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"Prerna," he called for the hustling woman at the front, who had been doing in and out of his hospital room, at times for his medicines, at times to have a conversation with the doctor, at times to bring him food, at times to get Cookie to meet him and drop her back, and at times to call the doctors and nurses on seeing even a slight deterioration in his condition. "Aap ghar jaaiye please, aur aaram kijiye. Main thik hu." She might have forgotten that she was carrying a life inside her but he hadn't and he wouldn't allow any complications in her pregnancy because of him. For the past four days, all that he had done was - sleeping. He could have his eyes open barely for some minutes and the drowsiness would take over his senses and he would sleep like he hadn't slept for years but every time he would wake up, he would have her in front of his eyes, doing something or other. Every single damn time.

"I am alright as well," she murmured, before gesturing him to get up to have the medicine to which he silently obliged. "Someone must stay here. To have a word with the doctor. To keep a check on you - I mean your health. To give you the medicines."

He put the glass of water on the side table after swallowing the medicine with it. "I am sure that the nurses would look after me well. You go and get some rest. I'll stay just fine."

"The nurses are going to take updates from the doctor? The nurses are going to assure Cookie that you are okay? The nurses are going to be as concerned as family and make sure that you get back home soonest possible to your daughter who cry herself every night to sleep?" She strolled out without waiting to hear him respond and walked straight to the doctor's cabin who had been treating him.

Prerna. He laid back, closing his eyes. Despite the fact that he wasn't experiencing her stern tone for the first time, there was something hidden in it, this time, that he couldn't decipher. Was that a drop of tear that he saw escaping her eye when she was dashing out? Did she leave because she didn't want him to catch her crying? What was she crying for if she was? For him? No. No. What was he even thinking? 

"Okay, thank you, doctor." She heaved a sigh of relief upon knowing that he would be discharged in three days. If the past four days had been hard for him, then they had been harder on her. The guilt hadn't been letting her breathe at ease. She had misunderstood him for his genuine concern towards her mother.

On her steps back to his room, her thoughts were occupied by him. She held his gesture dear to her heart. Her chain of thoughts broke when she was at the door of his room and witnessed his legs jerking in a way that scared her and she immediately made a shout for the doctor.

"Relax, Mrs. Bajaj. This is nothing to panic about. It happens sometimes. Let me know if it does again."

She made herself comfortable on the stool near his bed after the doctor moved out. Her palm slowly reached out to hold his drip free hand after ensuring that he was deep in his sleep. It had become her routine, to sit beside him, every night, taking his hand in hers and just be with him, around him to tend to his every unuttered need.

She wasn't going to forget that he was actually several steps ahead in thinking about her mother than she herself did and didn't let it come to her knowledge that he was trying to help her mother in his own way and she thought he was insulting her mother.

"Are you having mood swings?"

She was startled the moment his voice fell in her ears. She let go of his hand almost instantly, shifting uncomfortably on her place. "No."

"To aap ro kyu rahi hai?" He lifted his hand to show the drop on it. "Mere liye roye aisa hamara rishta nahi. So I thought maybe the pregnancy hormones?"

She turned her face from him to wipe her cheeks dry before she prepared herself to face him. "Thank you."

Lowering his eyebrows, he squinted his eyes. "Khayal aap mera rakh rahi hai. Thank you to mujhe bolna chahiye. Aap kyu bol rahi hai?"

She looked up, and maintained an eye contact. She had been trying to confess since the time he regained consciousness but he was too weak to have a conversation and would often fall asleep.

"Aap ne Maa ko help karne ke liye unhe contract diya tha aur maine socha -" Her gaze lowered before she squeezed her eyes shut as her heart clenched on recalling all that she had said to him when all he had been trying to do was - help. "I am sorry, Mr. Bajaj. Maine galti ki, aapko samajhne me. I am sorry."

He was slightly taken aback when she broke down in tears in front of him. The guilt that she had bottled up for whole four days, when came out of her, left her vulnerable and him, stunned.

"Aap please," he attempted to straighten himself to sit, not knowing how to deal with her tears, "royiye mat. It's okay."

She looked up, and put her hands on his shoulder, asking him to lie down but he gestured her to let him be. She got up to adjust the head of the bed so that he could sit comfortably.

"Had it not been you, Maa wouldn't be out of the jail so quickly without any troubles. Thank you." She was extremely grateful for what he did. For the video message that he made and asked Mr. Mehra to forward to the police officer and personally make sure that Veena Sharma was out of the jail, respectfully. "Aapko pata kaise chala iss sab ke bare me?" She hadn't told him a word. She had been wondering all along how he did manage to get the information, make a video despite being so horribly weak, dizzy and drowsy and get her mother out.

"I have my sources." That was all that he said in the response. "Aapki Maa thik hai?"

He grew concerned and anxious when she stayed quiet and her pale face narrated him the answer.

"She wants to meet you."

"Call her."  


This one is dedicated to MissHumptyDumpty for she wanted me to write something along these lines. I know, this is not much similar to how you wanted but ah, well... I don't know. I always mess up while writing. It never goes as planned when it comes to me. Sigh. 

Though I would love to See Rishabh going Court as it would be a scene to watch, but I couldn't put it here for a man who had a serious internal bleeding, cannot walk to the count no matter how badly he wants to.smiley36 There is something called as postoperative care and especially after a brain surgery - it takes time to recover. 

Do drop by your feedback if you have one for me. :) 

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Very realistic....

Posted: 1 months ago

I was complaining just less than 5minx ago that there wasn't much to read on PreRish today and look at this beauty smiley42 

First and foremost thank you so much for writing this. smiley27 

Second i hope you won't stress yourself out on this Fiction and take care of your health. I hope in no way you want me to be guilty of even suggesting you to write something on the same lines. So TAKE CARE AND DONT STRESS YOURSELF, okay?😋.

Third RDi Mod Ji has ruined everyone with her VB jaap. Not that we dislike Because it's delightful to read so many versions of how Veena accepts Bajju and loves him back☺️🥰😍 

Fourth thank you for mentioning about the child that everyone has forgotten. 

Fifth i loved this 🥰😍🤩🤩😍 hamara rishta aisa nahi jo ap mere liye roye 😍😍😍😍 🥰 

Can't wait for VB meet 😄❤️♥️🤗 

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Nice. Prerna taking care of hubbysmiley42 and he is clueless why she is so worried for him and she is always around him. Her guilt which came out as tears and his worry for their unborn child. His way of recording the video to free Veena from jail is good and rational. Waiting for sasumaa-damaad scene now.

Posted: 1 months ago

That gesture was really monumental in building a bond and I loved how she was just there for him throughout the ordeal to ensure his recovery. 

I love the fact that you made it sensible. Postoperative care. Things like these makes me happy to stumble upon pieces like these because these stories take logic into account, despite us being fed complete hogwash on our screens... 

Posted: 1 months ago

I love Mr Bajaj. I love this story.

Posted: 1 months ago

Prerna taking care of Bajaj 

Bajaj helped veena 

I like how you kept it realistic regarding postoperative care smiley20

Thank you smiley31

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