TaaRey: Shayad Yahi Hai Pyaar- Confession Anniversary

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Vo aayi thi uske liye

Apne sheher se uske sheher

Sab kuch peeche chod ke

Sochti thi uske baare mein har pahar

Pyaar karti thi uss se

Ya bachpana tha

Shayad dono the

Jo usse yeh karna pada tha

Apne bhai ke saath rehke 

College uske jaane lagi

Dance ke bahane se

Kareeb uske rehne lagi

Sochke apne dost ki behen

Leli uski jimmedari

Nibhane laga vo

Sacche dil se apni yeh yaari

Uski jimmedari ko

Voh pyaar samajh baithi

Apne pyaar ka izhaar karke 

Apna dil dukha baithi

Usko usne uske beete kal ko yaad dilaya 

Gusse ka shikaar banke

Guzre hue kal se bahar nikala

Socha usne bahut dukha diya usse

To doori uss se banane lagi

Gairjimmedar samajhke usse

Galatfehmi usse hone lagi

Uske bharose pe usne bharosa kiya

Sabke saamne apna darr bhulaake dance kiya

Firse uska bharosa paake

Dil uska khush ho gaya

Aise din beetane lage

Samajh usse aane lagi

Sabke saamne khudko

Kam vo samajhne lagi

Fir ek din aaya

Usne dance chod diya

Dance ke saath saath

Baaki sab bhi choot gaya

Akela mehsoos karne lagi

Tabhi ek ladka aaya

Jiske jaal ne

Anjane se usse fasa diya

Vo musibat mein padi

Usne usko bachaya

Gundo ko maarkar

Uska dil vaapas jeet liya

Uski vajah se chot lagi

Ye vo bardasht na kar paayi

Davayi lagate samay 

Rone vo lag gayi

Uski takleef 

Usse dekhi nahi gayi

Pata nahi kyun 

Bechain usse karne lag gayi

Ek naya mod aaya

Usne sab badal diya

Jhoota rishta shuru hua

Sacche pyaar ko bacha liya

Jhatka sabko laga

Tanha vo ho gaya

Khafa hoke

Usse doori banata gaya

Mann dukhne laga tha

Kuch to usse hone laga tha

Kisi aur ke saath dekhke

Jalne vo lagta tha

Kya tha ye manane ko 

Dil taiyar nahi tha

Pyaar hi to tha 

Jo chup rehke bhi bol raha tha

Rishta jhoota tha 

Ek na ek din bahar ana tha

Uska saath paake

Khud ke darr pe kabu usne pana tha

Uss ladke ki sacchayi samne aayi

Sabko hairan kar gayi

Apne galtiyon ke baare mein

Ek nayi chavi dikhayi

Uske khilaf usse 

Khada hona pada tha

Ussi ke liye tha ye 

Samajh na vo paaya tha

Takrar dono mein shuru hui

Ladna jhagadna roz ki baat hone lag gayi

Kahani firse ek naye mod pe aayi

Saath mein apne ek nayi chunati le aayi

Chunauti thi badi mushkil

Usne sabki band bajaayi

Samajh na paaye vo dono usse

Aur doori usne banayi

Uss raat kuch aisa hua

Paara dono ka chadh gaya

Dono ke dil mein jo tha chupa

Usne apna asar dikhaya

Jab laga ki ab baat banegi

Tab aur bhi bigad gayi

Iss baar galat fehmi

Dono ko barabar ho gayi

Dono ne ek dusre ko 

Galat samajhna shuru kiya

Pyari nok jhok se

Ek dusre se ab saccha jhagda ho gaya

Aayi faisle ki raat

Vo chunauti jeet gaya

Jeetne par bhi use

Adhura mehsoos hone laga

Sabke beech tha

Jeet bhi gaya tha

Par fir bhi

Bheed mein akela hi tha

Pahuchke uske ghar 

Kar diya apne pyaar ka ijhaar

Jawab jo mila usse bhar aayi

Dono ki zindagi mein khushiyon ki bauchaar

Pyaar ke ijhaar ke baad 

Mil gaye do dil

Unki kahani thi 

Yeh badi mushkil

Dono ko hua pyaar

Aur ho bhi gaya ijhaar

Dono ne milke kari

Pyaar ke iss rishte ki shuruwat


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It's been seven years. Seven long years since two humans confessed to loving each other (finally!). It's been seven years since we all lost our minds, (who are we kidding, that happened long ago πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) and well, so long since we first saw all these magical moments on our screens and felt so much. Some of us were here with each other then too, cheering, laughing, dancing, sighing, rewatching and reimagining the magic and now here we are, years apart, older, sharper, happier (hopefully) and still reminiscent of what we felt then. 

