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You think

You have won 

In this game of love?

No Dear,

You are mistaken.

You are

You were

And you always will be

A loser.

You have tried all your strengths,

You have tried all your tricks,

You have even erased my existence


Yet that non existent me

Continues to love you.

Which victory can be sweeter than this?


Leave a kiss below my eyes,

Your thirst will be quenched

By my tears.

I will feel the glow of your lips

On my eyes.

Will I get out of this maze

Of dream and nightmare?

I no longer want to know.

Because our feet are red

By the same thorns.


"Your hands are so beautiful!"


You find these hands beautiful!


You want to paint these hands.

But why?

These tender hands will be of no use to you.

They only long for your beauty.

They want to touch you

To feel you

To lose themselves in you.

You fight

You fight with the world

You take all the pain on yourself

To shelter me.

You have so many choices.

So many women are waiting to be

Your life partner.

If I were not selfish

I would say

“Go marry one of them.

They will be your true partner.

They will fight alongside you.”

But that too I cannot utter


I cannot live

Without you.

You long for

Selfless love.

Even that

I cannot give you.

Do you love me

Out of sympathy?

Because this destitute needs you?

After all your kindness is well known.


But even that is not true.

A love based on sympathy alone

Cannot be so deep.

My insult

My tears

My smile

Everything echoes in your whole being.

Love blinds people,

But you are above that.

Then why?


“I give myself to you


Only you are worthy of it.


You can look into my eyes.

You are the love that I long for.

Come dear

Let me find myself again

In your embrace.”





“Feel the love

Within your heart

And see

Even this logic of

Game of love

Will get invalid.”


Wow, what a logic!

But this logic

Lacks the power

To touch me.


Do you know why?


My love,

I know

You love my stubbornness.

That’s why

Whenever I try to hurt you

Your lips lighten up with smile.


The fear of causing pain

Just vanishes into thin air.

I remember

Whether anyone else understands or not

There is someone

Who always understands

What an unbearable pain

Gets expressed through this anger!


Securing me in his embrace

Planting a kiss on my forehead

He says

“I love you,

I love you Dearest,

With all your imperfections.”


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Good Poems Vyapti with subtle expressions.

Posted: 2 years ago

Wow amazing poems! Very simple yet deep...Please share more smiley27

Posted: 2 years ago

Originally posted by alina.b

Wow amazing poems! Very simple yet deep...Please share more smiley27

Thanks a lot.

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The naughtiest boy out there
Come, let us have some mischief.

At this age!

If I start doing mischief at this age,
I will become a starved twig
Of a Shirish tree.
Do all the mischief you want
With that dry twig.

That dry twig will not be
Able to satisfy
Your passion for mischief.
Absent minded
You will
Break it,
Throw it to the ground,
And run.
The twig will be completely broken
Under those lovely footsteps.

Will it merge with earth?
Will it become dust
Adorn those dusty feet?
Will I not starve at all?

You know the whereabouts of so many trees here.
We will share
Sweet fruits plucked by you.
We will become
With a hint of storm.
The breeze will dishevel
The dark locks of a girl.
She will think---
I can be breeze too.

I am coming with you
Can humanity survive
In the closed comfort of AC room?
Its locks are sometimes dishevelled
By a stormy breeze?

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Very evocative poem Vyapti, with full of expressions, highly meaningful. Write such poems very often.smiley10

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"May her soul rest in peace!"
They prayed.

Her soul answered
" You want my soul to rest in peace?
Then ignite the fire in your soul,
See to it that
What happened with me
Is never repeated with anyone.
Because it is my soul
That resides within every woman,
Every torture against womanhood
Will bleed my soul again and again."

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