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Posted: 2 years ago

Welcome to my Vani land. There are a few things that I have changed from the show. Something that I have added and imagined things we don't know yet. I hope you all will like reading the story as much as I enjoy writing this. Supernatural, romance and fiction have always been my favourite genre. So, here's my little piece of writing. For a while, I've been thinking of writing this.

This is the link to Thread 2: Thread 2

Naagin 5 Forum has been closed so I can no longer add the chapters here. I'll be uploading the remaining chapters in this new link that I have given above. Do read, like and comment your thoughts away. 

Chapter 1: A Scarlett Coincidence

Veeranshu Singhania. 

Something was so different about him that always caught Bani off guard. First, it was his actions. She could do the most offending things and he'd still be so balanced. He had almost ruined his business deal but he didn't do anything. She almost made him think she was insulting his dead twin brother's corpse but he did nothing. He almost threatened to kill him but he was so relaxed. It caught her off guard. Everyone in the house seemed tensed with the Bani out on prowl but when it came to Veer, he was so relaxed. He lived in the same room with her and could easily be her target but not even an ounce of worry in his face. It made her uneasy. She held an upper hand through fear. All these cheels had fear of her. Of course, Balwant was still brave to take up the challenge to fight her but it didn't change that there was some amount of fear. That fear was so absent in Veeranshu Singhania. It was exactly like looking into Aakesh's soul. 

He sat on the dining table. The bloody mary set on the table before him. Bani's father looked in surprise. Bani's family was not like his own. The Singhanias started their day as they pleased. 

"Damad ji, abhi toh subeh ke 8 baje hai." Chachi commented chuckling. 

"Never too early for a drink." Veer answered with a grin. 

"Woh bhi sahi baat hai. Aapke liye toh sab time ek jaisa hota hai.." She buttered him with a laughter. Veer grinned. He loved when people agreed to him. Especially if it was Bani's family. 

"Papa, woh chodiye. Aap bataiye. Kaise hai?" Bani made a conversation with her father. He couldn't understand how Bani was being able to handle Veer. Veer was almost an alcoholic and Bani never drank. Bani's father more than anyone knew how an alcoholic man was. His own father was an alcoholic and the way he treated his mother was terrible. 

"Beta, Veer is behaving well with you, right? He's not hurting you, right?" He asked Bani. 

"Papa, everything is fine. Veer is a little different but he wouldn't ever lose his senses even while he's down with a few drinks. He knows where to stop. Aap chinta mat kijiye." Bani assured him. As such Bani wanted to say that he had a liver of steel. She has never seen him drunk. Is it because he's a icchadhari cheel that he has such advanced metabolism? Bani brushed those useless thoughts and tried to focus on what her father was telling her. 

Soon, Ponky brought down Veer's mom. Veer jogged up to her and helped her. 

"Aao, maa. Sit. Kya khaogi?" Veer asked her. Bani put tea and some bread. She ate silently. She offered some to Veer. "Nahi, its okay. Tu kha. Main kha lunga." He sat next to her. 

Bani had begun to see that soft side to Veer that he shows to his mother. Bani noticed that even her own father deemed the same thought right. He could be the most annoying creature on the planet but it is always sweet when he is with his mother. Seeing the way Veer was his mother made her believe that Balwant deserves the punishment.

Balwant stood up from the table. Pawan and Shukla behind him. Balwant gave one look at Veer's mom. She almost curled away in fear. Veer assured her and looked back at his father. "Dad... bas kariye." Veer told him and he walked away. 

Bani could see the kind of hatred in Balwant eyes that she held for Veer earlier. She couldn't miss it. What could make him hate her so much? Why was she exactly locked up? She was going find out about it and prove to Veer how his family is. 

Now, she had another trouble bothering her. It was this strong negative energy she was feeling. It was taking her control away. The one who lived around such negative energies were these cheels. They often hunted in burning grounds. 

Once they had set Veer's mom in her room, Veer turned to Bani. Her skin was burning up again. It was bothering her a lot now.

"Bani, exactly kya ho raha hai?" He asked her. 

"I don't know. This is driving my control out of bounds. My powers are reacting to that kind of energy. Someone around us is so filled up with that tamsic energy that it is reacting against my radar." Bani explained. Veer softly held her. 

"I guess it is affecting you because you're around it a lot. You can't think right with your skin burning like this." Veer told her. He took her hand and led her outside. He had told Tapish to be careful about their mom and dad coming across each other. "Sit." Veer told her, signalling her to sit on the bike behind her. 

"Veeranshu, we shouldn't go out. I mean my family is here for me. It is quite foolish to leave them unattended." Bani tried to tell him. 

"Bani, stop being so difficult. Dad isn't going to hunt your family and eat them. Relax. We try to keep our hunting schedules under wrap and not bring attention to ourselves." Veer told her. "And you're already burning up. We need a place to bloody calm down and think what to do about this. We can't do that while it is hurting you and you're all burning up. Last thing we need is you getting sick." 

Bani gave in and sat behind him. He drove them ahead towards his mountain house. The exact place that he taken her after saving her from the truck blast. 

"This place? This place is exactly where I was brought after the truck....." Bani then looked at Veer. Was it a coincidence? He saved her exactly the same way that he saved her in her childhood. Another blast that should have killed her. "Tumne mujhe bachaya?" 

"Abh dekho, you jumped into stuff without paying attention. I couldn't leave you like that. When Jay told me that you went behind my family's truck. I reached there right when the blast was about to happen." Veer told her as he took her upstairs. "You are more important to me than you understand. Anyway we have more important thing to put thoughts into." 

