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Suprabhat Bhagininno! ☀️☀️ 

Marathi greetings of the day: Til Gul ghya ani godd godd Bola(Please have a mouthful of sesame- jaggery ladoos and speak good thoughts too) Happy Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Uttrayan!🌿🌾🌻☀️

But godd godd bolne ke badle ye kya!?😲 Chavan Saheb is still in PMSing mode 😂 -- call it Possessive Male Syndrome (Sai can call it Pati Mera Sadu as well) kitne din chalega? 😑 

Definition of PMS in males: When jealousy gets the better of deeply protective men, who have deep rooted issues with relationships arising from their fear of rejection and abandonment. (Totally original, but copyright free😅) 

His confused super-proud-but-still-cross look continued and there was 'surprise' when Sai said "Is Ghar ke Kisi bhi mard ya aurat ne Nahi seekha ki aurat ki izzat ke liye aawaz uthani Chahiye"... So, does she view Virat as separate from this 'Ghar' where she likes no one else except his mother? 😂 Chavan saheb, tube light Ka button on Karo ! 

Of course, also, a moment of balm on his heart when she told the creep, "Mere Pati school ke principal Nahi Hain.. you are a criminal" 😅 

Bechare Chavan saheb must have also gauged that now he has to come back from work and do some homework today 😅 Baiko totally ignored his hand holding moment and walked away to Shivani's side leaving him waiting 😎 He must have remembered Gadchiroli days 😅 But that moment of hand holding was enough for someone harping about susheelta to realise that burns ointment tube she was holding was khaali.... 😵

Frankly, I was disappointed at the anti-climax with Virat's anger. I wasn't expecting him to bash Amey to be honest because I knew he wouldn't take law in his hands. But his painful "pyaar se jyada pavitra Kuch Nahi... Koi rishta Nahi", which made 'true love' swell with pride for a moment, left me confused. I couldn't connect it to his feeling because he doesn't feel in love with Sai yet nor is he in love with Patthar-lekha anymore. I am viewing this statement as made in context of Shivani and his general gyaan. (Anyone else who can help add context to that dialogue please do). I can only see it as another bhavishyavaani, when he finds out the complete truth of the 'pyaar' he thought he had found and the 'vyapaar' that was made of it with the 'neech harkats' that have now been licensed by his 'dil-ke-acche' Ghar ke bade bekaar. 

But Sai ne bhi ek premonition Kar diya "saccha pyaar kismat me ho toh Kisi ke chahne na chahne se Kuch Nahi hota"✨🌟

So, Amey's take down essentially was to be done by the women. It was significant given that each one was affected in some way. I LOVED how Sai and Shivani instilled confidence in Sarita with Shivani saying, "Tum apna sar mat jhukana". Why should a woman be blamed for a man's misdeeds. Also, Sarita turned out to be a more self respecting woman than aadarsh bahu Mallika-e-Maturity 👍

But did this drama actually change anything that Sai wanted to change with the "awarenesses" of Chakram niwasis? No. Because kutte ki dum seedhi Nahi ho Sakti. But it has restored Shivani her dignity and it shouldn't matter what anyone thinks. And he also took her to file the official complaint -- it was significant👍 


The highlight of the episode was Ashwini and Sai. ❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞

I love, love, love this bond. (I just HAD to go hug my Aai after watching it 🤗☺️ ) I loved how Sai gave her the hug from the back. 

How much pain did Virat cause his mother? Far greater than he did to Sai. And it's true that Ashwini has already forgiven him. Only a mother can do that without even expecting an apology and tell herself, "Wo bhi taane sun sun Kar pareshaan ho Gaya hai"

Well, that's true to an extent and Ashwini is right but I am not convinced because Virat is capable of ignoring the taunts on a normal day. He reacted on purpose in his moment of vulnerability and hurt both the women on his side on purpose even after saying 'Main Jaanta hoon'. He has to explain himself. 

I don't think this can be left unresolved. 😒 I am really disappointed with no scenes at all for the bond he shares with his mother (even dad for that matter. Why hasn't he spoken to Ninad straight)

Sai's aane do, "Aai ki Aai Yaad dilati hoon..." 😅😂😅😂 Wow, can't wait for that. It better be part of the fight we are going to see. Go Sai go! 

