What comments were right?

Posted: 11 months ago

What comments did you guys think the judges made were right?

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Posted: 11 months ago

The judges are definitely the worst judges I have ever seen..they are faulty and arrogant drama queens who can't take constructive criticism..they are like " we are always right and no one can question us".. totally hate this attitude ..Most felt Shantanu deserved Hi 5 on that performance.. it's the wrong judging that's to be blamed not the contestants..judges were acting like victims and again over the top melodrama and pouty angry faces..these judges should act in some Tv Soap and never ever judge again..they are the main reason why Nach Baliye has low trps inspite of decent dance performances..

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Posted: 11 months ago

I totally agree. Before the performance one is nervous why judges need to make them feel bad about themselves right before if you have a issue talk 2 them after performance. Shantanu is a world class dancers show some respect I didn’t like the way judges were talking to him. I don’t get it who choose them as a judges ruined the show stif dancer knows nothing but drama and favoritism. Worst season and show for sure 

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Posted: 11 months ago

Shantanu has won accolades internationally but he gets scored lower than other non dancer jodis by the mahaan judges of NB, Raveena and Ahmed. Prince getting hi5 over Shantanu can only happen on this bakwaas show. smiley11

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Posted: 11 months ago

The judges are unprofessional in their behaviour. They come across as arrogant. I am somewhat disappointed at this show. 

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Posted: 11 months ago

Bold of you guys to think that Ahmed guy could be a good judge.  

We,audience may not be oh so good at judging the technical stuff but anyone can tell those two aren't fit to be in judges position. 

Um no fan of any jodi but that day when they choose ViRima over UrUj, I got my ans. Dramaqueens they're. 

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Posted: 11 months ago

They don't give feedback properly, they don't criticise properly, they don't take criticism properly and do unnecessary drama. 

Comments are a long way away, so far they don't act like respectable humans

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Posted: 11 months ago

There are some judges in other reality shows whose judging isnt that good but at least they dont have such pathetic behaviour. The judges this season are neither good at giving marks and both of them are so arrogant. At least behave well with the contestants, but no they think they are always right. When there are  two contestants criticizing their judgment shows how pathetic the judging is.

Ahmad tries to act funny but isn't funny at all. And in that Aly-Natasha act, where Natasha walked off, yes it was her fault, but doesn't mean he will give them only 10 marks for that , Aly is also there, Aly danced quite well that day should have given higher marks for Aly at least, the contestant is not only Natasha, it's Aly too. I found him too mean when he gave just 10 marks to them. And then when Urvashi expressed her disappointment, he said give a bad performance and get eliminated. Pathetic.

And then comes to Raveena. She may be a good actress but not a good judge at all. She can't hear a word against herself. She takes things too sensitivly.  In last week , I found her comment for Ronita not apt and rather biased. Theme that week was about gender reversal so obviously, you cant make every guy look totally like a girl, so they cut marks just because of costumes wheras the concept of the dance was really good, and they didnt even talk much about it. And she was so rude to Shantanu, she spoke really harshly too him, I felt so bad for Shantanu. Urvashi was right, bolne ka mauka kahan milta hai, Raveena didn't even let Shantanu speak. 

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