Mineil SS 'Cure me with your love- spin off' last part pg 68 on 08/12

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Posted: 2 years ago

Hii firends

Since many of you have been asking to write the spin off of my very first and most liked story on miniel, 'cure me with your love'. So here I am with the spin off.

Imp note-

It will be a short story. Its a continuation of 'cure me...'. The story has taken leap of 11 years right where it ended in the epilogue. Those who didnt read 'cure me...' ff I would suggest them to first go through it then you'll be able t understand this story better.

Here is the link for ff cure me with your love-


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Part 1


Mini had just returned today from the photographers summit in Paris. She was there for one week. She was tired from the long flight. She avoids now to travel for this long as she is not that energetic she used to be in her youth. She had entered in the haveli and all her fatigue and stress had gone at once when she looked at her beautiful family.

Her twins Ayushman and Arman were sprawled on sofa doing their school work. Her little munchkin Aayat was as usual busy on her phone and her beloved husband was busy in his favourite place ie kitchen. Like always he made all her favourite dishes as she had returned after one week. She had stepped in and all of them looked at her and at once left whatever work they were doing and gathered around her.

“Mom, you are finally back!” Ayush and Arman shouted and ran towards her. Both of them hugged her from either side. “Arre chhodo mujhe, main gir jaungi….16 years ke ho tum dono …koi chhote bachhe nahi ho jo is tarah behave kar rahe ho.” Mini admosnished them but they didn’t leave her. “So what? Who said that you cant hug your mom if you are grown up.” Ayush complained. Mini smiled and just ruffled his hair. “Theek hai theek hai….waise bhi tum dono dad ke chamche ho….unki hero worship karne se tumhe kam hi fursat milti hai….I have to go abroad for many days to earn this much attention and love from you.” Mini said while pouting then all of them laughed.

“If you have a little time then at least pay a little attention on me also.” Aayat complained. “Aww, my baby. I have all the time for you.” Mini replied and extended her arms for Aayat. She also joined in a group hug. Just then Neil came from the kitchen with a bowl of Mini’s favourite kheer. “Bachha party chalo…bahut ho gaya mom ko aaram karne do.” Neil asked kids to leave Mini alone now. “You mean to say aapke sath romance karne do.” Arman said in low voice so that only his siblings could hear him. This was their private joke. All of them knew how much their mom and dad love each other. They have literally grown up listening to their love story, courtesy- their maasi cum elder sister and the leader of their gang, Arya. Since their childhood they have been seeing their parents…they were like eternal lovers. Their mom was now in her 40s and dad in his 50s but their romance hasn’t subsided. They could give any young couple a tough competition.

“I heard that Arman. Don’t try to be over smart with me.” Neil replied. “Both of you, go and check the curry in the kitchen I am coming.” Neil instructed and both the boys went into the kitchen at once. Both had liking towards cooking just like their father and wanted to be a Michelin starred chef like him. Not only as a dad but as a chef also he was their hero.

Patiala babes restaurant was not only a restaurant anymore it had developed into a brand with a restaurant almost in all cities of Punjab and major cities of northern India. Now Neil worked very less as a chef in their restaurant. He mostly handled the management. Currently he was busy in launching his own cooking school.

“Taste it, I have added extra ingredients in it. Tell me how it is?” Neil asked as he shoved spoonful of kheer into Mini’s mouth. “Mmm, extra ingredients or not…this kheer is tasty as usual.” Mini replied and took the whole bowl from his hands. “Hey wait! Not whole bowl. Remember doctor had said that your sugar was high last time.” Neil admonished. “That was only because of the reaction of some anti allergic medicines I took after visiting African safari for animal photography. Now I am perfectly fine.” Mini rolled her eyes at him. He was like always overprotective for her. After so many years, earning lots of experience and awards in her field, Mini was still not allowed to decide on her own on which tours to select for her photography assignments. It needed to be approved by Neil to make sure that they are safe or else he will create so much fuss over it.

Mini went into their rooms to take some rest. While Neil followed her with her bags.“Hmm..its heavy what have you brought from there?” Neil asked taking halt in between to take a breath. “Its not heavy. You have become old. You don’t have that strength now.” Mini teased. “Oh really? I’ll show you how much strength is left in me…just wait for the night love.” Neil said as he put the bags aside and hugged her from behind. “Shut up you pervert. Bachhe itne bade ho gaye aur tum….abhi bhi romance ka sochte rehte ho.” Mini chided him. “That is what I am saying. Kids have all grown up and busy in their life. So we have to look out for each other more. I was thinking that we should stop working now and take retirement.” Neil suggested. “Oh really? And what we will do then?” Mini asked turning and putting her hands on his shoulders. “We will go away from here….leave all this behind…kids…work..tension and we will buy a house near a beach in Goa and spend time loving each other till we die.” Neil said closing his eyes as if he was really imagining them in Goa.

“Wow chef! What a plan? Just escape all the responsibilities and run away to Goa on a lifelong honeymoon.” Mini said sarcastically. “Hai na kamal ka plan Mini madam. I will cook for you and you will click my photos.” Neil said while looking at her lovingly. “Hmm then one fine day Aayat, the twins and not to forget Arya will come stomping their feet to demand how dare we leave them behind and they will bring Naeem bi and Biji too to scold us.” Mini said and laughed. “Ya, they can do that.” Neil agreed and laughed too.

