The Direction - Bichara Baap and Pati

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Posted: 8 days ago

Watched the episode, whitewashing of "Bechara Vanraj" and so-called "villainess women Kavya" whose character is being butchered by CVs. 

Do CVs really think the audience would be entertained only if women were to be villains? First Rakhi and now it's Kavya. 

Kavya was shown as a logical and smart woman, who supported Anu's little steps towards being a strong woman. Her insecurities at one point were justified too. But now, I can't relate her actions and logic at all. Kavya just wants Vanraj only- what good it would do to her if she were to just throw out baa and Bapuji? All kids would be still in the picture. I am surprised, CVs didn't learn enough from the accident track?

Now coming to the actual villain - Vanraj Shah. Bapuji portrayed Baap and Pati as an entity in society who doesn't get recognization for their contribution. Yes in the real world that might be true. BUT he said that referring to Vanraj. From what I recall - most of the episodes till EMA revealed were catered to boost the superiority of Vanraj. He was never 'Bechara' who was left on the sidelines.

According to Anu and Bapuji, he suffered a lot. Yes! whatever little he suffered, he suffered for his own selfish choices. On top of that, he made sure the whole family suffers too! On what basis actually they are trying to gather sympathy?smiley44

I liked, how Anu was pushing everyone collectively to move on. That was a good move. I also appreciate that she wants to end the relationship on peaceful terms but friendship? I am not sure how Mahan the act is, to be friends with someone who abused you mentally and physically in the recent past. I would rather have them behave on just Humane ground. But again, if they didn't behave all friendly- how would Kavya get even more illogical and negativesmiley39

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Posted: 8 days ago

I agree how can she be friendly with a abusive ex ? 

For sale of kids and peace of fam.?? 

This is what I dislike women are expected to be mahan thyag devis

Posted: 8 days ago

TBH ending a relationship on a friendly note is good for one's own mental health. But I am pretty sure the CVs are not out to give this kind of a message.

We need not worry here. This bhaashan was only to make Vanraj think what he is losing by divorcing Anupamaa and his patriarchal toxic male ego (which doesn't let him cry), will show up when Anupamaa begins succeeding on her own, because that will frustrate him even more.

Posted: 8 days ago

Well anupama did not use any friend ship word  in precap 

She said  that log  pyaar khatm hone ke baad nafrat hi kyon  chunte hai.   Jeevan mein   bus nafrat  aur pyaar jeene ke  do hi tareeke  nahi ho sakta .No friend ship word use by anupama 

I think anupama is talking about insaniyat ka rishta to vanraj ki  bhale hi pyaar na ho, nafrat na ho but insaniyat ka rishta hoga 

So please check precap once again that what anupama actually said 

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Posted: 8 days ago

I think, Anu by giving a white flower was referring to just bring peace among themselves, i.e. be cordial and its fine because they have to be together as parents and it will be easier if there is no hatred between them. I don't think she meant friendship, she only meant lets just be civil. And she has always maintained she does not want to do any mud slinging and want to end this cordially. Its good she does not want have a relationship of hatred also with him.

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Posted: 8 days ago

Another thing white rose is never symbol of friend ship  . White rose is symbol of purity and peace

It is yellow rose is symbol of friendship 

Posted: 8 days ago

friendship wala angle is still good but kavya turning fully villian mean turning vanraj into bechara i cant digest this

galat kavya se zyada vanraj ki han and makers showing like its kavya fault only omg i cant take this 

Posted: 8 days ago

This is all for drama and more drama and nothing more. Kavya knows how much Vanraj cares for his family. Fine, she will not be able to be Anupama but what's the need to show her like this vamp and villain. This is the problem with ITV they are never able to show a grey character properly. Why can't it be that Kavya tries to be with the family in her own way and she is different and Anupama is different. They can still show what Vanraj has lost but no they had to make her pure vamp. 

Regarding the whole ending the relationship on a friendly note, I think I will be copy-pasting the same thing that I have said in all the other topics that it is the best to move on in a friendly manner but to have that overnight and that too from a person who has emotionally abused you and treated you like a doormat for so many years I don't understand. But I guess this is ITV yahan kuch bhi ho sakta hain. 


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