Final Written Update 06/02

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Posted: 20 days ago

Hello everyone here I am for the final episode update smiley31 I know some people are indifferent and don't care about the story and just want to know the story ends. But I also do know there are people out there that are upset and sad about the show ending. To those guys remember sometimes good things fall apart so better things can come together!

So apparently this episode is going to be a tear fest but I will try my best to lighten the mood where I can with my bakwaas. So without further ado lets start the update for the final time.

Obviously have to start with the new show premier basically a synopsis of it- if you are interested then please watch. 

Episode with Jai throwing something at Bani  and Veer drives his car through her. Cheel Clan looking for Veer. Switch to Planet- dhabbewala is dying but saying he is markaat and he won't die but Vani will die. A meteor comes and Vani run away. Dhabbewala says run run how far will you run (he actually looks possessed). Vani Run then Bani tells Veer that she needs to tell him some good news. Takes his hand and puts it on her belly and he hears the baby. 

14 hours earlier....

Jai and Bani having they face off and J begs for forgiveness and B says don't even make this joke smiley37 behana that is the biggest joke of this seas you forgiving him repeatedly and trusting him repeatedly smiley37 Lol Bani calls her Dhokha khayi huwi AN who will take her baadla (revenge fans happy?smiley37) Naagin background going on while these two tussle - each giving as good as they can BUT i would like to point out dhabbewala is on the floor most of the time.  Oh yeh kya dhabbewala whips out the blue potion no clue where he kept it and throws it at Bani- it affects her and she can't become a snake....oh hooooo and there is smoke around her and its like she freezes? Dhabbewala talks about his great plan *yawns* he is  like now she is cooled down  smiley37 There our Veer is coming speeding in his car and he sees Bani  (elsa version) and he's is like this is my imagination....wish everything post NY was our imagination. But anyway he drives through her and she falls down. Dhabbewala comes out of hiding and says Alvidaaaa (cannot wait for the part of the episode when I can say that to him). He talks about the planet alignment and how when that happens everyone will do Jai Ki Jai Jai Kaar. He takes her somewhere where she is ice.

Here the cheel clan is like where is Veer..and Ballu is telling everyone to relax he has gonee away to relax.  Ballu blames the house...I mean yeah sure....

SHUKLA HAS COME WITH HIS SCROLLL....WAHHHH AND PUT HIS HAND ON IT AND SHOWS THE FAMILY AND SAYS SHANI ULTA CHAL RAHA...KISMAT BADLI HAI....VINASSH HOGA. Taapsih asks for a solution LOOOOOL who you asking mate smiley36 Ballu says Shukla that he needs to save Veer and Shukla says they need to some pooka and he will go to prepare it. He walks away and OMG ITS DHABBEWALLA smiley37 He said he will do something to make the bebaas and lachara (like us viewers really).

Scene cut to Bani who is wondering how she will save Veer and her child. 

Scene cut to Cheel mansion where Shukla aka dhabbewala starts his pooja its all black...everything is black. Meera suspects him and tries to question him and Shukla shuts her up and says that none of them can leave the black thread. Wish Bani had the akal to question dhabbewala further. Basically the black thread means they can't leave and go to help Vani. 

Scene cuts to Veer driving he ca't hear the baby and is relaxed- then suddenly hears the baby and loses control of the car- we all know where he will land up....

Scene cut to cheel mansion- where for some reason dhabbewala needs to take his real form and Meera sees him and does something to spoil what he has done. Dhabbewala chats a load of breeze how great his plan his and how he has trapped them and nobody can save Vani. So weird hearing MS's voice from the actor Shuklas mind. Meera our new jhansi ki rani gets up after dhabbewala leaves.

Scene moves to Veer where he has landed in a Jungle and he is like why am I here...I mean you just drove through it.... but anyway he can hear the baby crying (this making my headache worse) he then reaches the hut where his sweetheart is. DI plays. He sees her and is like TUM? He realises something isn't right because she is freezing and not responding. He hears he baby's voice again and is asking Bani what has happened. You are a are a stalker...then he gets no response and is like if you aren't a stalker what are you what is our rishta....that was a quick realisation LOL anyway beggars cannot be choosers. 

There is a dhabbewala scene where he is shouting AN arahaa hoon main...good to know bud smiley20

Scene back to the hut where Vani is...Bani is calling him in her head (aakeshwari BGM) Veer is like I cannot stay away from you... I don't know why I want you back to normal I want you to be fine. He kisses her on her forehead. He said get well soon and come back soon. He cries and a tear falls on her (my heart broke here NGL) and Veer leaves. 