Philosophy alert: Happiness is fleeting, hard to find in a world with so much and so many to think about. Here we are, finding our happiness in what seems not concrete and invisible, unimportant even to others. I'm proud of everyone here who dared to look for happiness here and dared to stick by it. Hugs to everyone who dares to own up to their love for this, imagining and reading and writing are not exactly too appreciated as hobbies and honestly anyone who's tried knows they are time consuming and sensitive activities to be part of. Add another layer, that of borrowed characters who are part of another fictional universe, fanfiction and fanart, fandoms as a whole aren't nearly recognised for all they give to fans. Friendship, knowledge, art, confidence, a medium to express and just be, invaluable gifts that people search for in far off places, we find here, we make here and live it. I am truly grateful for each and everyone here for being part of this, for creating this universe with me. Fandoms are our own tiny universe in this vast one and a part of me that I love. Thank you for this! This universe is ours, we get to use this platform as we please, to just live, and it doesn't belong to any one person as a space. It's not about making great, it's about feeling great about what we make. It took me years to start writing, years to start commenting even. 

I've spent most of my time here as a silent admirer and know what it is to just be in awe of other's creations and question how they ever churn out such beautiful tales! Thanks to the people who kept this fandom alive, I started writing last year and  multiple complete and ongoing stories later I have just one thing to say, this community is  a bunch of people out to just be. Readers, writers, editors, we all love doing our thing and enjoying others' art and if there's a place to put out things we're uncertain about, it's this. It makes me so happy to announce that this place is back to life, not as populated as it used to be but the feels are still here. I chose this place since nothing I wrote here would reach anyone I interact with face to face on a daily basis unless I want it to. I don't know if it ever will but I know for sure that I still love doing this, it's just happy. 

Oh Man! I wish I could physically share this feeling with y'all, well right now the best I could do is invite y'all to participate, write, paint, think, edit, however you feel like expressing yourself, as part of a fandom or not, here or elsewhere, to show the world or just for yourself, just go for it! This is joy in its most basic form, and trust me, it's unparalleled.



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Feel free to comment or PM me about other ongoing stories, I'll add them here. Happy reading!



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And now, we have a time machine for you❀️ click on the link to re-live the magical moment that happened all these years ago, that we're celebrating today!


This intensity uff! Is hi pe toh Dil aaya tha..

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Happy see still some are there to keep TaaRey alive in this forum

Posted: 3 years ago

Its awesome love our taarey 

Its request if anyone have episode of taarey please do share

Posted: 3 years ago


Only this word come from my mind

While reading this

It was awesome

Very well written

Actually all episode come in my mind while reading iit was fab

Thanks for pm

Posted: 3 years ago

Originally posted by Jasmine_ash


Happy see still some are there to keep TaaRey alive in this forum

Yaa this definitely makes me happy

Please continue your story 🀞🏻

Posted: 3 years ago

Ohhhh my god ohhhh my goddddddd❀️❀️❀️❀️

Trust me i am smiling and having tears in my eyes ( are yeh toh khushi ke ansu hai ) taarey feels rights πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

I was about to request all the writers to write something about taarey today especially because it was their anniversary ☺️☺️
i even msged jasmine to do soπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Well coming to this post i loveddddddd it to every bit its fanstastic, 😘😘😘😘😘 

I know trisha wish we can hug each other 

Hope palki maam brings them outt 🀞🏻🀞🏻
Love taarey 😘😘😘😘

Taareyains rocksssssss😍😍😍

Thanks you guysss for doing this ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
Now please lets keep this active forum for taareyyy☺️☺️😍😍😍😍

Even i will try writing sometime , support me if i do πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

Kunwar Amarjeet Singh Vrinda Dawda Dil Dostii Dance 

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