I want to reserve comment on Virat until he returns home for the homework, frankly 🙄. We have been told Virat has never been in a relationship before -- so it's natural he hasn't handled these feelings before; and it's such a complicated 'deal' where even making yourself vulnerable is a scary thought but it's beyond control. It is actually best to talk to the spouse candidly what one is feeling -- insecurities, struggle, attachment, affection, confusion. It helps develop intimacy. But phir jalebi ki dukaan kaise chalegi? 🥨🥨

The past two episodes also have me thinking about another aspect surrounding this suddenly 'infuriated' Virat: Why wasn't he frenzied like this when he learnt that his 'true love', who he was on a mission to find, had blocked his number after judging him only with one random call and even gone ahead and consented to marriage with another man without waiting for his "special moment" that he promised her? All in a matter of about three-four days? He wanted to give up chasing that 'true love' for his brother without showing any sign of this kind of anger?  How is it that he couldn't take kindly to his 'Hum Aapke Kuch Nahi' wali wife putting up a flirting act in his presence and her 'don't care about your pasand', but was able to counsel his 'true love' to find happiness, friend, best friend, lover and husband in the man she had married, in the calmest of his tones?

And he can't help burst out at this fake flirting by his 'wife' whom he said, 'Main Nahi bandhunga'... 

Ever since the conversation after her suicide attempt, Virat has told Sai at least six times "ummeed mat rakhna, Pati Nahi ban paunga" including one time during their argument after 'true love' left the house where he said, "Farz Karo agar main Pakhi ko pasand karta bhi hoon toh tumhe takleef Kyun ho rahi hai... Hamari baat ho chuki hai iss baare mein..."

Now isn't this a bit 'jyada umeed' that he can claim to be 'emotionally involved' with some other woman while being 'physically loyal' to his marriage, but Sai can't even indulge in 'emotional flirting'? If his "pyaar se badhkar"  dialogue today was in anyway related to his leftover feeling or his sense of pride for his pakki zabaan for that bhankas vaada, then Sai should better shift to Shivani Bua's room. Shivani will be more than happy to have room mate 😑 


Karishma ke baare me toh kya kahein 😂😂😂 Bhavani's punishment just broke her bubble that she had been accepted on Team Makad Sena. Omkar and Sonali's expression was laugh worthy, especially Omkar telling Sonali to ask vahini why was she punishing the darling bahu. 😅😅 I am sure he will remember Sai's chapat to Amey today the next time he opens his gutter mouth 😐

Bhavani's reason for punishing karishma - jhoot Bola par pakdi gayi isiliye 😯😯 Wow! And then the gyaan -- Sach dabi awaaz me Kaha Jaye toh seena thok Kar bole huye jhoot se dab jaata hai 😤😨 I wanted to see Ninad's expression but it did not reveal anything. He had cursed his kismat when his IPS son was enjoying his wife spinning a yarn to expose the criminal 😒🙄

So Patthar-faced Toxic Didi has finally met Mephistopheles -- Kuch bhi Karo, har keemat par? What is Patralekha's keemat in her own eyes? Her pale face and possessed eyes look did not leave much room for any interpretation so I am assuming that when her lips made the only movement on her face for her to mouth 'Mujhe acche se pata hai mujhe kya Karna hai', she means she will now visit the couple's bedroom as often as she can. She knows Sai's reactions will be enough to kill any moment of peace between the husband-wife and her job will be done.

Someone please bring those chillies already 😖🤬 Has she found new hope in the 'pyaar se badhkar dialogue' today? I hope Sai also latches on to it and connects it to "pyaar... dosti". Can't wait for the Sam Dam Dand Bhed in the true spirit. 

Am not sure about the involvement of Ninad in this whole thing -- he just seems to be zombied. Even Omkar and Sonali looked surprised. My only hope is in the silly Karishma blurting out this plan one fine day 😂 

How conveniently has everyone forgotten about the other chaheeta beta? And Makad gang enjoys their meal when no one is watching? Baaki saare bhookhe, Especially the husband wife? 🙄 I guess Sai and Virat will soon understand what it means to live on love and fresh air, literally 😂😂😂 

Now that Sai is stepping out everyday, she should really bring a door lock and some chipkali traps for the bedroom 😐

I am looking forward to the Devyani track because it will lead to the much needed break this fighting, confused couple needs. Distance does make hearts grow fonder, only if the hearts are indeed 'connected'. And 'connection' toh, we all know, is very strong💕.

Today is the day of new beginnings, as the sun moves to the Northern Hemisphere and nature begins to seek the spring. Here's wishing all of you a heart full of new dreams, new goals, new thrills, renewed spirit and renewed energy! May everyone celebrating the sun today find warmth, harmony and contentment around them 🌾🌻🌾🌿

Sending warm wishes for Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Uttrayan from my family to yours, accompanied by a plateful of Gul poli and of course Tilgul ladoos or chikkis, if you like!! If you have any delicacies to share, Dil Khush ho Jayega ☺️🥰 whoever is flying kites today, please take care and fly higher! 