Bani runs after him and she moves to run after him and sees Dhabbewala...dhabbewala wants to know how she was fine. She explains to him that its because of Veer. Loser says that you don't have your powers he implies that he has killed Veer...Bani is like what have you done. He says he pushed him off the clip. Bani goes mad. Dhabbewala also use some raja rani saying and khatam unk kahaani line....we know mate you have predicted the future...

Cut to cheel mansion where Meera undoes what Dhabbewala had done and tells the family the truth. And she's like we have to save Vani. 

There dhabbewala is getting beaten up by Bani smiley24 but he is laughing and is like you will die you will die and is taunting her. I am glad that Jai thinks his plan is working felt like it was long overdue smiley36 They talk about the mrityuyog - and Bani realises that dhabbewala killed sapera baba. Dhabbewala says she is underestimating his cruelty and tell her he killed pandit and pandityaan as well and now her husband. Bani gets angry....and is weak. Dhabbewala is like sit lets do shraddhanjali together- he then tells her how he will kill her. He will first take her heart because she hurt his heart and and then take her powers.......I have no clue why I am laughing but I am laughing. Bani is crying and Jai is doing his chattar pattar. Bani is destroyed- she says that she took many lives for him....And Jai was like he is bored of this and me both mate. Bani is like bholenaath told her that this time it was different but she didn't understand- my revenge was you...I had to kill you. Jai is like carry on talking these boring talks I am going smiley37 Bani says I will not die without killing you I will take my revenge. Dhabbewala takes his Markat roop and says you can't kill me. They have a fan off where Bani tries to take a snake form..does but can't stay in it for long...bu she keeps trying and screams Jai bhoolenaath. Yes my FIREBRAND enough crying and she gets a POLE WITH HER TAIL AND SHE SHOVES IT IN JAI AND  RUNS. That felt really good to me... won't lie....

Scene moves to Veer dangling off a cliff....I have no clue how he reached there don't ask me LOL. He can't change his form and his hand slips and Bani grabs his hand (this is Monday's BTS) and some shloks are playing in the backrgound. Bani saves she knew he was there LORD knows. Also the scrip that SC posts plays out. She says I am not your stalker...and he see the thunder and takes her form there. Takes her to some hut- DI plays in the background. 

HE THEN SAYS YOU TOLD ME TO REMIND YOU TO TELL YOU TO TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME = ok the tears have started on my side- I can't stop them sorry. BANI CONFFESSES HER LOVE FINALLY FAINLLY MAIN TUMSE BAHUT PYAAR KARTI HOON I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND THEY HUG MY BABIES. Tere sang plays....they are so happy.....honestly this is perfect don't care about the story....not that there is a story to care about.

Veer apologises to Bani and says he really is sorry- Bani says I don't care it doesn't make a difference to me. There are clothes there and he asks her to magical hut gives stylish saris. Finally the yellow sari is going.

Bani says how did you remember me. VEER SAYS KYA KAROON SWEETHEART TUMHARE PYAAR MADE THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE. He said I  knew there were clothes are here- my adda is at every jagah....

Ok now they are at the planet I think....and he is telling Bani everything will be ok. Dhabbewala comes with the pole sticking out of him and says everything will be ok. When will he die...please someone tell me when will he die....Ok I don't think this is a planet I think its earth being destroyed....the editing is beyond ... no continuity nothing....I don't even have it in me to rant or care anymore...

On the other hand Cheel's are looking for Vani and see meteors dropping....

Move to dhabbewala and he is like I won't die you two will die....I am markaat... then precap scene from earlier happens where they run and dhabbewala says to run...we get that scene of those two running and meteors flying everywhere....

Veer sees a patch where the sky is clear and they are by the tree BTS scene that sharad posted and they are hugging each other....tere sang playing and they are just hugging....they realise the meteors are falling and Veer tells her to climb the tree. Bani says how long will we run for nothing can happen the planets have changed the alignment. Veer says I have to save you at any cost. Bani is like we are together how is that a loss its us winning right. TSP male version plays. Don't care I am sobbing. Bani announces her pregnancy and places his hand on her stomach and Veer hears the baby. Female TSP plays....they both are crying and now hugging each other. Veer keeps touching her belly and crying so much. Veer is like I need to save this child I need to save you. Bani is like nothing will happen to this child...Veer is like how do you know and she tells him what fauxrishta said. Bani tells her child you will be fine and be ok.

