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First part is just amazing smiley9. Prerna taking care of Bajaj and him helping her mother.

Update part 2 soon.

Thank you. 🤗 I am glad you enjoyed reading. 

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| Part Two |

"Aap kya... kar rahi hai?" He attempted to pull himself in a sitting position when Mrs. Veena Sharma stepped in his room and joined her palms in front of him and buried her face in them.

"Hame nahi pata ye sab kaise ho gaya lekin nahi hona chahiye tha. Sab jimedari humari thi to iss haadse ki jimedari bhi hamari hui. Ham aapse maafi mangte hai."

Oh man. Though, he hadn't let anyone's tears control him so far, but certainly, these two women, his wife and the mother of his wife seemed to be leaving him absolutely uncomfortable with their upset beings. How to deal with it? The struggle was real.

"Aap please - mat kijiye. I know, aapne jaan boojh ke nahi kiya hai. It's okay. Happens." He didn't know what else he could say. A part of him wished to get up and comfort the woman but the drips kept him tied to the bed. Besides, he didn't share a relationship, good enough, with that woman which apparently, did not give him a right to do that.

She still stood there, visibly drowning in the pool of guilt. 

Where was Prerna? He looked around, for her, hoping she could calm her mother.

"Aap baithiye. Please." Pointing at the stool next to him, he gestured her to sit. She seemed too unsettled to argue and he found her silently obliging to him.

"Pani... hai waha. Agar aap chahe to."

"Ham theek hai," she said as she looked at him and glancing at his pale figure, lying on the hospital bed, with the drips and equipments attached, needles pierced in his skin only added upon her already distraught self.

Yes, she did not like him. Yes, she hadn't accepted him as her daughter's husband. Yes, she almost hated him for coming in between her daughter, and her perfect match, Anurag. It was true. All of it but that didn't mean that she was happy, seeing him in the condition that he was in and the worse part was the fact that somewhere - she was responsible for it and she hated it.

"Aap khudko blame karna band kariye. Mujhe aapse koi shikaayat nahin hai aur jab mujhe nahi hai, to aapko bhi nahi honi chahiye." His voice brought her back from the chain of her thoughts.

She sat, staring at him for several seconds, as if contemplating the mysterious man. Perhaps, she judged him wrong, did she? She wondered. He seemed quite different from the perception that she had made about him. Had he been as insensitive, callous and ruthless as she had thought of him to be - she wouldn't have been out of the jail as soon as smoothly as had got.

"I know - aap mujhe pasand nahi karti. In fact, it doesn't come as a surprise to me. Mujhe kafi log pasand nahi karte. Mai bas aapko ye yakeen dilana chahta hu - ki aapki beti ko, jitna ho sake, utna, har taqleef, har beizzati, har ilzam se dur rakhunga. Unhe kabhi bandhkar nahi rakhunga. Mrs. Bajaj ke alawa unki apni identity hai - Prerna aur wo jo bhi life me karna chahti hai, in every aspect - mai hamesha unka saath dunga. I know, aap shayad mujhe kabhi accept nahi kar payengi and it's okay, I understand lekin please - please aap Prerna se dur mat hona. Wo aapse bohot pyar karti hai. Aapko bohot miss karti hai. Wo bohot lucky hai jo unki maa iss duniya me hai. Yaha hokar unhe apne pyar se dur mat rakhiye."

Veena Sharma was listening to the man, whose cracked voice told the tale he himself never would. His eyes held honesty and his earnest attempt of reuniting his wife and her mother was too genuine for Veena to not feel that the man meant every single word that he had just uttered.

She was so into the moment that he had created that she did not even realize when she gave him a small nod and when she did, she was left surprised with herself. What was she doing? She couldn't soften to him. Not as a husband of her daughter but perhaps, she should - as a human.

"Aap apna khayal rakhiye. Ham chalte hai aur fir ek baar, aapse mafi mangte hai." She stood up to leave, watching him acquire a small smile.

Just when she was at the door, about to step out, she stopped. She did not know what came over her in that moment that had her walking back to him, and she did what he could never have possibly expected. She lifted her hand, kept on his head as lightly as she could considering the fact that it has just been a few days since he had the surgery. Practically, she wouldn't have done that but her emotional self had overpowered everything else. Her heart felt that, in that moment, he needed a warm touch, perhaps of a mother. She didn't stay there for more than a couple of moments and the woman didn't really realize what she had just done for him.

He was stunned enough that did not let him mouth even a mere thank you which his heart had already repeated multiple times. He closed his eyes, overwhelmed with what he had just got. It had been long. It had been really long to have felt what he did, just a while ago. The warmth that he had craved and yearned for, after getting, after many long years, brought back the memories that he had always held dear to his heart.


I don't know how this has turned out. Do leave your likes and comments behind. 

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You updated just for me smiley42

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Okay i am in a pool of tears. 😭 This was so emotional. And you say you are so detached 😭 why is this so pretty. I read it four times and i am already wiping my eyes with my fat fat fingers 😭😭♥️ thank you for writing this story. 😭♥️ I can't thank you enough can i ever 😭♥️

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emotional update

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I loved this conversation between damaad and MIL. She is genuinely guilty for doing this to him, even if it's unintentionally. He loved how Bajaj made sure she comes out of guilt regarding this incident and told how he would support Mrs. Bajaj and to forgive Prerna and accept her back, even if she doesn't accept him as her daughter's life partnersmiley20. The ending bit is emotional, he felt like this after many yearssmiley19

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Veena ,unknowingly, gave Rishabh the one thing he needed the most at this point... Her touch... A mother's touch.... For which he has been yearning for a long time.... Oh what he must have felt in that moment, I'm so happy for him... An emotional update but beautiful nonetheless smiley32

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It is beautiful.brought tears in my ke current states ki bajase,bohut e emotional hu,aur subha subah tumhari ai update rula diya yarr.meri bajaj 😭

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