Warmest hugs 🤗 and lots of love ❤️

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Super post dear.good morning 

Happy Makar Sankranti to u too dear jankismiley31!🌿🌾🌻.☀️

Hope they really add some sort of festival to ghkkpm.i really wanted a sairat 

Possessive Male Syndromesmiley37.I like it a good one.PMS(pms is a bi**hsmiley36) and TPS .Sai can definitely call him sadu

Definition of PMS in males: When jealousy gets the better of deeply protective men, who have deep rooted issues with relationships arising from their fear of rejection and abandonment. (Totally original, but copyright free😅) smiley37

I will tell my hubby when he goes into sulky mood.smiley37

And our poor PMS husband is holding the wrong side of a gun.Hope he realizes it soon,otherwise mom daughter duo will kill him

Virat was being a husband when he asked amay to return that jewellery (he knows kaku will kill him if even a single piece got lost).I really liked how virat wanted to hold sais hand and sai ignored him and went away.serves you right ACPsmiley28.And patar didis face ,smiley37She  realized that tube is indeed  empty 

"Mere Pati school ke principal Nahi Hain.. you are a criminal" that dialog was super well done cvssmiley32

Bechare Chavan saheb must have also gauged that now he has to come back from work and do some homework today 😅  I too hope soo and virat will say sorry to ayi and sai from the heart..

Virats bhashan about love really didnt jell for me too.I wonder y he said it.Is it to warn sai about his left over feelingssmiley25got me really confused. 

Maybe he was talking about his concept of pyar for which he was stupid enough to lead a life of celibacy (which is not gonna to happen with TPS around)

I really loved the exchange bw the three women.It showed that when women stands stand together nobody can insult them or raise question about their dignity or selfrespect .

Ashwani sai smiley31Stole the episode.we could feel the pureness of their soul and also gave an insight to sais selflessness in defending others.way to go dew drop.loves u

I loved how Sai gave her the hug from the back. smiley43Me too

Virat hurt his mother.i really wanted a mom son scene.please CVS give us that instead of piling up all this chakram paagal drama.

I have a different POV about virat hurting  his mom and sai than u  dear.I think aswanis dialog  was spot on about how virat was fed up of all taunts coming his way.He was their pride now all of a sudden he is in the receiving end so flare ups and breakdown are bound to happen.Though wrong we end up hurting the ones who we love the most.Really loved his ayis perception.shows ashanti is really his mom not someone who thinks he is her sonsmiley7

Sai's aane do, "Aai ki Aai Yaad dilati hoon..." 😅😂😅😂 Wow, can't wait for that. It better be part of the fight we are going to see. Go Sai go! Waiting for that scene

I too agree virat is falling in love for the first time and that confused soul cant even guess what bite him .,But if virat cant deal with this in his mature 27 years I wonder what will our dewdrop do.i bet sai will be more mature than virat in recognizing her feelings

If his "pyaar se badhkar"  dialogue today was in anyway related to his leftover feeling or his sense of pride for his pakki zabaan for that bhankas vaada, then Sai should better shift to Shivani Bua's room. Shivani will be more than happy to have room mate 😑 

oh that will be hillarious. I bet shivani wont even help virat with sais chipkali darr

******I think through karishmas punishment for not telling the truth correctly makers add more grey into bhavanis narcissistic ghkkpm is like typical itv soaps plotting evil behind the leads back😬

And with TMKs permission stone despokhi is going to up her game.bring it on and be more jealous upon seeing  sairat's falling in love journey .ooh cant wait for stonelekhas chilli grinding episode (dont know if we get any satisfaction bcoz that actress can't act worth her salt ,so dont know whether aishwaria will be able to emote that pain anguish and humiliation correctly

Have a great day dear

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Posted: 8 days ago

Janki! As soon as I started reading your posts, my mom brought me til ladoos she had just made, how apt that it happened right when we talked abt Sai and Ashwini scene of mother-daughter. Love my mommy :) Happy Utrayan!

Coming to your post, such a breath of fresh air and such perspective! I decided to not watch the episode for the next couple of days (need the energy to work long hrs) but even if I watch or don't watch, I want to continue reading your posts. It even gives me a diff perspective when I do go watch the episodes. 