Bani says hum dono fought the world hatred for our live...we came from two different clans...we still fell in love (aakeshwari BGM) Veer says in this life naagin fell in love but the cheel always loved her... he calls himself a stalker after her all the time. Bani says no this time you weren't after me but we are TOGETHER. If you watch this get your tissues ready....Veer says SWEETHEART meri kismet acchi thi. Bani says no mine is better. No ours was to get you two on our screens and off screen as well. Thank you!

Ok they are on planet earth and can see the cheel family.. Ballu wants to save them. Veer is telling them to go. Ballu and Meera wants to save them but Vani are like go nothing can happen.... they're all crying and so am I. Meera is begging heart is breaking. The meteor is getting closer to them...Ballu tries to shapeshifter but can't.... Taapish is like this is mrityuyog nothing can be done. Ballu is begging and crying for someone to save them.

Cut to Vani they are hugging each other... Meera is trying and begging her to come back. A meteor gets really close to them... Ponky cries....bloody hell what is this...honestly this is heartbreak central 

Vani touch their forehands together and Veer says if its a girl then we will call her Veebha and Bani is like if its a boy then? Veer says we will call him Vashu or something sorry they are crying... for not giving us a happy ending.......

Veer then says Bani I have loved you a lot- QAYAMAT SE QAYAMAT TAK. And Bani says I have loved you a lot. A meteors comes and hits them...and there is just smoke... and the whole family screams both their names....ACTUALLY SCREW YOU...

The smoke disappears and there is a baby draped in Bani's sari.  Then they show Vanii in a celestial form ( so like ghosts) overlooking the child. Veer says the baby is very beautiful looks like me. And the baby cries and Veer says when the baby cries and shouts the baby is like you.  They are holding hands and Veer tells the baby that we love you a lot and we will always be with you. Bani repeats the same and will always pray for your wellbeing. They then hold hands and walk away.... The scenes we have been asking for...for months you give it like this...thats like a slap to our faces...

Oh great what could be worse...they just showed it...Dhabbewala arrives on the scene- glad this our last scene smiley1 he comes towards the baby and says I will get all my powers and I will win. He takes out the pole (can I say they are being very careful not to reveal the gender keep referring to it as baby). Jai lifts the pole to stab the baby and the baby..yes the baby throws fireball and Jai falls into a pit of lava. So not Bani not Veer but this baby kills Jai- couldn't even give us that one scene could you 'creatives'.

oh this gets better... Fauxrishta comes and says what will this child be- won't be a cheel or a naagin- because this milan of good and evil will give it a new form...sorry who was evil....not my Cheelu baby (go do one makers) This child will love the darkness and hate the light. Will live amongst humans but won't be able to stand them- he will drink humans blood...the undead is their child. Their milan will bring tabahi- adhi shaad or something has been given birth.

With this ends Naagin 5......

My opinion- skip it honestly just skip it. Not worth it unless you want to cry and feel emotionally drained and get a virtual slaps from the makers of N5. Watch the Vani clips on insta if you want. The editing and continuity was BEYOND rubbish- literally had no clue how thing happened. The fact that they can say that a union blessed by god can give birth to something undead. I just have no words. This episode as a viewer I found so disrespectful all the time we invested was for was literally nothing. The end was ridiculous literally ridiculous. The Vani scenes will make you cry but only watch if you can otherwise don't bother.  I got my closure and are so glad Sharbi have left this crap behind they deserve bigger and better things now!  Thank you SM and SC for bringing the Vani we loved...our Vani to life- The sassy Cheelu and the Firebrand AN. These doppelgängers that replaced the OGs weren't my Vani...not the ones I fell in love with. And this show ended on NY for me. I don't get how someone can ruin something so precious, rare and beautiful but Mukta proved it- good job you keep pressing the self destruct button smiley20

Good luck to the new show and characters- I honestly hope the writing/editing etc is much better than N5 because as N5 proved the actors can only carry a show until a certain point- without a storyline nobody is interested. 

I honestly feel emotionally drained after that. But just wanted to say its been a pleasure doing these updates for you smiley31 and I will miss you all. Hopefully we might bump into each other somewhere else but thank you for dealing with my bakwaas filled updates. Hope you enjoyed them and before I sign off here is a little something from me to you all:

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Posted: 20 days ago

Aaj koi you tube pe live nhi ndikha Raha smiley7

Posted: 20 days ago

Episode is all about jay

Posted: 20 days ago

Bani love confession and Vani hug the best part of the episodesmiley27

Posted: 20 days ago

Thank God SharBhi are free 🙃

Posted: 20 days ago

Ab kuch kehney ka bhi maan nhi hai. 

Just to start another crap show they gave sad end to our VAni 

Naagin 5 

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