I also have to find alternative to distract from ghum after sometime. According to KD those are pathetic plot. If here they changed then ok. In Tamil version it's changed and if they go according to that then will watch it.

I think original script is till confession and having happy married life after that in KD because if popularity they have added Extra tracks. Here if vankar and sitara want to extend have to add own creativity . Let's see what will happen

Suicide track changed in Tamil version?

I too need some distraction from this ghum world...can't watch dis insecurity n trust issues..virat entering like a Supermansmiley37

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And what a scene!! Why did they have to show Ajinkya sitting on the bed and them sitting so closesmiley7. Not necessary. 

Which husband wouldn't get angry??

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Originally posted by scarlett22


And what a scene!! Why did they have to show Ajinkya sitting on the bed and them sitting so closesmiley7. Not necessary. 

Which husband wouldn't get angry??

They will mess up this track exactly like the DevKit wedding track....the track will have no sense but somehow achieve the the outcome makers want. 

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Thanks for the tag Pooja. 

Not going to watch the episode ..too upset. smiley19

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Isn't it the first time ki ninad ne sai ka naam liya hai nhi yeh ladki aur kya kya bolta tha

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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