Eagerly waiting for Virat's apology to Ashwini apology and hopefully some SaiRat moments where she questions Virat's behavior and what's going on in his heart/brain. The Pakhi track was coming and will be sustained throughout the series now as we know from KD. Challo, if anything she will help bring the couple together. It's the journey that makes any relationship beautiful but if there's anything I wish, it's for the makers to explore the other relationships the leads share w their household members too. It will give sooo much depth to each character. Pre-Marriage, it looked like Virat and his dad had a good relationship. I'm surprised Virat hasn't had a chat w his dad. I'm surprised they havn't kept a pooja for Samrat's return (rather kept one to get back at Sai before college). Plenty loopholes occurring due to living room scenes lol 

Hoping you have a wonderful day filled w tons of sweetness with your family and loves ones as well! As does everyone in this forum!! Love love and tons of love <3 

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Posted: 8 days ago

I will watch the episode and give my two cents on what I think he meant by Pavitra pyaar haha 

Also such a awesome name for the post ...he says he doesnt speak gol gol baatein like jalebi but he actually DOES! hehe challo I want jalebis now lol 

Posted: 8 days ago

Great Post. Happy Pongal/ Sankranti to you too smiley31

Two scenes that stood out today were Ashwini and Sai's conversation which was so pure and Sai's dialogue of Chavan khanda ka kisi aurath ya mard ne nahi sikha to stand for aurat ka atyachar, which are true words (Virat has never taken a stand for his mom and even insulted her the other day).

Virat also was not happy with that statement coz he doesn't think he did any wrong. I am so sure Sai is going to shout at Virat about this. AFter that agar Virat-Ashwini scene nahi mila toh makers are writing extra dialogues for no reason.  


Which of the Saam (advice), Daam (bribe), Dand (punish/harass), Bhed (divide & rule/use enemies weakness against them) will Poker Face Pakhi use? 

It might be Bhed, i.e. divide Virat and Sai. 

Like you said, all she has to do is go to their room and Sai will do the rest. She did also look smug (I guess) at Virat's pyar dialogue, the dialogue itself seemed misplaced. 

Posted: 8 days ago

Loved the Mephistopheles reference .

And just like Dr. Faustus met his end , so will Pakhi . She will repent but it will be too late then ! 

A beautiful analysis as always ! 

And Happy Makar Sankranti smiley27 


Posted: 8 days ago

I was waiting for your analysis to understand what Virat meant by his Sacha Pyaar definition. IDK if it was a writer's mistake or if it was foreshadowing of what is coming? I noticed though when Virat was saying those lines Sai and Pakhi were both in the background, but Sai was closer and clearer in the frame, and Pakhi was farther and blurred in the scene. He said that "pyaar se barkaar na koi shabdh hay, na ehsaas, na rishta." We are all aware of the "shabdh" pyaar, and we make a lot of "pyaar ka rishta" with people around us, like friends and family, but we only feel that "pyaar ka ehsaas" for only our significant other. So is it foreshadowing the fact that Virat may have misconstrued the word pyaar as his "ehsaas" for Pakhi when in reality that "pyaar ka rishta" was nothing but friendship? Or did Virat actually meant it as friendship but Pakhi didi thought of frienship wala pyaar as "ehsaas" wala pyaar that Virat will only save for her and nobody else? IDK, I felt out of touch with Virat's dialogue today...

Also, Shivan bua may never love anyone because of what Amey did was another weak dialogue on the writer's part. Given her two divorces and 3 affairs, how could she love and trust someone so blindly? What is wrong with Chavan Khandan and their two-day wala love? Is that genetic? First, our Virat saheb with Pakhi, then our Samrat saheb with Pakhi, and now bechari Shivani with Amey. The entire Shivani track was so hastily written and executed that none of us could actually connect with her. I believe in KD, the woman who played Shivani was never married and as she got older, the family never thought about getting her married after that (IDK the actual story, correct me if I am wrong). So her falling into a trap like this is kind of understandable. Welp...this is what happens when you change characters and copy-paste the same plot and try to make sense out of it. The story becomes disconnected and falls apart. 

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Posted: 8 days ago

@Janki: Beautifully written as always.

Maybe Virat was talking about Samrat's true pyaar for Mrs.MIA. Because for him if 2 days yoga training can create vaada level pyaar then why not 5 days of marriage?

His anger towards Sai may continue due to her statement about what her father taught her. 

Well, just like Sai's anger with Virat for Ashwini, Virat will be angry with Sai for what her father didn't teach him before. 

What will they do, if Sai really has 30lakhs in her name now?

Well, do they showed whether Karishma has her parents?

Wish you all a happy Pongal, Makar Sankranti and Uttrayan.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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