|| RS' Ramayan: Character of the Week #1 ||

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Posted: 1 years ago

Trapped inside our homes,

Time barely passing...

Haha, I'm kidding, Doordarshan hai na! smiley4

But all the same, wouldn't it be nice to just delve back into the magical world of Ramayana once again, to revisit, to look again at this magnificence, and appreciate it more?!

Fasten your seat-belts, here comes the new series,

A new way of looking at things,

More in depth this time...

Every scene, and every word uttered behind the screens,

We present to you, the very first


Yep, you read that right -> Character of the Week!

Just in case you're unsure of what to do, here's what we'll do:

Every week, one supporting character (i.e. excluding Ram, Seeta and Lakshman, or say, Ravana) will be given and we will all take a trip down our memory lanes and discuss, appreciate and scrutinize the overall presentation of the character in the show as well as his/her relevance/appearances in the actual epic.


Just like every other thread out here there will have to be some rules:

smiley27 Please follow IF COC at all times smiley27

smiley27 Please do not compare the characterization/acting/presentation of the characters with their counterparts from any other version of Ramayana smiley27

smiley27 Please do not discuss in any shape or form the offscreen/personal life of the characters mentioned smiley27


Now lets roll over to the actual part of this thread now!

The character for this week would be








*more drumrolls*




Maharaj Dasharath


The supreme ruler of Ayodhya, and the father to Sri Rama himself!


Get on rolling guys!

Ideation: MagadhSundari

Produced by: BRC's Mahabharat DT (mnx12, proteeti)

Posted: 1 years ago

Oh my! My favourite!!!

Thank you for this, Pro <3

Once again, lovely sig there smiley27

Dashrath has been undoubtedly one of my favorites in the whole of RSR. Right from that actor nailing the portrayal to the way he's been shown, it's just heartwarming smiley42

And I didn't expect him to come and bless Ram Sita Lakshman like that after the final yudh and I was SO HAPPY.smiley42smiley27

Posted: 1 years ago

The actor was Bal Dhuri, husband of Jayshree Gadkar, i.e. Kaushalya. He was an amazing actor!

I especially loved him in the little Rama scenes, he was soo much in love with the baby! smiley27

Posted: 1 years ago

Ohh they're real husband wife that's so adorable!smiley42

I loved him the most in the pre vanvaas phase. That grief and misery was done so so wellsmiley10

Specially his small interactions with Sita too. He was such a loving father smiley27

Posted: 1 years ago

He was a very level-headed king, and totally committed to all 3 of his wives. I can't imagine his pain when he realized exactly how his queen managed to trick him out of his life's happiness!

Posted: 1 years ago

Originally posted by proteeti

The actor was Bal Dhuri, husband of Jayshree Gadkar, i.e. Kaushalya. He was an amazing actor!

I especially loved him in the little Rama scenes, he was soo much in love with the baby! smiley27

Did you mean Husband n wife in real live we’re husband n wife in reel life too !! amazing family yaar smiley32smiley32

Edited by Sutapasima - 1 years ago
Posted: 1 years ago

guys do you remember that scene where the whole family was having lunch, and then Lakshman began to tease Rama about how the mothers were all fawning over him!

Then, Dasharath ji tried to tell his queens ke their sons were all grown up now and then Kaushalya gives his the look! smiley36



It was soo super adorable! smiley42smiley27

Posted: 1 years ago

Awww yes!smiley42

This reminds me of another scene where these boys were about to leave for gurukul and the last family dinner they had, after which he didn't eat when they were gone smiley28

Ramanand Sagar Bal Dhuri Ramayan 

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