Once an actress hits 30, its all downhill for her?

Posted: 2 days ago

Do you agree with this statement. That once an actress enters her 30's, her relevancy declines no matter how much popularity level is. This is not in reference to any actress in particular, but just an overall reflection of BW alone. 

Does this statement still hold true in 2020, and what are your observations regarding this.

Posted: 2 days ago

no this statement is changing - thanks to actresses like PC, DP, Katrina, Anushka, Sonam - yeah they may not be bringing the numbers but their charm is still giving competition to all the "young" newbies.

it is a much needed change in Bollywood - also all these girls look amazing 

Posted: 2 days ago

They might not be at top like before and their peaks might have passed. But they still are top earners. 20s gen actresses lack their aura and star power. No wonder they have failed to replace them. I see kiara as future number one though 

Posted: a day ago

Not 30. But I’d say 35-38 ish. 

In Aishwaryas time it was known that once you’re 30 you’re done ..... but she still managed to do good work until she was 38. Kareena is still around too being just under 40. Deepika has max 1-2 years left of relevancy. Rani/Preity/Priyanka also managed to stay relevant until about age 35. 

I think women in their 30s can still somehow survive. It’s the 40’s that turn the tide. 

I feel like being in your 40’s is the worst age for women in Bollywood there are literally no options and nothing to really give you a high position in the industry. 

Posted: a day ago

Not today

Posted: a day ago

Its not the age but how the looks get periodically worse smiley37

Posted: a day ago

It depends on how one has utilised their 20s, if one has played only girl next door or flower pot roles in 20s, one is most likely to get replaced after 35 ( today girls still look young even in 30s - Shraddha is an example-so 35 to 40 is the right age, also depends on how you look even at that age, like Katrina still looks young ,so still she might be playing lead roles till she start looking old). 

While Vidya, Deepika, PC especially Vidya who is already 40 still has great line up as she was never famous for her glamorous roles but character lead roles. I still can see Vidya going strong even after her 40s. 

This is the reason why many actresses are trying their hands at different genres including Alia. They know that if they spent  their 20s in doing flowerpot roles, there will be another good looking young face ready to replace them, so they try to make their own place by doing versatile roles. 

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Posted: a day ago

Shradha kapoor says hi

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