Was Dil To Pagal... about SRK-Karishma friendship than SRK-Madhuri rom - Page 3

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Posted: 9 months ago

Well no. The whole Maya bakwas was shoved down so strongly that it was her movie. AlthoughKarishma's character was so much better and nicer. Madhuri had more screen space but her character was bland and boring.

Wish Yash Chopra had shown Nisha and Rahul. 

Posted: 8 months ago

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Posted: 7 months ago

Given that Maya Maya thing the film was clearly about Madhuri and SRK. Not Karishma-SRK friendship. Though Karishma did overshadow Madhuri in that film given her post makeover looks, swift dance moves and being younger than MD. Karishma had the best year in 1996 with hits like Jeet and an ATBB like Raja Hindustani. She was totally on top by the time DTPH released. 

I must say she looked better than Madhuri who could not manage to keep up with her despite all her exposure in those transparent suits and deep neck blouses. 

I personally found Rahul character annoying in both KKHH and DTPH. 

I would have liked Madhuri or Karishma to end up with Akshay's character. 

For some reason, SRK's character in both DTPH and KKHH comes across as sexist, annoying and selfish. In DTPH he atleast realises Karishma loves him or maybe feeling envious of Madhuri and he tries to hug or console her. But in KKHH he is totally oblivious to emotional state of Rani and Kajol's characters nor tries to calm them. Given the guilt Rani feels even till her death in KKHH, one wonders how self absorbed and shitty Rahul is.

Never found Rahul in either films a character for 2 women to obsess over. 

Posted: 7 months ago

Don't get how people r blaming the male lead character..

Like how is it his fault if the girls loves him but he doesn't? Ya both Karishma and Kajol's characters were his best friends, lekin pyaar nahi tha to kya kare wo.

Like, girls can friendzone but boys can't?

And one isn't allowed to miss best friends if for some reason they disappear from ur life completely? If Tina felt she came in between the two friends/lovers..it's her own thought process..how is Rahul responsible if she felt miserable coz of this? And we don't know/didn't see if he knew or tried to bring her out of that misery..for all we know he may have come to know of it only through her letters. Girls r very secretive with their emotionssmiley37

Posted: 7 months ago

I get that Rahul and pooja we’re both flighty head in the clouds kinda ppl (Rahul was sometimes even toxic) …they weren’t practical , realistic, and almost lived in some imaginary world centred around them

They are made for each other lol 

I preferred Nisha tho. She was more grounded and real (and a lot more fun) 

Madhuris character annoyed the eff out of me with her delusions 

Nisha deserved better than rahul anyway tbh…I feel like she dodged a bullet …seemed wayyy too good for him 

Posted: 7 months ago

Of course , srk - karishma friendship . She also overshadows mad.

Posted: 4 months ago

Originally posted by infinity101

Don't know about that, but wanted him to end up with Karishma instead of Madhuri.


Posted: 4 months ago

The movie itself was plain stupid and boring

I love the songs only and Lata Ji sung it so beautifully 

The caption is even more stupid 'Someone Somewhere Is Made For You'

I only love the ending because it ended

The only character i liked was Akshay's character as Ajay & i felt Pooja should actually end up with him

I find Ajay & Nisha love was true as they understands the real meaning of love that is sacrifice for the person you love. The moment they knew the people they are in love with were unhappy thinking abt their happiness rather than their own it hurts them to let go their love but they did with a brave heart thats TRUE LOVE

The fact is Nisha & Ajay were not living in delusional dreamland or self-absorbed. They live in reality

Rahul-Pooja were annoying one lives in dekusional dreamland and the other self-absorbed. To be honest they don't even understand what is love and the film try to portray them some legendary lovers

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