No wonder she felt her scales when she touched that injury on her shoulder. It was eagle's claws. He wasn't exactly the knight in shining armour kind so why did he appear at places when she's in trouble? And there she was already cursing him when it was him who saved her. What kind of coincidence was it that whenever she's in trouble, he is the one to show up and save her? Bani didn't know why all that kept happening to her. Bani couldn't understand him sometimes. He becomes all too confusing for her mind.

He made her sit near the balcony. 

"Sit. I'll get us something." Veer told her. The air was so fresh and cool. She took a deep breath and let her calm down. Veer returned with a tray. Two mugs, a paste and a headband. She could smell hot chocolate brewed perfectly. 

"Lo." He gave her one of the mugs. The smell of sandalwood, aloevera and turmeric came from the paste. "I'll put this on the burns. It helps with the burns." He said. 

"Iski koi zaroorat nahi hai. I can..." Bani didn't get to finish because he already started to put them over her burns. That was like instant cooling effect. 

"Put that head band over your hair." Veer told her. Bani did that and Veer applied the paste over her face. 

"Woh spa wali feeling aa rahi hai." Bani chuckled. Veer grinned. 

"Well, abhi tumne apne pati dev ki service dekhi kahan hai.." Veer teased her. He tied her hair in a pony tail. A few moments later, he put the same paste over his face. 

"Why are you putting it on your face?" Bani asked. 

"Company dene ke liye." He answered. Bani couldn't help but smile. Maybe, just maybe, he could be a good company. Bani didn't know about love but there was definitely a growing soft spot for him.

"Who taught you these gharelu nuske? I mean I don't expect Veeranshu Singhania to know how to make a cooling face pack." Bani said. 

"My mother." He answered. 

"Your mom taught you how to make a face pack?" She was surprised. Most women don't rather indulge in those with their sons. Veer chuckled and a sweet smile came to his face. 

"My birth mother. Jo humare saath hai abhi, woh meri asli maa nahi hai. She just brought us up. She gave us all her love and care. She was like our foster mother but since she was there in major part of my life I always saw her as my mother." Veer told her. 

"What happened to your birth mother?" Bani asked. Veer looked out at the window for a moment. 

"I was really young to understand stuff. An attack had happened at our home. She was being attacked. Hearing her voice Teer bhai and I went out. We saw her attacked by several people. She saw us and got worried. They attacked us, she shielded her from all those attacks and almost gave up her life trying to save Teer bhai and me. I was almost attacked by some magic but Teer bhai came up before me. She asked me to take Teer bhai and run away.  Dad was not there at that time. It was just me, Daksh Teer bhai and Tapish bhai. Daksh was in his cradle while Tapish bhai was looking out for him. Ponky and Monil weren't even born. Later on I learned that the attack was from Naag-Naagins." Veer told her, not looking at her. 

Bani fell silent. Her naagvansh had attacked his family and he lost his birth mother in that attacked. "Dad ne kaha kisi Naagin ne unhe dasa tha. I had watched with my own eyes, so many Naags stabbing her repeatedly to get to me. She refused to budge." He told her. 

She couldn't believe it. Naagvansh would never be that cowardly. Why would they attack his family? Balwant must have done something for that to happen. Bani decided not to say it. 

"So, your birth mother taught you how to make this?" Bani asked. 

"Yes." Veer had that sweet smile again. "She was the most amazing person I had ever come across. Mom, maasi, Tapish bhai, Teer bhai, Daksh and I would watch Jungle Book. She used to say that Balu from Jungle Book reminded her of my dad. That stuck and sometimes even I call him that." 

Bani couldn't help but smile. 

"She was pregnant so she had odd cravings. I didn't understand them but to cheer her up, I would join her. So, it was ice-cream, self care and watching animated movies. So, she would often make this face pack and apply it on her face while she rested. So, I used to join her in that." Veer told her. 

Bani felt a pang in her heart. His mother was pregnant when she died. Why would her naagvansh be so heartless? They would never hurt a pregnant woman. That could be the greatest sin to make. Something not even Bholenath would forgive. Regardless of what the person before them was, to attack a pregnant woman is the most heartless thing. Why should it matter that the person was from enemy clan.

Bani then noted Veer's smile when he thought of his mother. He was definitely a mumma's boy. She chuckled at that thought.

"What? Why is it funny that I would put it with her?" Veer asked. 

"No. I'm not smiling at that. I never thought that Veeranshu Singhania would turn out to be a mumma's boy." Bani explained. Veer looked confused.

"Why so? I mean its a cliched trope that all the boys are their mother's favourite." 

"Yes but the way you are, I didn't think you'll have that sort of trope in you. I mean you have this 'bad boy' attitude who has no respect for anyone." 

"I also was a little boy once, Mrs Veeranshu Singhania. I wasn't born a man. I started off as a little boy and built myself to a man." 

For a moment, Bani almost wished she could have seen him as boy. She could imagine him as an adorable little boy who trotted behind his mother everywhere. 

They fell silent again. Bani drank her hot chocolate. A man who knows how to make the perfect hot chocolate is a man worth being friends with. 

"Better lag raha hai? Does it still burn?" Veer asked her. 

"No. It feels quite better. Ab jal nahi raha." Bani answered. 

Chapter 2 :

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Wow awesome...Loved it. Waiting to know what next

 Welcome back with Ur beautiful stories. So nice

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Fabulous writing ....just love it... Keep uploading daily ....  I Love the way you describe our Veeranshu Singhania in Bani's thought 🖤

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Very well written...... Veer’s emotion was beautifully described......loved it .....VANIlicious update .....cant wait to read chapter 2 

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wow, it is amazing loved it

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This is beautiful piece of writing!smiley27 Touches our hearts straight!smiley9Please continue! There heart to heart conversations are such a delight to read!smiley42

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Amazing update...

Continue soon...

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i absolutely adore your work, looking forward to moreee smiley41

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