Mini remembered dadu for sometime as she remembered only dadu was not there in their perfect family. He had passed away from heart attack few years ago leaving Biji alone. Since Naeem bi has also grown old and it was difficult to do house hold chores all by herself. Biji and Naeem bi have come to live in haveli only. Aayat was doing college. Like her mom she also wanted to be a photographer and the great Arya heroine of the family had become one of the top models like Neil had predicted. During her recent Paris visit Mini was with Arya only as she has also came there for a fashion show. Mini still find it difficult to process that her little chhutanki has grown up into a very beautiful woman. So confident and joyful personality. 

Mini was lost in thoughts when children came to their room. They were standing outside of their room and Aayat was about to go inside when Ayush stopped her. “Arre sis, ye kya kar rahi ho? First knock at least…andar laila majnu ka romance chal raha hoga.” All three of them laughed. Aayat controlled her laughter somehow and knocked the door. “Come in.” Neil shouted from inside. All three of them went inside. “Don’t think I didn’t get what joke you must have cracked….dont forget I am your dad…I know you too well.” Neil said while looking at their still smiling faces.

“Whatever! We have no intention to disturb you two. We have just come to inform that curry is done and we have also taken care of birthday cake and decorated it with cherries.” Ayush informed. “Hey! That cake was supposed to be a birthday surprise for your mom.” Neil admonished him. “That’s mom’s favourite cake. You make it on her every birthday….mom knows it…we know it…even our neighbors know it…how it can be a surprise than?” Arman asked rolling his eyes. “Really?” Neil asked as if it was difficult to believe while Mini just laughed at his innocence. Every year he makes her favourite cake and whole family wishes her at 12.00 pm exactly and she acts she is really surprised. Tonight also they were going to do the same. The only difference was Arya will not be here this time as that modeling assignment in Paris was really important for her career and she was busy there.

Mini suddenly became sad thinking that this year her birthday celebration will be incomplete without her chhutanki. Neil understood what she might be thinking and hugged her from side. “Come on, cheer up. We all will be there na. We will make a video call to Arya.” “Ya, but still Arya hoti…toh baat hi kuch aur hoti.”Mini replied sadly. While the twins and Aayat shared a look with each other and smiled mischievously.

“Cheer up love, you know I cant see you sad.” Neil said and cupped Mini’s face. “Oh no, ye log phirse start ho gaye.” Ayush whispered to the siblings and sighed. Arman laughed while Aayat looked her parents lovingly, “Shut up guys. How cute and adorable they look. They are perfect for each other….an ideal couple.I hope my married life will also turn out like this beautiful.” Aayat said and remembered that she has to share something important with her family.

“Guys, ye sab baatein chhodo…I have to say something important.” Aayat said. “Yes my baby....we are listening.” Neil answered. “Dad, stop babying me…I am a grown up now.” Aayat pouted. “But for me you’ll always be our little baby munchkin.”Neil said and pulled her cheeks. “Tell us beta, what do you wanna say?” Mini asked as she put her hand lovingly on Aayat’s head. “Mom….woh….actually…I…am…”Aayat stammered for sometime as she didn’t know how to break this news to her family.

“Hey! I have not seen you stammering before….what is it that you are finding it difficult to share with us?” Neil asked. “Dad…mom…first you promise me that you’ll listen to me properly and don’t just judge me or scold me.” Aayat said nervously. Neil grew suspicious as to why she was asking for such a promise but Mini assured her that they wont react without listening her completely.

“Dad, mom….I like someone…I am in love..I want to get married to him.” Aayat said finally. Mini and Neil looked each other and then to Aayat in shock.

to be continued.....

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badhaai hosmiley41


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Haye smiley42smiley43 phir se wohi flavor smiley42

MiNeil duniya mein chali gayismiley43

 Phir se ek ek frame mein imagine kiya SouNoor ko smiley42

Phir le aaya dil majboor kya keejesmiley42

Raas na aaya rehna door kya keeje

Dil keh raha use maqammal kar bhi aao

Wo jo adhoori si baat baaki haismiley42

Wo jo adhoori si yaad baaki haismiley42

MiNeil babiessmiley42smiley43

Yaar Anjalismiley31

Bahut hi sundar 

MiNeil ke bacchesmiley37

Team patialasmiley42smiley37

Khub acche se jante hai smiley37

Ye perfect MiNeil hai .

Agar show mein leap hota toh aisa hi sundar hota smiley42smiley43

Arya model smiley14 sahi hai 

Aayat ko hua pyaar smiley37 

MiNeil ke  Arman  ayush smiley42

Haye MiNeil smiley42

Armaan ve armaan vesmiley42

Tujhse hi judde armaansmiley42

Kar le manmarziyaansmiley43

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Zalima smiley37 welcome back . What a timing..

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This was beautiful. You have introduced each and very character beautifully.  MiNeil smiley42 this is shows MiNeil smiley42 can't wait to read next part. MiNeil kids are naughty like themsmiley37i remembered @zalimas coffee bites smiley37 wild kids due to wild kabaddismiley37  

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mineil k sath sath Zalima k bhi come backsmiley41smiley40smiley41

Double party🤩🤩🤩

Ab to himalaya nhi n jana h madamsmiley36

Patiala Babes 

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