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mishti outside rjv shouting Abir... jugnu n naanu comes there... 

naanu says abir is not home... he goes to call parul..

jugnu says everything how abir is missing n how kunal got meenu help n is searching for abir... 

mishti is shocked to know meenu involvement... 

thinks ohh god i need to reach abir before meenu can reach him else she will create some MU again... 

BP says to nishant before abir can reach mishti we need to find her... he goes to bm and says you have took this decision as a mother but i have to consider all the family... you say have you ever thought of nannu... he goes to nishant n says i know all this will be difficult for you but we will make it alright you dont think of relapsing... 

nishant thinks oh god how do i say the truth to you all.. i didnt drink... he assures bp that he is good n hope mishti is also good..

Bp receives naanu call he informs mishti is in RJV and is worried so thought its better to inform him.. 

The saint informs abir that the number he gave is not reachable... Abir says then i have to go.. doctor tries to stop but Abir is gets up n tries to go...

Mishti is trying to locate abir..

everyone in mah family are ready to go nishant asks why bm stopped she says i want to go to mishti but not like you guys to bring her back... asks shaurya to take her... he agrees... 

nishant thinks i've to reach mishti before abir else he might inform about my truth n i'll lose my family too... 

Mishti finally able to locate abir... and goes...

kunal calls jugnu n informs about the accident but not able to find abir... jugnu informs kunal about mishti n meenu hears it n thinks mishti cant reach abir before her.. 

mishti on way thinking i'm coming abir... 

bp in call to commisner to find abir... nishant thinks police they will find out i was also present there n didnt help abir i wish i did something to help him... i hope he is alright... 

bp says we need to go to rjv... but nishant says no he cant be there when varsha gives direction to rjv he takes different route... everyone ask if he knew anything that they dont... 

nishant thinks of the accident... he says we need to go to the lake place (accident place).. he says he heard kunal talking on phone, he said mishbir used to meet there... thinks what if they get to know the truth, how will i face them...

doctors doesnt allow abir to go.. abir says its about someone's life... doctor says yes its about you, dont you understand you are weak,... he thinks i cant get away from them like this n about to lie down but a person gives him mishti's earring which abir always has with him,... he informs that his car got into a big accident... do you remember anything... 

abir thinks about everything n says thanks for saving me but i need to go asap.. bcoz if i dont go my reason for living will be lost.,... the saint says he needs rest... abir asks if you left your pooja in middle will you be able to rest.. pyaar ka dusra naam pooja hai,... i need to go asap... 

Mishti reaches abirs place n sees his car... she shouts abir n runs down... shouts abir... but abir has already gone out n takes ambulance n goes... 

mishti hears ambulance sound n runs behind it... doctor comes there shouting abir rajvansh... he asks if she is the jhumke wali... mishti asks him to call police.. 

kunal meenu one side... meenu thinks how nishant knew about abir location before police... 

precap - mishbir on top of ambulance all family member watching them.. 

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haii allah, haii ram, haii ambe maa calling on all the gods to save us from death by this MANsmiley42smiley42smiley42




kya lag raha smiley9smiley43 Uff too much hawtnesssmiley34

Posted: 2 months ago

NB: It's already 40degrees today here in Melb-Aus, but this man just wants to burn me more todaysmiley34smiley34




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Originally posted by SheThought

I watched the episode in super fast mode, in under 5 minutes so bear with my incoherent review todaysmiley36

Sadhus + Doc find out from hospital about the patient's addiction from name on the report and doc wants to give him injection #awwiee

Mish is searching for Abir on scooter... lo! and here we thought she didn't know how to ride a scooter smiley24 - haha reminded me of a scene from Matrix where Trinity learns flying a chopper in a matter of seconds #MatrixReloaded #CutieMishtiOnAScooty

Abir wakes up before the doc succeeds

But Doc and Sadhus are not letting him go since he is weak

#AbirPhasGayaSadhusMain smiley36

Young sadhu shows Abir... Look what I found? #JhumkaGiraRe

BM I think tells Mahs about Mishti going out to look for Abir (have completely missed it, so no idea who said what when and it doesn't really matter smiley36)


Mish reaches RV house, Jugnu informs Abir is still missing

Naanu calls BP and tells him Mishti was here and was very upset

Nannu with Mah fauz leave to find Mishti #MishtiMustNotKnowMyKaand

Meenu and original Munna driving to find Abir #MeraBetaAbirKahanHai

Mish's Abir radar works like a charm and she reaches the lake... but right then Abir runs away with the ambulance and she bumps into the doc who is running behind the ambulencesmiley36 Doc asks her, "ummmm Jhumkewali?" smiley37  #EpicScene

Precap: The entire Mah+RV clan are at the mandir grounds and watch MishBir on top of the ambulence smiley44 #WhatInTheWorld smiley36

Nannu's pardafash in front of all on Mondaysmiley36 #BachkeTuJaayegaKahan #JantaJananaChahegi

It was Bhagam Bhag mixed with Comedy circus smiley36

Image result for bhagam bhag

what a highlight pali smiley37smiley32

the pic represents precap perfectly with family watching them from down n mishbir above... smiley37smiley37

what a dragfest yaar chaa... 

jhumka gira re wah what a hashtag smiley37 but why are they giving one by one property and where is his watch, shoes, dress, phone n all.. smiley37

mishti learnt to ride scooty how how i need to know... smiley37 and how easily the scooty owner gave it to her in exchange of ring.. smiley37

such a troll worthy episode yaar... 

my only favorite is BM n family confrontation... she was damn right n good... want more on monday... 

Posted: 2 months ago

He's sooo hawt I like him more with his hair short he's even more handsome smiley42

Posted: 2 months ago

Thanks for the update urusmiley31

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by Mimzy


I can' t stop laughing.

Mishti learnt to drive scooty......She ran away....smiley36

Rv clan and Mah family running behind Mishti ......aivayi bola thaaa.....sach mein this has become comedysmiley36smiley36smiley36

Miniiiiiiiiiiii smiley31smiley31

smiley37smiley37 today episode was such a drag fest i think they are planning for mishbir shaadi only by next friday so all this dragging... but didnt think that mishbir milan will also be dragged... smiley37

yaar more than mishti knowing driving i was surprised how easily the scooty owner gave it to her in exchange of ring smiley37smiley37

Everyone wants to reach mishbir before they both can meet each other.. omg this remind me of some movie but i cant remember which one but it feels so familiar.. smiley37

but BM family scene was the best one... wanted more of it lets see what happens on monday only she is gonna talk in favor of mishbir.. 

Lata Sabharwal Seth Sanjeev Seth Rupal Patel Shaheer Sheikh

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